Hi All, I am Senthilkumar Balu, a 25 years old Engineer from Chennai, India. I am a die hard fan of Royal Enfield. From my childhood I am having a crush towards Royal Enfield. Last year September 2011 I took a test ride of Classis 350 and Thunderbird 350 and immediately went for Thunderbird 350. After a waiting period of six months, the beast was delivered to me on March 9 2012.

The beast comes with UCE Engine, Front Disc Brakes, Self Start and other latest features. The Bike is very beautiful blend of technology, design and attractive Wine red color. My experience with the bike has been wonderful. Till now I have completed 1620 kms in my beast and I enjoy each and every second spent on my beast. The beast is having a very good balance between power and Fuel efficiency.

Ride and Comfort

The riding position was very comfortable because of the single piece stepped seat. The firm cushioned backrest gives the pillion rider an awesome comfort. The front suspension is of hydraulically damped telescopic forks. This allows the front wheel to react to bumps in the road while isolating the rest of the motorcycle from that motion.

The main advantage of these hydraulically damped telescopic forks is that it is relatively simple in design and also relatively light compared to other designs. The rear suspension is a short swing arm with five way adjustable shock absorbers. As it is with five way adjustable shock absorber it enables the ride height to be maintained whether riding solo or with a pillion rider.

Engine and Mileage

 The engine used in thunderbird twinspark is Single cylinder, 4 stroke 350 cc UCE that generates a maximum power of 18 bhp and a torque of 28Nm. The engine is fitted with a constant vaccum carburetor for assisting combustion. The cold starting problem of the engine is taken care by CDI ignition system.

The engine is of aluminium with lean burn technology and because of this I am getting a mileage of 43 kms in the city. I have changed my Exhaust silencer to Open type Silencer for better beat. The silencer was made by Quality, Chennai. The company claimed that the bike has a top speed of 120 km/hr, though i have never checked it myself as it is brand new.


The bike has a 280 mm Hydraulic Disc brake (Front) and 6″ internal drum brake (rear). The rear brakes are good but if you want to bring the beast to a sudden stop you need to employ the use of front disc brake also. The rear brake needs to be adjusted once in 10 days for a better handling.


The bike is having a Stunning Crushier looks combined with lots of Chrome features. The Chrome features make the bike more attractive. The color has become attractive with strong vibrant shades.


The bike is very easy to handle in traffic (based on my experience). But taking a very sharp turn is kind of difficult because of the crushier style. I usually ride around 50 kms per day. The stability is also good while taking turns, I used to take a turn at 60 kms per hour on the butterfly bridge at Guindy and it’s really an experience you can’t express in words. While applying brakes at high speed the balancing is perfect. The bike weighs approximately 186 kgs, and because of its weight it is stable and steady at high speeds.


The price tag for the bike is little heavy (Rs.124256). The company claims the bike is maintenance free though only time will tell. So far I haven’t faced any maintenance issues except rear brake adjustment.

Overall the bike is very good. It may not have a huge followers like for Pulsar but is liked by people who want a classic vintage ride experience. You might not see 100s of these on roads, but one on road and it is definitely a head Turner.

Thanks for reading my Experience. Bye.

Senthilkumar Balu

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  1. Very good review… and pics are stunnning… this is tempting me to get a TBTS… but money matters… will get one in years to come…

    Happy riding!!!

  2. awesome and detailed pics…
    How was your ownership experience?
    Is ur 1st service done?
    I heard that aftersales serive is bad for RE…
    I will be member of RE family soon though…

    • @ Kiran – Ownership experience of the TBTS is definitely good if u manage to keep the speed demon in you under control. After-sales service of RE is terrible, the mechanics knowledge is highly questionable. After u complete 2000 kms, fit a retro short bottle exhaust on the TBTS or any UCE350 RE product. Do not fit the Goldstar or any other free-flow exhaust, it will damage your exhaust valves over a period of time. Also change the rear shock absorbers from the stock Endurance (pathetic life span) to Gabriel post 10,000 kms, that will aid handling to a great extent. Cheers.

    • @ Sudeep, TB is best milage bike from RE. I have drove more than 7000 KM in last 7-8 months and I feel you easily get 40 plus KMPL on long rides, not sure if you get the same in city condition. BTW, mileage in city condition vary from city traffic and the way one calculate there mileage?

  3. Hi Guys,
    I too own a TBTS and m about to hit a milestone of 10 k kms…
    I am amazed with the performance of this Bull….
    It gives me 51 kmpl on highway and 47 kmpl in city rides when i ride this monster between 50-70 kmph…


  4. nice review bro, my friend is having a bullet standard, i had ridden it couple of times. The mileage it gives is 50kmpl.

  5. Hey Senthil, where did you buy the crash Bars from, I am from Mumbai and i dint see these ones, can you please send me a image with clear view of the crash bars so that i can search the same here.

  6. Hi. Congrats on your purchase. I owned the TBTS for a year and rode almost 20K kms on it. The bike looks great but is a bad handler, taking corners definitely does not incorporate a steady feel. The Company claims a 120 kmph top speed but with repeated attempts, all I managed was a 115 kmph with great difficulty. Pls do not ride the TBTS above 95 kmph else you are looking for trouble.

  7. Hi ,I’m planning to take new tbts 350 cc actually. I’m confused between 350 and 500cc .which one is better for daily use my office is 25km away so can you help me out………

  8. hai bro am already booking thunderbird 350 new its great looking…bt i’dnt no wht it’s exact millage. many people tell’s me 40 or 45 kmpl are u plz tel me wt its perfct mlg of diz bike..

  9. Hi guys, i need yours valueable suggesion. TB350 is my dream bike. I am planing to purchase TB from last 6 month. But i am confused whether i’ll go for it or not. Some of my friends suggest TB350 is a very good bike go for it but some are suggest that TB350 is very hevy for my physic type don’t go for it. Kindly suggest me whether i’ll purchase my dream bike or not. My body type- hight 5ft9″ weight 67kg. Waiting for yours reply.

  10. Saswat

    U can definitely go for it. am 5.5″ and 64kg and I have booked TB350.Testriding was comfortable without any probs.

    Happy riding:)

  11. Hi, a nice write up and great photos. Just wanted to know where I can get a good short bottle for my TBTS twinspark. I too want to change and can you please guide me to the correct place and the correct model, please. Thanks.


  12. Nice review, I want to purchase Thunderbird in the month of august 2013. I would prefer the older version of thunder bird review here not the latest version of it,will it be available by august 2013?
    Can anyone suggest me regarding this?

  13. Guys wht i wanna know is whether the thunderbird 500 is feasible for city rides and how much mileage will it give?? Is it better to go for a 350 or a 500?? Pls comment…

  14. Hi Senthil,
    Can you please tell me one thing, please clear my doubt.
    Can i use pulsar 180cc alloys and tyres for my 2006 model TB?
    I want a broader tyre and the want the width as of pulsar only not more than that. please reply.!

  15. Hi bikers,
    I m from chennai and i m planning to book Thnderbird 350..
    I want to know about the mileage count of the vehicle..
    I will be riding around 35 kms per day in highways..


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