Questions & Answers – Round 8 (General)

Thank you all for such an encouraging response. We receive many questions in a week and its not practically possible to answer each one of them individually. Hence, we try and club similar types together and answer them as one. However, we would urge you to be as elaborate as much as you can in your questions so as to enable us to understand your needs more clearly. Here are the answers to this weeks Round. Hope you find them helpful. We urge everybody to leave comments in the Comments section to ensure that you have got your answers. This encourages us to help you with a new zeal. Happy reading 🙂

1) Hi, I have planned to buy a 150cc bike & I stay in Bangalore. Which one will be a better buy among Pulsar 150 and Yamaha FZ-S. Also mention the mileage in cities for the both the bikes. — RAHUL

BikeAdvice: Hi Rahul, both the bikes are fantastic in their own regards. While Pulsar is more of a commuter type, FZ is made to look sporty. With a price difference of 8-10k between these two they hardly seem comparable and it all boils down to your preferences. If you want to look different from the crowd, own a Yamaha with a huge road presence and ready to pay for it than FZ is the bike for you whereas Pulsar is the bike suitable for all the practical purposes and it does them with aplomb. Expect Fuel efficiency of FZ to be in the range of 40-45 kmpl and Pulsar to return anything around 50 kmpl. Our choice would be the FZ since it is new, has a distinct appeal and is more torqy (would require lesser gearshifts in crowded cities).

2) I am a 5.6″ 65 kg man. I own a Honda unicorn & I want to upgrade to Pulsar 220 Dtsi. Will it fit me? Which bike will you suggest me in the range of 85k. I want good handling, Power & mileage. Apache’s don’t look distinct, Yamaha’s feel untrusty to me. — KUNWAR URJASWIT

BikeAdvice: Hi Kunwar, Pulsar 220 DTSi is one of the best bikes in the country currently and with a dirt cheap price tag it is probably India’s most Value for Money bike. Its blistering performance leaves everyone and everything stunned and it is surprisingly fuel efficient too. We would suggest you to take a thorough test drive of the bike and feel your own comfort level and make sure your feet are properly grounded. If you do not feel comfortable than we feel Apaches would be the best bikes for a person of your physique and Apache 180 is one fantastic and distinct looking bike (especially in white).

3) Currently I own a Bajaj CT-100 and I weigh 102kg and I am looking for a maintenance free and a fuel efficient bike. According to you sir which bike is best Apache RTR 160, Pulsar 150 or splendor according to my health and built. — BYJU VARGHESE

BikeAdvice: Hi Byju, considering your physique we recommend you to look out for a powerful bike and leave splendor out. Among the other two we feel Pulsar would suit you more because of a more friendly seating posture and adequate power. However, if you can broaden your criteria than Suzuki GS150R would probably be the most suited bike for you. It’s a lovely combo of power and mileage along with a fantastic torque (which helps in pulling weights effortlessly). It has 6 gears and one of the best looking digital consoles. So if sales and service of Suzuki is not an issue in your area, GS150R from our side!

4) a) I own a CBZ Extreme ATFT and I am planning to buy a new bike in Jan or Feb and I am trying to decide between the R15 or the new Pulsar 220 DTSi. I am 5’ 7” and I like R15 but sometimes I am not that sure, I am a college student mileage and cost is not a factor – AVINASH

b) I am from Kolkata and my height is 5″6 and am 65 kgs, have a broken left elbow. Which bike should I go for? My options are Pulsar 220 and yamaha R15, I do a little bit of cruising and loads of city riding, want a hassle free bike with a good engine. I own a Karizma right now but the f-efficiency and spares are worth a killing and the lights are not too bright at night– UDAY RAMCHANDARAN

BikeAdvice: Hi All, since you mentioned loads of city driving, we would straightaway strike YZF R15 out of the list because of its extremely lazy performance below 6k rpm (wherein your bike would be running mostly in cities). That leaves us with the Pulsar 220 and with 21 horses under its belt, it would ensure you do never run out of steam be it the crowded cities or long freeways. It comes equipped with India’s only and best projector headlamps which ensure ample amount of lighting during nights. And at 30 grands lesser than the Yamaha, it’s a steal at the price it is being offered.

