In a bid to transform everything into living practice, Royal Enfield has parted ways completely with the traditional and long serving Cast Iron Engine which was being user for many decades altogether. Result, a ‘newer’ Unit Construction Engine, more popularly known as UCE comes into existence, by choice or by compulsion! With the pollution norms becoming ever stringent it was high time Royal Enfield switched to some modern technology to remain into existence. And with the enforcement of Bharat Stage III norms, time was ripe to change gears, shed off the old torn clothes and reveal the identity, completely! And with the inclusion of Bullet 350 with a 350cc UC engine, whole fleet of Royal Enfields now adorns the UCE technology. Bullet 350 UCE replaces the Standard 350.

So effectively speaking, RE now has 4 bikes based on exactly the same 346cc mill with exact specifications on paper; Classic 350, Thunderbird Twinspark, Electra Twinspark and the Bullet 350 (also twinspark). Power and torque figures are 19.8bhp (@5250 rpm) and 28Nm (@4000 rpm), an increase of slightly less than 2PS from the earlier generations but more importantly a decrease of 4Nm of all important torque which also peaks later by 1000rpm.

Also, the subduing of the exhaust thump to a softer beat also takes the charm away slightly. But a newer technology does compensate for the better. Masculine looks have been carried forward from the earlier generation model with the UCE engine adding to the overall charm of the bike. According to the company, we can expect better and well spread power delivery along with superior fuel burning capability resulting in better fuel efficiency. Reliability has always been an issue with RE but as they claim it, this transformation would make the complete fleet more reliable with lesser maintenance. Tipping at 180 kilograms at the weighing scale also makes it one of the heavier machines from the stable.

Royal Enfield has not mentioned anything about any added color options and as an assumption we feel it’s only the traditional black color which would continue for this model. The differentiating factor for this bike is the Micarb VM 24 carburetor where others use the UCAL BS 29 one. Rear shock absorbers are the basic type compared to the gas charged ones on the other models. RE hasn’t provided disc brakes and self start even as options on this bike which speaks loud and clear that this is the cheapest of all the 346cc thumpers you can get.

– Saad Khan

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  • aditya

    Nice review though…had these models hit the showrooms yet?
    if not, how long will it take and what will the expected price range.???

    Aditya Chatterjee

  • Gigimon NInan

    I have booked one(350 UCE) and priced 92K (onroad) and 94K with some basic extra fittings.

    • Srinivas

      I am planing to buy 350uce whisch one is better 350 r 350uce
      i want Heavy beating

    • navneet

      hi… can u pls let me knw the result of 350 uce..overall performance and whats the mileage??

  • Anand

    Is standard UCE actually fitted with Micarb VM 24 only? I was told by the dealer that the carburator for Standard 350 UCE and Electra UCE is same (meaning UCAL carb).
    The on road price in Pune is around 99k.

    Hi Gigimon – Which extra fittings / accessories did you buy?


  • madhu

    RE Should cutdown the length of the silencer as it spoils the overall look by its length

  • aleric

    i booked this bike 2day for 1.2 lakhs

  • Anand

    Further update – I’ve received a clarification from marketing manager of Royal Enfield that the Standard UCE as well as the Electra UCE have exactly the same carburetor i.e. BS29 / UCAL.


  • vivek singh chaudhry

    this engine (uce) is piece of junk ,it is not a pushrod at first place
    it produces less torque at low rpm (criminal)
    it doesnt produce the right type of sound (blasphemy)
    this product will sink like a rock
    iron engine should be up dated

  • vijay

    I don’t know what to say, but I see these UCE’s more comfortable than the traditional Cast Iron engines. What you folks say? I need your advice so that I can replace my old iron bull with new Alluminium bull

  • Anand

    I have booked this RE Bullet 350 UCE on 19-Sep. Will get the delivery in 3 months.

    Vijay – Can’t comment on your question / provide suggestion to you because I have not used the CI bullets earlier; however one thing for sure – I feel this UCE bullet is quite easy to handle, to start (I mean you can easily start them – with kick start). Everyone is also saying that the maintenance will be lower for this.

