In last 10 years, from the day I received my license to drive motorcycle I had enjoyed many machines. Bought Rx100 on 2nd day after receiving my license. The bike cannot be stated in words. After, I came to know about new bike RXG from yamaha. Thought it is 35cc more than Rx100, took risk and changed the bike. RXG was also awesome but used it for 2 years. Then changed to HH Splendor due to pocket money issues. My last bike was Yamaha Libero. But was longing for something, something King size..

Last year, I was looking for changing my motorcycle. Libero was good, but could not stand the rider in me. The highway trips at 70-80 kmph would make it gasp for air. I listed bikes available and ranked the bikes according to my test rides as HH Karizma, P200, Hunk & CBZ extreme. I even went for booking HH Karizma R but got turned down after hearing the wait period of 3 months in Pune. While returning I saw Bullet pass by. The passing was really old I mean atleast 20 years old. I directly went to RE showroom and took a test ride of Electra. The first ride of thunder monster raised my heart beat to the thumps.

I personally like the bikes in my list, no offence, but fiber is one thing I personally hate in motorcycle. The less the better :). I thought why not establish a bonding, break whatever-you-do-and-forget-it attitude, not just ride it but involve or better evolve with the bike with attitude.

No Macho-ness, nothing Manhood but pleasure of a beat, the ride quality which had kept Bullet riders loyal to the bike, really King-Size. I went on various sites and found much negativity floating around the bike. Downloaded information about the maintenance of the bike and failure reviews. I saw demonstrating hatred in other riders for the bike. And then thought, I have already faced maximum of the issues in my earlier bikes too. Why not give it a try.

Booked Electra and received the delivery in a month. Any thought of ride, and I am on my bike riding to anywhere pleasing. Quality of ride and comfortability is too good. 4-5 hours of non-stop riding and engine asks for more. Truly nothing on road like riding a Bullet. Mileage of 40+ in city and 45+ on highways (if driven below 60kmph, tough job).

Now completed 18,000 km on odo in just one and half year. Issues faced till now are related to electricals. Head light bulb and parking light changed till now (Touch-wood). Added mechanical ABS to the bike from Really worthy product for disc-brake, braking had become more comfortable and effective. Came to know about the product from itself. The site along with tops my favorite sites regarding motorcycles. I am most benefited user of, my name tops on most users ever online on These two sites had helped me making my mind for choosing Bullet Electra bike.

Its not machoism, manness, now-and-then but sheer pleasure of riding. Truly legend, now I know why this machine had kept customers loyal to this brand. The efforts of Royal Enfield had brought this motorcycle for existence of over 50 years. The only production line in this country with 350 and 500cc engines. The recent development of UCE (Unit Constructed Engine) brings different oil chambers in-to one. The twin-spark plug not only enhances performance but increased mileage of the bike. Disc-Brakes and Self-start had increased the ride-ability in city. Chasis/Frame is what really distinguishes the bike. The bike is really pleasurable for long ride. It happened that after completing the running-in, I thought of cruising the bike for some hours. Took out the bike on Pune-Satara haighway. With continuous ride of 2 and half hour took break to drink tea. Saw Mahabaleshwar was just 35 kms far from the hotel. Went and enjoyed the day there.

My trips include Pune-Nashik, Pune-Lonavala-Khandala and Pune-Mahabaleshwar. Never had I felt graving for power and performance from the motorcycle. Seating is very comfortable for both rider and pillion. Indicators, tail light and head light quality is very good for night riding on highways. I am really interested to find out once, who can go more, my bike or me. Also, I am looking forward to a trip to Leh sometime soon. I recently missed the Goa-carnival of the RE.

I guess the Electra can be improved by RE by:

  • Adding Fuel-Injected carburetor. As in other countries Electra come with this feature.
  • Tube-less tyres.
  • Alloy wheel.
  • Adding 500cc engine and more horses.
  • Increase top speed from 100kmph to at least 120kmph.

This is the bike which has gigantic online resources for online catalog for ordering parts for example I brought Bullet Manual from Pete Snidel and now I know why there exists a life-time bond with this motorcycle.

