Ray Scooter Becomes Yamaha’s Star Performer This Diwali

There is little doubt that Yamaha Motor India has been very active with the promotion of its latest gearless scooter, the Yamaha Ray. In a special promotional campaign since 1st of November, Yamaha had organized a group of 6 young women who traveled on Ray scooters through schools, colleges, malls and shopping complexes for a period of nine days showcasing the scooter and spreading awareness among the users about the product. Doing all this has really paid off for the company. Yamaha made a total sales of 10,000 units out of which 35% were the Ray scooters alone.

Among its other offerings, 55% of the sales have come from deluxe bikes, the FZ and the SZ series. The remaining sales were grabbed by the R15 and the commuter segment motorcycles. However, the national business head, sales of Yamaha Motors India is of a different opinion saying that sales were not as great as expected and the slowdown has affected the overall industry sales by almost 15 percent during this period.

Yamaha launched the Ray in September in India and since then it has gathered a total registered billings of about 25,000 units out of which about 18,000 to 20,000 being retailed already. The remaining are on their way to the showrooms. In September, Yamaha made a total of 4000 units of sales while in October it bounced up to 12,000 units. Currently the company has a market share of 20% share in the deluxe segment, up from 16% which it enjoyed in 2011.