    All in all – the traditional looks, and performance enhanced… With all these points, I think one should go ahead with this!

    Only catch is – the thump is quite low compared to older ones – though I am happy with the thump

  • Kane

    Good day readers. Iam a avid Royal Enfield user and i currently own the tradition cast iron model. To be specific electra 5s.

    I would like to comment on the views displayed by some of the user on the above post.

    Firstly, It should be understood that RE is not one of those commuting bikes such as pulsar,hero honda and so forth. As in these bikes the main objective is to provide better mileage at the cost of less powerful engine.

    Royal Enfield (Traditional Ones) are now considered as collectors items as these machine are made for people who COMMUTE to RIDE and not RIDE to COMMUTE. It is for people who have passion for life and to explore the hidden adventures and places where only a true rider could explore.

    Most important these machines are like true babe for guys like us and are part of our family, so in order to keep it upright we have to learn the engineering of our babe and we do it on purpose because this is where true bikers are born by knowing the unknown and learning every new bit of our machine each and everyday.

    So people if you can’t stand low millage, stubborn starting pattern and heavy weight then perhaps those plastic and Japaneses bike would suit you absolutely right.

    Lastly, UCE engine is a complete suicide for RE as this has taken all the original traits of RE and has left it without a soul . Well if the body can’t live without the soul so does the RE. I hope RE team would realize this soon because it would just ruin the heritage of this one and only lion heart machine. Thanks and have a safe ride.

    • Mash

      wow dude i like the way u comment on RE. 🙂

      • Subhas(Royal rider’s club, kolkata)

        WOW, this is a rider’s word…thanks dude..

  • Arjun

    Hi,i had bukd uce 5s electra black,expectng augest 2010.can u guys,tel specificaly on advantage of ths new technology.thanks

  • Dr.S.K.Tiwari, Assiststant Director (Ayurveda), NIMHANS, Bangalore

    please provide fuel injection system to classic 350 bike. Provide Electric start to olden style bike stander 350 also.
    If some person do not like classic 500 cc then in same UCE engine, stander 500 cc have to continue in market.Machismo 500 cc was nothing but revised stander type engine with 5 gear along with nominal ulteration. Now a days so many below 250 cc bike in market having fuel injection system then why not in higher cc bullet? I am driving from the age of 25 years and now I am 51 years, but being a scientist, I have a respect for latest technology. Thank you bullet for accepting latest tecnology. Your,s Dr.S.K.Tiwari, Bangalore

  • karthik

    hi i am having std350cc 77model.. i am getting only 29/lit wheather i have to change my carburettor will any frnds suggest me the answer for this….plz

    • Mithun

      Yaaaaaaar Karthik,

      Pls let me know too, even i have the same problem.
      I got the new carburettor just need to fit it….I have taken Original one, but it’s relay difficult to make out which one is OG & which one is local one : (
      it cost me Rs 1460 & the local one cost is 1058.

      Mithun Kotian

    • Subhas(Royal rider’s club, kolkata)

      you r getting a good milage…oil service dose’nt matter ..happy thupm

  • Amanpreet


    • Mash

      can u please tell me whatz the price specification and procedure to book it please………

  • himanksangtani

    bullet uce is not for the people who loe bullets . it,s a newlly packed technological juncks in old clothes . it has no power no thunp no strokes . this is going to be the reason of major decline for the company in coming years. now they are selling a bike not a bullet

  • Pradeep

    I am owning a Twinspark Thunderbird and previously a ci350.
    I would say that the new UCE is 100% problem free that the old dabba Ci engine.
    CI used to give me starting trouble, oil leak, poor reliability, vibrations etc etc.

    UCE is a true boon, with better reliability, less breakdowns, no oil leaks and smooth drive.

    Only missing factor is the Thump..but with upsweapt silencers , it is not an issue as well.