Jay Bhardwaj

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  1. Nice Read. And i have booked the Bullet Electra UCE, reading your review made me smile as it further pleases me, i made the right choice. Enfield Rocks!

  2. fully satisfied with my ELECTRA .
    boys if u ve bullet then u dnt hve to prove urslf……jst ask any grl abt mst macho feeling and c wd jst look 4 smone with bullet…….
    grls wd lve to be d pillon rider rather den a bed polo player….
    – a BULLET RIDER…..

  3. Actly Royal Enfield is the best bike for long drive, it is not a city bike. I have My RE Electra 4S in Delhi and enjoyed with it snce last 2 years, but many time in closed traffic it really troubles, seems too much heavy, feels too much Hot. So it’s not a city bike ……………..

  4. Bulleters,i am plannin to purchase a RE bike.i am confused whether to go with CLASSIC 350 or ELECTRA TS…..i need ur sincere opinions….plz..

  5. Go 4 d electra n dn just add d classic silencer to it….i told d showroom guys n dey told dey will do it with a charge of rs 2k….act am nt dat patient 2 wait 4 6 mnths to gt my bike

    • thank u for ur opinion….since i am purchasin my first RE bike,i am still an amatuer….can u plz tell me some points which tells tat electra is much better than classic 350..plz….

  6. Classic has no diff other dan styling….it has old styling bt wid da same engine of electra…bt diff exhaust sound…i just love d classics silencer n sound dats y fittin it 2 my electra…n yes classic has right foot gear shift(most probably)…n it takes around 6mnths waitin period wich is too much bt otherwise no diff….if u r impatient dn take electra n save around 7k for mods or if ur patient enuf dn go 4 classic.

  7. @dak…i dont have dat much xperience with bullet in cities bt my father has lots…n he says at first u’ll feel its heavy bt if practice 2 ride slowly dn u will gt hold of….acc ys both are same in traffic coz both have same specs n weight

    @gour…on road price in kolkata
    classic-1lac and 13k
    electra-1lac and 6k(wid frnt disc)

  8. I just bought a Electra with old Cast Iron(CI) engine. I just love the thump it gives. The new bikes with UCE lack that thump.
    As fas as new UCE engined bikes go, Classic has a very nice and appealing design. Even the logos are from world war times. So better wait and buy classic than buy an electra with UCE.
    If you want extra thump find yourself a older bike with a CI engine.

  9. @Rajorshi: Once you are accustomed to riding Bullet, riding it in Traffic is very easy due to following properties:
    1. Fewer gear shifts due to heavy torque. So others will be downshifting or upshifting that rapidly to avoid engine knocking, where as bullet will give you more power to avoid engine knocking.
    2. Due to heaviness, it feels very comfortable at low speeds and under control.
    3. And when you are turning, others will definitely give way for a bullet 😉

    • I agree with u totally
      now after spending few month with d bullet i understand it better…..n yea evn my uncle whos new to bullets was surprised dat it dusn need to downshifted much

  10. Dear Jay,
    First of all let me reveal my age. I am 48 years old. When I was 28 years old, I exchanged my Bajaj Chetak with a Bullet of 1974 model from a friend of mine for a few months. After two three months, he returned my scooter. Thereafter, I rode on several 100 cc bikes and around 9 years ago bought a Bullet standard (just 1 year old), but drove it only for three months and because of the heavy traffic in Delhi, sold it. Then I bought Passion and thereafter Pulsar 150, which still I am driving for the last 5 years. But truly speaking my heart is still in Bullet. Still I start looking on any passing Bullet with great passion and its dhak dhak beat increases my heartbeat. I am not a small guy. I am 6 feet and weigh 72 kg and very strong. I want to upgrade to new Bullet Electra twin spark. Though I am confident but my wife and my 15 year old son discourage me to go for it saying that it is too heavy. Kindly advice if I should go for it given the fact that I have to go to nearby market every now and then to buy this or that. I must tell you that I am a govt. servant.

  11. i want purchese a bullet,,,, is electra 2006(left gear systam) cost rs 65000 is good ..or 1983-88..modal is good…pls suggest me….


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