5) I want to buy a bike, I like yamaha, so i was planning to buy one, well after seeing i liked FZ16, but my parents like GLADIATOR type RS(blue), they were saying its both fuel efficient and economical also, one way or the other i too liked that, now i am confused! Would you please let me know the exact mileage, price and your suggestion for me of both the bikes? – KAMAL KUMAR

BikeAdvice: Hi Kamal,
1) Yamaha FZ 16 – Expect fuel efficiency figures to be 40 kmpl and above in cities and 45+ on highways. It is priced at 73k on road Pune and is an extremely fantastic bike.
2) Gladiator RS – Its smaller sibling, Gladiator RS is priced at ~ 54k (OTR Pune) and returns fuel efficiency figures in the range of 60 kmpl in cities.
Gladiator is one of the best 125cc bikes in India currently and with its huge size it almost feels like a 150cc. The RS version looks distinct and appealing especially in typical Yamaha blue color while the FZ is a bigger bike and definitely less frugal and expensive.

6) I want to sell my Yamaha fz-16. It had run only 3000 kilometer and is only 6-7 months old. I want to sell it now. how much money will it get? – SAGAR G.C.

BikeAdvice: Hi Sagar, considering that your bike is scratchless and in mint condition and you bought it in around 70-73ks, it would be appropriate to sell it at anything in the range of 60k (+- 3k). BTW why do you want to sell off a fantastic bike so early?

7) Hi, I am planning to get my first bike in a few weeks, and I have the Yamaha YZF R15 in my mind… :). But I wanted to confirm whether my choice is right on the following fronts. 1)Does the bike have a long life, something similar to the bullet? 2) How well does it perform on the maintenance front ? 3) Is this bike fine for a person who is buying his/her first bike ? 4) Is there any new variant of the R15 coming in the near future? 5) and how long is the waiting period (if any) for it ? hope to hear from you this time. -KARTHIK

BikeAdvice: Hi Karthik,
1) Every bike has a long life if serviced and maintained properly.
2) Maintenance is on the costlier side as is obvious because of the heavy technically advanced parts it comes loaded with.
3) Yes, nothing wrong with that. In fact, with a fantastic handling it would be one of the best bikes to start your biking life with.
4) Probability is very much ripe and we do expect a new variant of the bike in few months from now.
5) For waiting period you would have to check with your dealer in your respective city. In general, R15 doesn’t have a long waiting period.

8.) Hi, I want to buy a sporty-looking bike. Speed is not what i am looking for. Just good looks, mileage and low maintenance. I love d looks of stunner, but am turned off because of its small engine. Can u give some pros of d stunner as compared to other bikes in the same price range so that i don’t regret later. And if u r suggesting me not to buy the stunner then would the Apache 180 be a correct choice? — Susmeet Khaire

BikeAdvice: Hi Susmeet, Stunner, as you also said, has everything right just that the heart is very small considering its size and immensely sportly looks. We would not say don’t go for it but since you have mentioned you have kept Apache as an option that why not go for it. It (Apache) is one of the finest machines in India. Though you might not get that refined engine; fantastic performance, killer looks, good fuel efficiency and a low price tag are its positives. Well, since you are more inclined towards looks, why don’t you consider the super sexy Yamaha’s FZ series of bikes? We feel they are the best suited for your kind of a person.

9) a)Hi, I want to buy a cruiser bike such as Bajaj avenger or anything good in this type.Can you please give me suggestion on this.And also i heard about Kawasaki eliminator 2009.Please give your comments in this also. — Sathyan

b) I want to buy a cruiser bike. I want to know how Avenger is? What other bikes I can look at in this segment and how they fare against avenger? — Suvash,

c) Sir i have to buy a bike next month. As i love biking on long distances i am really confused which bike to buy Bajaj Avenger or Yamaha Fazer. Sir could you please help me find a solution to my problem and suggest me a better bike if you think there is apart from these two for travelling long distances or cruising? — AKSHAY

BikeAdvice: Hi all, we would discard the Fazer off that list because essentially it is derived from a street bike (FZ) and remains one, still. Addition of a fairing doesn’t make a bike a tourer! Avenger is a cruiser and pretty good for long distance rides especially because of its upright and comfortable posture. Its low ground clearance and huge rear tyre ensures that you are grounded and safe all the time. The bike now comes with a 200cc oil cooled engine which is a direct lift from the Pulsar 200. Karizma R and ZMR are the other bikes you can consider. With their (Karizmas) proven record of being super efficient tourers they might also need your attention. So basically it boils down to your choice between these two (three!). It’s a matter of choosing between a cruiser (Avenger) and a sporty tourer (Karizma brothers).