  • Mithun.M

    as iam a bullet lover, Royal enfield is my heart, soul, blood and food. i love it like anything. it feels really good to have UCE but enfield without sound and left brakes is of no use. its really very side. Left sided brakes added bette control of bike and immediate responsing during braking compared to other bikes. The real taste is in traditional left brakes , high sound bike. my worry is i should buy a new classic USE bike or go for an old byke to have real tast of ride.

  • vinil

    Dear friends,

    i need your advice because i have booked a NEW BULLET-350 UCE still i have confussion. Witch one is good OLD model? OR New model?

    waiting for your valuble reply

    • Hemant

      Dear Gigimon,
      Please Findout in your bike.
      Is there heavy crank of 500 for Standard 350 UCE model. Ganesh from Kerala write at cartreadindia and Dealer guy also told me. & what is Constant mesh 5 speed Gear box (specified only to Standard Model) It will help us to finalise model.

    • Jobson Antony

      Hi friend,
      I would suggest you to go for 350 UCE.

  • Bhadresh

    Hey guys,

    I have experienced both the engines and believe me nothing like the old CI engine.

    Truly speaking, due to the pollution norms, the company was forced to shut the old CI engine and come with UCE. Otherwise RE would have never ever stopped CI.

    Simple logic:

    A engine ruling the bike world since 1948 is definitely a proof of master engineering. A engine is replaced when something better comes. That is the reason why other companies models come and go, but RE’s CI engine was never replaced. It is only the norms which forced RE to switch.

    I agree that new UCE engine has certain advantages over the CI engine, but these you can also find in other bikes. In this sense other plastic bikes are better than new RE bikes.

    This is just what I feel and have experienced. Everyone is powered with thier own brains. Recommend you to ride both the engines (for at least 100 KMs) and come to conclusion.


  • Hemant

    Is there heavy crank of 500 for Standard 350 UCE model. Ganesh from Kerala write at cartreadindia and Dealer guy also told me. & what is Constant mesh 5 speed Gear box (specified only to Standard Model) Vinil, it will help us to finalise model.

  • Gigimon

    My new bullet is now 3600KM. It gives me a millege of 35-40kmpl. Good part is that I have not spent a single paisa till today other that the oil charges for the first service. But its switches for front & back tail lamp was replaced.

    Till last week I dont had a problem, but now my UCE is giving me a ‘missing’ some times even in full throttle.
    Can anyone have a sol. wot may be the cause of this? Thanks-Gigie

    • Hemant

      Dear Gigimon,
      Again I request to Findout in your bike.
      Is there heavy crank of 500 for Standard 350 UCE model. Ganesh from Kerala write at cartreadindia and Dealer guy also told me. & what is Constant mesh 5 speed Gear box (specified only to Standard Model) It will help us to finalise model.

  • Gigimon

    Hemant I replied u as a mail.

  • Gigimon

    constant-mesh boxes are said to be stronger

  • Mithun.M

    Dear Friends, i visited the Enfield show room for booking a Classic 500 CC, but when started it and took a ride it felt like iam driving a 150 CC bike.I feel its really a waste of spending heavy money on this useless UCE engine bike. if you get some old one u r lucky and enjoy. people like me who have only used CI engine old RE ‘s its highly impossible me to go for new bike. i will go for old bike with right gears.I dont understand why RE needs self start. having only bike is not an issue i can get in any bike. What we need is our old powerfull, lovely,tough, and smooth bike RE. Yes but for those who are fresh RE users and wish to have RE for them its the perfect bike.

  • amit jha


  • anand

    you can use veedol take off 4T oil for any for 4stroke bike, grading of oil is API SM SAE 20 W40 & meets JASCO rating MA2 priced 219RS for 21 ltr better than castrol power 1.

  • vivian

    The only major difference in the new bullets and the cast iron ones, is the firing. If there is no firing in the new bullet, then whats the use buying it. If I happen to get the classic 350 or 500, is it possible to get the firing as loud and powerful if compared to the cast iron bullets??? Please advice.

    • Vishal Singh

      Hi Vivian, yes it is possible to get the real thump with your new Bullet 350 UCE. for this you have to spend around 2500 bugs. Ask for the firing silencer at any authentic RE dealer . have a happy thumping.

