Gixxer SF vs Fazer Fi vs R15 vs CBR 150R: Faired 150cc Motorcycle COMPARO

The recently launched Gixxer SF is the cheapest fully faired motorcycle in the country and has opened a new parallel in the segment. It is not a direct competition to the track-oriented 150s like R15 and is more against a competition to the semi-faired Fazer. However, we cannot discount the fact that people will definitely see it as an option when they will be considering the R15 and even the CBR150R!


And hence, let us quickly compare these four motorcycles in terms of specs and prices to understand where do they stand vis-a-vis each other. Please note this is a COMPARO of specs and not an on-road SHOOTOUT…

Gixxer SF vs Fazer vs R15 vs CBR150R

We will talk more about the Fazer against the SF and bring in the other, more premium focused bikes, when required.

Engine & Performance: The Gixxer SF is 1.7 PS more powerful and 1.2 Nm torquier than Fazer V2 and both of these come mated to 5-speed gearboxes. The Fazer, however, gets fuel injection for crispier power delivery. We haven’t ridden either of these motorcycles yet, but considering the Gixxer and FZ v2 (Read Detailed SHOOTOUT), the SF may have a performance edge!

The CBR150R, with its 18.5PS is the segment leader with its DOHC motor in terms of power figures. However, nobody knows what was Honda thinking before sharing its torque figures, which end up being the lowest in this list! R15 rules the roost with its 15 Nm peak torque output and 17PS of power.


Brakes & Weight: There is nothing to compare here as both – the Suzuki and the Fazer come equipped with front discs and do not get rear disc brakes, even as an optional extra. Both the other performance motorcycles do come equipped with standard rear disc brakes. All the 4 motorcycles are under 140kg in weight and carry 12 liter tanks (CBR has a 13 liter capacity).

Looks: Between the Fazer and SF, we would probably choose the Suzuki, more because it is a fresher motorcycle in the market. The Fazer also looks fantastic anyways! If we include the other two, then there is no denying the fact that there is nothing which comes close to the mean looks of the R15!

Price: This is where the Gixxer SF has a clear lead. At Rs 83,439 it is the cheapest faired motorcycle in the market at the moment, is over Rs 3000 cheaper than Fazer V2 and that too without compromising on quality. It is more powerful, bigger and gets that extra bottom fairing, which is what Indians love! Fazer is slightly more expensive, gets the benefit of fuel injection, but we would really want those power/torque figures to go up!

Well, it goes without saying that R15 will be the pick of the lot if you want to own a fantastically crafted small 150cc racing motorcycle. However, for all practical purposes, if it is a faired motorcycle you are looking, the SF looks better in terms of specs-features-and-price ratio! We await a call from Suzuki to test the bike in all its might then! Stay tuned