Riding Comfort – The Importance of Riding Posture…

If ever a motorcyclist remarks that he thinks it is less tiring to cover a long journey by his bike than by train, he finds almost invariably that there is disbelief. Never the less, there are thousands of hard riders including me, who confirm this. Bikes are extremely comfortable if the riding position is correct and one sits one’s mount properly. But many a biker buys himself a machine and then accomodates himself to the riding position. The chances are that he is by no means the stock size which the standard position suits so taking this factor in to account before choosing your machine will save you a lot of trouble and ensure riding pleasure.

The riding position is the major factor that determines your riding comfort. Provided it is possible to ride poised, resting and not sitting on the seat, one tends to rise on the rests when the machione hits the bump and the shock is absorbed in the natural spring in one’s legs and thighs. In consequence, no solid shock is transmitted to the body; and I tell you its this solid shock that causes aches and pains and general tiredness.

Some riders endeavour to arrange their position so that their weight is distributed between the handlebar, the footrests and the seat. Its better to have the arms carrying next to no weight, the hands merely resting lightly on the bar. In other words one should arrange the riding position such that one is balanced upon the footrests and the arms act neither as struts nor as tie-rods. A position which seems ideal for comfort does not always provide the best possible control, but at the same time ease of control and comfort are closely allied. So, find a balance based on your experience with your machine and create a body and soul relationship with your bike.

Also, keep your clutch and twist grip cables well lubricated. At the same time, keeping proper tyre pressure and properly adjusted shock absorbers add to the comfort of biking.

–┬áVivek Kumar