      • vivian

        Hi Vishal,

        Thankz for your valuable advice brother. I wanted to also ask you, what is this goldstar silencer? Is it very loud with great thump. Can i fit it in the new 350 uce, like if i get it straight from the showroom and go to an authorised RE Dealer and get this goldstar silencer fitted. Please advice.

  • Bhadresh

    Hi Vivian,

    You will get some thump after fitting firing silencer for 2500. But if you want the hard thump then you have to go for cast iron engine.

    You can easily make out the difference between UCE sound and hard thump which cast iron bullets can generate.



      hey vivian i have posted my query on this page so plz respond to it………….

  • Gigimon

    Hi All, Can I fit any kind of fuel meter in my new 350Cc STD UCE bullet?

    • harjit

      gigimon did u get thumping sound in ur uce like old bullet???

      • Gigimon

        No..You will not get it even though you replace the silencer… It is about the engine which delivered that sweet sound.

  • farzeen

    royal enfield should be right side gear and good beat that is important……….. this uca model is not good left side gear…. bullet is a power full engine and smooth……….

  • Amit

    haha..It’s no that hardcore bulleteers not like the UCE..
    They know it very well, it’s a new gene fantastic engine. It’s a matter of self satisfaction of saying CI is good coz if they fall in love with UCE, what they’ll do with CI.
    second, UCE is not an affordable veh to everyone, so better appreciare CI & get a used one.
    Fact is, UCE is fantastic, powerfull, well balanced, trouble free low maintainence etc etc…

    Someone up commented only coz of emmision norms, CI was shut dear friends, RE was in the rage of shutting down as it was almost an orphan child. Thanks to the new owners EICHER Grp who invested RE with a new technology & made it back to Life

    • anoopsathyan

      That was an excellent and direct, on-the-face answer, Amit!!! Your statement is cent per cent true!!

      • Subhas(Royal rider’s club, kolkata)

        Sorry Amit i beg to differ with you opinion.. Neither UCE nor Eicher grp was the tonic of RE revival. it was the Indian Army and CI engine. in 1954 The Indian Government placed a huge order for to RE Britain for RE bullet to the Border troopers. at that time government of india exempted all the shipping and tax…

        what do u mean by affordable??
        These peoples(old bulletiers) are only afford dude…so money dosent matter…passion is matter..tradition is matter..fooo

  • aouchitya

    every thing is fine with new UCE engine in 350 bullet bu still i miss right side gear shift . it’s the identity of royal enfield i think that changing the gear lever on left side was not good decision for them.

    • harjit

      did u get thumping sound like old one???

  • rohit

    hi all,
    i have purchased the bullet electra 350 last month, bike is not giving full performance.
    when i open the throttle to increase speed , it don’t pick up the speed.
    missing problem is occuring with the bike, and i have seen the same problem with other same model bikes too. when i go to royal enfield show room in faridabad to resolve this issue, first the RE workshop there don’t have any experienced mechanic there, labours and helpers do works there, no one knows about the bikes internal details.
    i met there lots of other bull riders, most of them comes there for the same problem, many of them already have changed their carburetor 3 or 4 times with in 6 months since purchasing time.
    The so called mechanice there, done something with my bike to resolve the issue, but next day i was there for the same problem!
    Now i don’t know what should i do???? any help!!!!

    • Amit

      Hey Rohit,

      Don’t let those untrained mechanics mess out with your bike. Beware, they’ll learn on your bike. better find an alternate dealer in delhi & get it sorted.
      Or write to RE cistomer care. they’ll help you out.

    • solomon david

      hello Rohit missing problem to your bike is due to throttle position sensor setting, retard the TPS cable fully it is under left side of seat

      • Subhas(Royal rider’s club, kolkata)

        how many kms u ride dude?? rile at least 5000 km u will get the performance….ur engine is not smooth yet

  • harjit

    hi i want to buy a bullet 350
    but bit confuse in new uce enginee
    nd in old iron engine(2nd hand)
    is there any way to increase the thump of new 350 uce ??
    nd i also listen that alloy engine give some crackling sounds is it true???

