Hi guys. I am feeling like wow! right now, for two reasons. 1st one being that its my first review and 2nd and the most important that its about the Bike in whose awe and dream I have been living in. The moment I used to see that bike on road, everything came to a stand still for me, and no matter at what speed I was driving my own bike, I used to slow down and match with it.

I am talking about RE Thunderbird which I finally got of my own last week. Well it wasn’t easy though as many oppositions stood in the way just like other bulleters must have experienced before buying one. Being 5’7, average built, my family members without any 2nd thoughts had rubbished any talks of buying TBTS, secondly its price tag further hit the final nail in the coffin.

Still I stuck to my stand, and finally was able to pursue them to allow me to buy my dream bike. Well the review might be long as I am writing down my feelings and not any review, as I don’t think I am that technically sound to write a review, so please bear with me. So finally got my Thunderbird TwinsparkΒ Midnight Black last sunday for a price tag of Rs.1,14,400 (delhi on-road) and since then have been itching to drive it all the time.

The feeling is just amazing, to sit on the bike and cruise at 40km/hr (can’t drive beyond that till 1st service) and to listen to that beautiful sound (dug-dug-dug-dug-dug). Plus you get queries on red lights, glances from other motorists, makes you feel a proud owner and like the king of the road.

I have driven my TBTS for 300km now in 1 week (I was expecting the figure to be around 150km or so, but the love for the bike made me achieve that). Can’t comment on the technical aspects as of now. But will talk about it as a layman would understand.


  • Correct me if I am wrong, the torque settings have been tuned so well that even in 5th gear it picks up easily from the speed of 40, you can even cruise at 40 in 5th gear. Not once, even while climbing a flyover it has knocked or given jerks.
  • Bike is as smooth as butter. Being just 70kgs, I used to wonder if I will be able to handle a 180+kg bike easily in traffic. But it has proved me wrong. Once you start riding its so light, even in heavy traffic, I haven’t felt even a wee bit uncomfortable. I used to own a Pulsar 150 2003 model prior to this, which I used to just zip across the streets and on stretches touched 115km/hr as well. TBTS has also been very light to drive, but it shows its weight on the curves, you cant bend the bike too much, otherwise it will surely be on top of you.
  • Kick has been softened really well thanks to the autodecomp, making it a 1 kick start. Self start also functions well, but I prefer the kick start as the joy of starting an enfield is through its kick only.
  • Seat is super comfortable. Haven’t taken it on long drive till now, but did drive the bike about 100km in one day in city, and didn’t feel even a slight bit of pain in my rear.
  • Looks of course are great, making it the smarter member of the family of course people might have different opinions on that.
  • Handle has been given a cruiser look, but its easy to maneuver in traffic.

Some Negatives

  • Gear lever position is a little uncomfortable. While shifting the gears down, you have to twist your ankle to shift gears. Though while shifting upwards, I use my heel, but downshift causes pain in my knee after a point of time. Wonder if it happens with other TBTS riders as well. I don’t know whether its because of the position of footrest or the gear lever.
  • Should have been given a cruise control button, I feel. I don’t know whether its there in bikes or not, but a cruise control button would have been an added advantage.
  • Gear shift is not as smooth as company claims, but its not much of a headache though.
  • Horn is really poor, it sounds like a 100cc bike horn. I have got it changed now with a double horn.

Well, this was my first review, would like to add to it once I have done 3000-4000kms. Its amazing to have your dream come true after I don’t know for how long may be 10yrs or so. But the sheer pride of owning an enfield is what compensates for it.


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    • yeah fas, as of now, i can’t drive it beyond 40km/hr till 1st service, so once i am done with it, will hit the highway πŸ™‚

      • hi anik iam dolphin david ..
        n i jus got my tbts like couple of days back only … i filled my tank and ever since i have been having petrol let outs from a small tube that goes from the carborator to the outside … is this a big issue?????

      • dude, what about the idea of fitting the newly-launched bend-like silencer into this monster ?
        and about headlight, is it a wise decision to change the headlamp with 18v/60w lamp ?

  1. Some thoughts to improve your riding experience.
    – Gear shift: It may be a matter of getting used to it as you moved from a street bike riding position in your older Pulsar to the cruiser ride setting. Your legs are more bent and results in more work for you ankles. Alternately, you can adjust the gear lever to suit your height and riding set up. Just ask the mechanic to remove the lever and set it back 10 – 20 degrees up on the front so that your toe does not travel much to engage the gears down. Also gear shift will take some time to adjust and smoothen out.

