Rolling Stoppies In A Karizma

The most common motorcycle stunt among the youth bikers are stoppies. Although many have learned to do a stoppie, only a very few people are capable of doing a rolling stoppie. In the following image you can see Vidit Goel doing a rolling stoppie. It looks like a normal stoppie, but it is in fact a rolling one.

Rolling Stoppies in Karizma

If you wish to do a stunt like that, you should practice normal stoppies first. You should get rid of the fear of flipping towards the front and hitting your precious head. Once you have had enough practice in that, start doing trials by applying partial brakes. A 40% pressure of your normal stoppie braking at a speed of 35-40 kmph would do the job. Hold the tank with your thighs and lean towards the front to shift the centre of gravity. Apply the brakes comfortably when you feel that the rear wheel is going up. With practice you can achieve it.

Karizma Stoppie

Before you try such stunts, make sure that you wear a helmet and have a nice medical insurance package. Disclaimer: Do it at your own risk. We are not liable for anything 😉

Photos & article, courtesy of Vidit Goel.