  • Gigimon

    When I consulted the service center regarding the missing of engine,s they are also advising that it is the problem with all the new model bikes and to replace the carburetor. I have not changed it yet as its costs round to 3500 Rs.

  • Gundeep Singh

    Hello rohit..

    regarding the missing problem with ur bike. plz make sure to use speed petrol (bharat petrolium) or xtra premium ..and get both the plugs changed.. missing problem will be vanished..

    hope this helped you. plz reply if u find it helping.

    safe driving.

    • rohit

      thanks gundeep for your advice, i will definitely try all the things you said.
      For further information i want to share,
      Today in the morning i started to go to office, but when i started the bike, same missing problem was coming, i was so frustrated with this problem, that i was not even want to take this bike any where, so i decided to take this bike to RE work shop again (4th time in last 1 month) as i don’t have another option. when i reached there, i saw many persons coming there for the same problem.then i talked to RE work shop supervisor for the problem, he said some gr8 talented engineers of state haryana are here to solve the missing problem, i thought it might be solved today! 4 persons were there, one ot them was RE haryana’s service head,another one was the main service engineer of RE. when i asked about the problem , i got a stupid answer from him,:) he said we just came to know the solution 3-4 days before, and that’s why they are here to solve the problem. ( for information this new model is already in the marked for last 1 year, people are already facing so many problems with this, he was telling we just came to know the solution of the problem 3 to 4 days before)
      After that i was there for the whole day to see their monkey’s jumping tasks, some one opening carburetor to clean it , other checking silencer and lov.. lov…lov.., In the evening they gave the bike to me with lots of confidence that this problem will not come ever again. i was till now much more confident that this problem will come again very soon, so i drove the bike to move to home,(today i became on office leave, it already 7:30 pm). After driving 30 to 45 mnts same missng problem started to come and my sixth sense was right about the missing problem, so i gave a phone call to the RE work shop, one person picked up the phone and was telling every one in work shop have left for the day.
      my story ends for the day!!!!!!!!

      My advice to persons who are going to purchase new bullet electra uce 350:- purchase a bajaj platina 100 cc bike, It will be more reliable than the new bullet electra uce 350.
      second option purchase a old model bullet.!!

      Hi gundeep thanks for your advice, i will definitely try this, tomorrow or day after tomorrow,, i will replace the spark plugs also. I pray to god , it may solve the problem!!

      • bharath

        hi, i bought a re std350cc on 27 th dec 2010, please let me give sol for ur issue.first check the spark plugs, keep the spark plug gap as told in manual,or just increase gap slightly by 0.1mm, dont,overload engine oil,maintain oil between the marks in your engine oil guage,use xtra premium or speed petrol,this may be use ful for you.
        i think the problem was because the petrol you are using is adulterated
        so change petrol bunk,
        i am using bullet std uce from three months in hyderabad.
        till now no problems
        no misfire etc
        also clean air filter and fix the rubber hose tightly

  • Avinash

    UCE is maintenance free.
    Strokes r also great…with “INDORIE Silencer”…
    45-50km/lt mileage…
    better than CI dabba engine which is divided in 3 parts….1- clutch case…2- engine…3- gear box..
    it was maintainance heavely….bye bye old ci engine….
    the spare will dry up frm market….
    so book ur UCE & go happy…say bye bye to mechanic…!

    drive safely…!

  • Amit

    UCE is a gr8 engine guys.
    Like any other vehicle or electronic equip, new model always has resistance…then comes the acceptance.
    Down the years, everyone will use only UCE.

    Just browse & understand how it’s doing gr8 in Europe & south America.
    You will all agree they won’t accept junk, right?

    Imagine guys, 28NM torque & a mileage of 40~45. What a technology it has come out with.
    Pulsar 180 & Apache 180 are not giving more than 40~42. Then why discriminate this modern Bull.

