Road Safety Awareness Program by Preethi Home Appliances

Preethi, one of the growing mixer grinder brands in the country, has taken initiative to teach riders the art of safe riding on roads involving high traffic. The thought of organizing this road safety program came when Preethi (mixer grinder brand) analyzed the accidents that happen every year in India due to lack of driving sense.

Researches show that, India has one of the worst traffics and thus the death toll due to accidents is rising year after year.

In 2010 alone the death toll has increased by more than 14% per hour than compared to last year. In view to lessen the accident death toll and educating the riders, Preethi organized this road safety awareness program.

Preethi organized this program on Dec 30 2010 at Chennai wherein riders from New Zealand where called upon to participate. It has been one of the successful programs and Preethi may organize this kind of more programs in the future.

Mr. T.T Vardaragan (Managing Director, Maya Appliances) and his son T.T Siddhart (Director operations) were all very excited as they too participated in the program involving top 8 motorcyclists from New Zealand.

The event was flagged off by Mr. H Vasanth Kumar (Congress MLA and founder of Vasanth and Co retail stores). According to the schedule of the program, the riders would visit all the important places to spread the awareness. According t the schedule the riders would visit Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh; the event would be concluded on Jan 21.

Mr. Vasanth Kumar said that there is a need for such a road safety awareness campaign in India because the accident toll has surpassed 1, 35,000 mark. He further said that in developed state like Tamilnadu, this program will turn a boon because the accident causalities are extremely high in the state.

He further added that the program is basically about the general riding rules, precautions to be taken while riding and road safety. All in all, the program is a good initiative to promote safe riding in the country. However, such an initiative of road safety from Preethi is a subtle refreshing change. We only can hope that this initiative goes far in educating people about road safety.