    – Horn: When you have the bullet and its signature thumps, why do you need a horn? Come on, every one will know you are coming.

    – Cruise control: I have to support you here. A cruise control will be swell to have on a bullet.

    – Turning and taking curves: You are feeling the difference between a smaller 150cc plastics loaded bike versus an all metal 350cc bull. Learn the TB and it will respond better on curves than any other smaller bike.

    A note of caution since you are moving from a 150cc to a larger 350cc motor. The TB motor packs quite a punch. You had mentioned that you had touched 115 kmph on stretches in your 150cc Pulsar. On a TB you could probably do 115 – 120 kmph for miles without breaking a seat.

    Happy and safe biking. And always wear an helmet.

    • Hi Ram,

      I am beginninig to get comfortable on curves now, though for caution i do keep my speed low on curves. For the gear lever, will ask my mechanic to do as you prescribed and will see if it suits my purpose. Thanks for the suggestion πŸ™‚ . Got my 1st service done yesterday, and I was like yeee!!! will get to ride at a higher speed, but i couldn’t go beyond 60-65km/hr. I realised that once I hit that speed level, i felt so relaxed that didn’t feel like increasing the throttle anymore πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Ankit,
    Very crispy review of your Bull.
    The gear shift on Bullet require some time to get used to. You can simply feel gears dis-engaging and then engaging differently if you are noticing the process. I simply go to Neutral from 2nd gear due to this feel of gear shift. πŸ™‚

  3. and its not that you look like king on tbts taht ppl see you.. ppl see you coz they are confused looking at a 5’7″ cartoon of a guy riding a good for only making noise levels above the human bearable level, onloy for the fat ass ppl who can’t tide sports and good looking fast bikes(taking rossi like turns etc ) because they are so damn fat..

    • Tinku its not that I feel the king of road just because i own an Enfield, but the comfort this bike gives you makes you feel like one. And 90% of the times people look at the bike not at me πŸ™‚ . And for your info, TBTS thump has been reduced because of the new silencer, and moreover, you don’t have to bear with the thump, its mozart like music to ears, its just the perception one has πŸ™‚

  4. Haven’t measured it as such, but i’ll quote the figures….. i have driven 700km till now, all in city, got 20ltrs of petrol filled in installments of 5 each and bike still hasn’t hit the reserve till now…… so i guess its giving me 35+

  5. ahh i get around 35 in city…but service center keeps insisting i will get atleast 40+ in cities…clocked 3500km + till now..gonna be 4 months since i got my tbird.i have ridden throught lot of dust filled environment,will that reduce mileage by any chance?

  6. Hello,

    Tomorrow I am taking a delivery of my TB and thrilled to see the comments on the bike. I was riding a Yezdi and wanted to ride a TB rather a bullet and I had to wait for 4 months after the booking to get it. Anyways nice to read all your comments and hope I will enjoy my TB as much as you guys.


  7. m planning to buy tbts

    6months of initial waiting
    In maharashtra

    Just want to ask tht is tbts suitable for skinny people (60kg)…i own a classic 350 of my dad n it doesnt suits me……though i ride it very well..

    M also conserned with the milage of the tbts….?

    • See TBTS or any other RE bike is meant to be bought for the love of it, not that whether you look good or how people see you on that bike. I have mentioned that I am an average built and just 5’7. I bought the bike just because I had to own one someday, for the love of this bike….. Don’t think much, just go ahead and buy it if you love it. πŸ™‚

  8. jimmy u might have little bit difficulty with a heavy pillion while in traffic,this would be the best time to hit the gym and train ur legs:d
    i get 35 in city,40 in highway .done around 3.8k+ km.

    • Hi,
      I was interested to buy this bike in chennai. when i asked the dealers in chennai, they told me that its lead time is 7-10 months. I was disappointed by this. Royal Enfield has to do some thing
      on this to make it more popular. I am impressed by its design power & millage.
      Anybody who book thuderbird bike in the chennai, who changed his mind now, can contact me to give his waiting number.
      I am ready to give Rs 5000 for that
      Call me 8144684056.


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