    Also it said in many blogs, replacing old Bull with new UCE bull is not everyone’s cup of tea…& it’s reality. 1 Lac plus vehicle is still premium buy in India. Not everyone can afford that.
    Hence they keep praising their existing ones. Given a chance for all old CI Bulls to get replaced with new one, tell me who will say no !

    Vintage admirers are exceptions. They keep praising all old stuff because they really love it. But again they are very few.

    Aur rahi baat problems ki..even an Merc can also have some problem. That doesn’t mean all the Mercs are defective.

    How many of you know the present waiting period of a Electra ?
    Guys, it has crossed 8 months…I am talking about Electra not Classic !..hehe

    • iqbal

      I bought TBTS 2009 for 1.2Lakh and sold it off with in one year and for the past 1 and half year i am using CI350. it’s not the money that is the problem. Even CI used to come at 80K and over the period of time inflation has increased so at this time the good old Ci would have been around 1 lakh. The catch here is the aura of Bullet and any body who has taken a ride on CI 350 cant deny it.

  • sumeshnandha

    funnny i feel so funny……
    the uce engine”unit construction engine”as the name says its a single unit engine and the complexity is reduced…its havin a twin spark for ensuring better combustion for better fuel efficiency and performance, it wont be like a snail …..i meant the old engine is just like a snail…the new one is much better…..
    ive booke a royal enfield classic “500” uce efi engine……its the thumper….man….i feel like god when i had td on it….its awesome the 500 cc uce efi(electronic fuel injection) gives an all new image for “RE”…27bhp !!!!! it jumps more than a street bike i meant in first gear it gives the raw power…normally re never gives high pickup in 1st gear……it gave me a topspeed of 145kmph …!!!!!
    its the truth… old RE lowers u ppl are collectors of legendary piece but it doesn’t mean u have the best of RE…..


    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii to everyone……………………….can any one give me a little advice for my problem………………….here is my problem or dilemma:-
    i am going to buy a new bike in the following days so ihave shortlisted 2 bikes …………………….one is bullet electra 5s nd the other one is apache 180 so which one shall i choose……………….if i decide to go for electra then everyone says that new engine doesn’t produce that legendary thump………………….nd that the vehicle is too bulky…….nd on the other side apache has a great look im a 5’9″ slim punjabi boy ……………… which one shall i choose………………plz reply fast


    plz respond to my query fast

    • pradeep navlani

      Go 4 royal enfield, u would it 4 life time.

    • pradeep navlani

      U would love it 4 life time.

  • Aaditya

    Hey Ppl,
    I was planning to buy the new 350-Uce ..but was somewhat confused about the performance of the new UCE engine..kindly help with the positive and negative points of the bike …
    Thank You

  • Rajiv

    Hi guys I am planning to buy a new std 350 bullet with UCE engine. I am concerned about its maintenance & mileage & also would like to know about its long life capability as compared to the older one. Please guide me regarding the above issues

  • A.E.J.Benedict

    Hi friends, I’m a bullet lover since 1996. My new Standard UCE 350 would be delivered in next week. Is it true that it has the heavy crank ? I wish to know more about its performance. Thank you.

  • rohit srivastav

    hey guys i ve been using uce std 350 since 6 months….its awesome,,i replaced the silencer with free flow one n the thump is lkie the old ones,,i have also used ci bullet its the king but very tough to maintain,,,new ones are very easy to maintain ang gives raw pickup and sound wit silencer replaced is gr8…….go for it guys u wont regret later

  • Divae

    Bullet uce is useless
    better buy platina instead of it
    i sold my 15 days old uce for 65 thousand only
    no 1 was ready 2 buy it
    bought bullet ci for 125000 2009 model
    very happy nw

  • I found one of user update, Electra giving back pain when long drive 4hr to 5hr. Please let me know , what about UCE for long drive?

