Royal Enfield to Launch Riding Gear and Other Goodies

Two wheeler sector is not just limited to manufacturing new bikes but also other things like riding gears. Many companies are trying to diversify their product range and venture into other businesses to increase their sales and brand image. Royal Enfield is one such company that has always utilized their capacity into doing something new. Recently RE has decided to launch their riding gear and this will certainly increase their revenue and take their brand image further. Not only riding gears but also the company has plans to introduce goodies as well. So all in all the company is looking to launch their goodies that include riding jackets, riding boots, glasses, helmets, pants, raincoats, key chains, bags, etc. Royal Enfield will also be launching branded accessories like luggage racks, panniers, ropes, etc.

Royal Enfield seems to having followed the iconic bike maker Harley Davidson as far as the strategy of rolling out their branded goodies is concerned. The company may also look into launching other products like racks panniers etc. This step will certainly give riders some extra stuff to buy when they go for a Royal Enfield motorbike. There can be two reasons that Royal Enfield is keen to come up with riding gears and goodies the first being that the company wishes to diversify their business for better and secondly launching new goodie and riding gear range means extra revenues and improved brand image. RE have focused on day today needs of the riders and people and have come up with this concept of introducing other accessories than just riding gears.

The company has also planned the way to make these accessories available to their fans in both India and Abroad. The people who wish to obtain these accessories can also buy it online. The products are priced very reasonably like for example the RE raincoat will be priced at 2299. Also RE is making sure that each of its products is made of highest quality. All in all, RE introducing these accessories will add a great diversification to their business.  We can only wait and see what RE has to offer and whether or not its products are accepted by the bikers.