Get ready for New Discover and Boxer!

Commuter and Entry level segments of motorcycle have more reasons to cheers in the coming months. Country’s second largest two wheeler maker Bajaj Auto is going to launch new Discover 125cc and Boxer 150cc. The all new Discover 125cc will be launched as early as next week. The all new Boxer 150cc will be launched in the month of July 2011. Earlier the company reported that it will launch new Boxer and Discover in the month of April 2011. It seems that the plan has changed now and the launch of Discover 125cc will be followed by the launch of Boxer 150cc.

As confirmed by Rajiv Bajaj earlier, this will be entirely new variant of Discover. The new Discover 125cc will be launched into two variants Drum brake and Disc Brake. Although the company has not declared any price, it will be expected to price between the price of Discover 100cc and Discover 150cc. As reported earlier in the month of September 2010 that Bajaj Auto will make Discover 2 million a year brand, the launch of Discover 125cc is the part of the same strategy. Currently Discover brand generates average monthly sales of 1,10,000 units, out of which Discover 100cc sales is around 80,000 units and Discover 150cc sales is around 30,000 units.

After the new Discover, Bajaj Auto will launch Boxer 150cc in the month of July 2011. The new Boxer will be positioned as a Utility Brand and it is expected to price around Rs. 40,000. In the entry level segment, motorcycle is used for multipurpose and this is the reason behind launching 150cc Boxer. The brand Boxer is known for its robust build and long lasting durability. It is to be noted that Boxer always remains a leader in entry level segment be it local or global market.

With the launch of new Discover 125cc Bajaj Auto expects that most of the Discover 100cc customer may move on to Discover 125cc, as there is no major price difference between 100cc and 125 cc Discover. It seems that Bajaj Auto is still pursuing its old strategy to move on customer from 100cc to 125cc. The launch of Discover 150cc and Pulsar 135 LS is also the part of the strategy to move on customer from 100cc to 125cc. The launch of Discover 125cc and Boxer 150cc will further consolidate Bajaj Auto’s leadership in 125+cc motorcycle segment, the segment which Bajaj Auto is ruling traditionally.

Many of us have question that will this strategy succeed? Earlier also the company tried the same thing with XCD, but it failed miserably. This time the situation is entirely different. Earlier the company launched all new brand XCD, but this time it is under well established brand Discover. Earlier the company discontinued production of 100cc motorcycle, but this time 100cc Discover will co-exist with 125cc and 150cc. The success of Pulsar 135LS also supports this strategy. Hope Bajaj Auto will succeed with its four brand strategy.