  • kalim shaikh

    First of all, i should thnk RE for launching it sagain wid more comforrt.i really like dis bike,
    i hcve re 350 cc std bullet. From past 6mnths it was working absolutely fine. But i am facing missing problem,, so i took my baby to RE nearest workshop.. those guys did all tthe stuff xchanged both d spark plugs, chnged the key switch as tthey thought there might b some prblm, den tthey cleaned the carburettor dden cleaned oil filter but still facing same prblm plss help me. Jst bcz of dis my bike is giving an average of 20km/hr dats wat those mechanics said.. this is definetly impacting customers trust on Re which i personally dont want my uncle is having old model of 1969. That one didnt ever got missing prblm den pls help me out wid this

  • ankit

    hey ol bullet lovers..
    Dre r rumours bein heard dat bullet 350cc with right gear shift is going 2 be launchd again, so as 2 compete wid d new harley davidson going 2 b launched in india???
    Is dis ryt or jst a rumour?

  • arvind kumar

    i have baught uce electra last year so that is a perfect bike for me i dont have any problem that bike every morning i strat my bike only one kick so i love my bike so much with in 14 day i have wash my bike and lubricate and polished last month i can cromed my bike spoke no that time my bike like showroom condtion so anyone want to buy dont think just go and baught otherwise the time is never come back ………. ARVIND SHARWAN NEW DELHI INDIA

  • anish.kurup

    350 uce engine is extra super bike with good millege

  • nygil

    booked this bike 2day for 1.21 lakhs

  • navi gill

    hey frds i m from ludhiana i bought this bike in march 2011.i m fed up wid dis bike.before 3 services my bike gave 24 km per litre nw company changed its slides in carburater on their own expenditure it gives on 27 km per litre.i m cool nd soft rider.i dnt knw why company lie on average of 45-50 km per litre

  • Mithun

    Dear all,

    Pls let me know too, even i have the same problem.
    I got the new carburettor(Mikcare) just need to fit it….I have taken Original one, but it’s relay difficult to make out which one is OG & which one is local one : (
    it cost me Rs 1460 & the local one cost is 1058.

    Mithun Kotian

  • Mithun

    Dear all,

    I got the new carburettor(Mikcare) just need to fit it….I have taken Original one, but it’s relay difficult to make out which one is OG & which one is local one : (
    it cost me Rs 1460 & the local one cost is 1058.

    Mithun Kotian

  • raj

    I wanted to purchase new R E bullet, but having little bit confused between Electra 5s and Classic 350. Please suggest for which one I should go.

  • Debashish

    Dear All,
    I am die -hard RE lover.I have recently booked a RE Desert Storm.The color of the bike is some thing to die for. But one of my friend say that it’s not worth shelling that kind of money on the bike and is advising me to get a Classic 350.If anyone,could share their thoughts on this new beast I would appreciate it.

  • nikhil

    if any one interested to sell bullet standard 350cc model 1985 to 1995 contact me on this number 9990438931 budget till rs 30000 k

    • moidu

      Hi Nikhil…………….1885-1995 model for 30000 k……………..? impossible……………….you may spend atleast 60000 k.

  • Prasad

    Could you please make me confirm whether the Compressor/Decompress lever is coming in New Royal enfield bullet 350 UCE or not?

  • manish

    The review is Nice!

    But I have come to know that The new UCE engine has a lot of issues than the older engines. I am not talking about regular bullet issues but the serious one like. ENGINE SEIZE It is such an issue that no one like to expect from a bike like bullet. And the biggest issue is that no new bullet is same one is always different from another some bullet owners may be happy by their bike but some are so pissed off like my friend (owning a Thunderbird twinspark) sold it at very cheap price and had to buy an old model bullet std.

    I have also asked the bullet mechanics about they have also seen such big issues in UCE models completed more than 30,000 KMs. And mid you After sales service is the world renowned Bad.

    If you notice the reviews over internet obout UCE bullets You ll always see the reviews from just new owners who have just got the bike handed over or they have just run Approximately 5000 Kms. There are very rare or none reviews containing long run overviews or showing long-run reliability stuff. Below are the negatives reviews i found on Bullet bikes specially TBTS

    I Think RE engineers realy need to work on their product and improve these issues.