Royal Enfield Classic 350 – 500Km Review by Naveen Kumar

The first question that arises in everyone’s mind when someone asks about buying a Royal Enfield bike.

How long is the waiting period to get a Classic 350?

The passion for this bike is so high, no matter weather it is 6months or 12months people will wait to get it that is the Greatness of this Bike.

What made me to go for Classic 350!

Well I am 6ft tall so I thought Electra would be the best but after reaching the showroom the bike which caught my immediate attention was Classic 350 Maroon. I took a test drive, after the very first drive itself I booked the bike immediately. Every thing happened in just 10min!

I booked my bike in Coimbatore Royal Enfield showroom, once in a month I used to call them to get the status! Finally, the day everyone remembers Sachin Tendulkar slammed his 100th Ton I got my Sweetie delivered on the very same date!

There is no word to describe that moment

Now I want to get out of there immediately as I have waited long enough! I sat on my bike the feeling was something different I felt like a king! I kick started the bike. She is silent Second time Hmmm still she in silent! Third time the She came to life the beat was awesome I was listening to this for more than a minute.

I reached my office, my colleagues and friends took a short test drive it was full of fun and most memorable day for me!

Price of the Beauty

  • On Road Price: Rs 124581 (in Coimbatore)
  • Registration Charges: Rs 350
  • Butterfly Crash Guard: Rs1500
  • Teflon Coating: Rs 450

Totally 1, 27, 000 (rounded off) Now the price has been increased by 2% blame it on current Budget!

My first ride on the “Classic 350”

My first ride on the Bull was really a pleasant one. I took her to Aliyar Dam (Near Pollachi) as I heard the road is very good to drive! There were vibrations which I did not care when I reached 60Km/hr she reached perfect synchronization it was so smooth I felt like I have turned her off. This feeling was something new to me never experienced anything like this before on any bikes, Guys you need to surely experience this unique nature of the bike.

She is similar to the “Metal Horse” seen in the movie “Ghost Rider“. I found it slightly difficulty during night ride as the handle bar vibrates; rear view mirror vibrates hence during turnings/overtaking you need to be extra careful.

Near Aliyar Dam – Pollachi (Note the Butterfly Crash Guard)

My Second Ride

Now I decided to take her for Hill ride so I took her to Marudhamalai Temple! Since this is my first hill ride I found it slightly difficult overall it was good my next hill ride will be to Valparai which is nearly 90km from Coimbatore!

Murudhamalai – Hill Ride


  • Butterfly crash guard looks much better than the Airfly crash guard!
  • Go for Teflon coating this adds more shining and look of the bike!
  • You can remove the pillion rider’s grab rail to add look to the bike (Optional) Guys having girlfriends will be benefitted by this idea Just kidding

Positive things about this bike

  • When the Speedo reaches 60Km/hr, riding is really smooth you feel as though it was muted!
  • You will be noticed every time when you are overtaking/Filling stations!
  • Superb braking ability it stops without any jerk!
  • Increases Confidence in you!
  • Excellent comfort for solo ride!

Negative things about this bike

  • Gear shifting was not smooth it is not of major concern it gets improved after 1st service!
  • Exhaust note from the factory fitted silencer would have been slightly better as we need to spend extra 3k for new exhaust!
  • No fuel level indicator this is the silliest mistake of the bike!
  • Pillion rider will feel the pain because of the narrow seat worst during long ride!

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Never ever give the bike to anyone for long distance ride watch the movie “Eragon” or “Avatar” hope you remember the word “Seal the Bond”!
  • Don’t put side stand as bike is slightly heavy I always suggest you to put center stand!
  • Use a thin rubber sheet or wooden sheet to rest the bike (while putting center stand) as this would increase the Battery life of the vehicle!
  • Do proper cleaning atleast once in a week you should feel it is a new bike every time you touch it!
  • If any one of the Turn indicators fails don’t just blindly replace the bulb. You need to make sure the grounding/Current is proper (For the failed indicator) else the problem repeats after few days or after a month!
  • If you feeling pain in the shoulders immediately take it to the showroom adjust the handle bar don’t ever ride the bike when you are not comfortable!
  • Always try to use kick start, only during traffic signals use Electric Start. Guys be smart!
  • Avoid sudden acceleration when you are overtaking this is one of the main cause for less fuel efficiency!


Well I am getting 42Km/Ltr hope after the first service hope it gets increased to the maximum. Moreover I am least bothered about this because people buy bullet for passion not for mileage.

Hope you guys enjoyed my review as it is straight from my Heart and she is a new joinee to my family. Life is short so enjoy to its maximum! Happy Thumping!

S.Naveen Kumar

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