Sathyan, Suvash There is no Kawasaki Eliminator 2009. A search for other bikes in this category would lead you to the world of Royal Enfields which are a different creed and taste. So if you are not aware of them much, that means that you might not want to go for those type of bikes. Avenger would best suit you as you are looking for such a bike. Royal Enfields are huge, thumpy, lazy, torque monsters which can munch miles with ease but have a distinct sect of followers.

10) I have read your articles and also your answers to bikers, they are really good: keep going. Need your thoughts on a question I have.
I have been riding a Yamaha RX-100 for 4 years and a Yamaha Gladiator for over a year. I m looking to get another bike (within 150-200cc) which needs to be powerful & sporty, with a decent mileage. I m looking for a bike with price INR 70-85k. — PREM

BikeAdvice: Hi Prem, the two most powerful bikes in this price category are the Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi and TVS Apache RTR 180. Both the bikes are immensely powerful with the Pulsar being the fastest and quickest bike produced in India currently. Both are sporty and return pretty decent fuel efficiency figures. Test drive both of them and you might find your worthy next bike. Our choice: Pulsar 220 DTSi.

11) I am staying in Surat. I want to purchase Access 125 Scooter. I am Unable to find out showroom/dealer in Surat city. Please provide me address of this access-125 in surat city. – ANANT PARGHI

BikeAdvice: Hi Anant, Suzuki has one dealer in Surat, Dharmraj Automobiles, address is mentioned below.
DHARMRAJ AUTOMOBILE Pvt. Ltd. 55 Ravindra Park Society, Nr. Surat Nagrik Sahkari Bank Ltd., Adajan Road Surat – 395009 Gujarat – West Tel.: 09825757427, 0261-2785533, 2785534, 9925740000

12) a) Hi, I was interested in the new pulasar 220 DTSi launched recently. Checked it out at the showroom as well. But the sales guy gave a very strange comment that you cannot ride the 220 beyond 100 odd kms at a stretch…but in 150cc you can do it easily. Does this comment have any importance? — Shashidhar

b) Currently i have Bajaj Discover 112 cc,but i am planning to go for a powerful bike. I selected P220, HH Karizma R and Yamaha Fazer. I went through all their reviews and got confused. Although P220 and Karizma are more powerful, beautiful bikes than Fazer but they don’t have a killer looks like Fazer but Fazer is just 150cc. Please help me out. — Amrit Kumar

c) I am confused between 3-4 bikes in range of 70 to 75k.
1st is Yamaha Fazer
2nd is P220
3rd is RTR 180 and
4th is KArizma
so plz tell me which one to go for. Everywhere i can read that it depends on ur need but u hav to answer this.. so plz answer generally as keeping in mind the need of common guy who drives in city, want attraction from others for his bike and sometimes for fun go to highways… — Pranav Nigam

BikeAdvice: Hi Pranav, Amrit and Shashidhar, Read below our opinions about the respective bikes
a) Yamaha Fazer – India’s best looking bike and probably has the most road presence. But that’s about it! This bike is overpriced for a 150cc engine. R15 is technically miles ahead than anything in India but Fazer is essentially the regular 150cc offing. With Yamaha promoting it as a tourer, this bike would probably be the last machine we would take on tours amongst all the above mentioned ones. So if you want an out and out looker, Fazer probably might be the one for you.

b) Pulsar 220 DTSi – The fastest and most powerful bike produced in India currently (Enfields not counted). At an on road price of 80k it is a steal and has almost everything a biker wants in his bike. Though you might have to suffer on the service front of Bajaj. Has loads of road presence too

c) Apache RTR 180 – With a fantastic power to weight ratio, this bike is surprisingly faster than even some bigger more powerful machines in India and at a price tag of 73-75k on road along with a super slick engine and engineering, this bike is one of the best mix of city driving and highway touring and it does both of them with sheer aplomb. Negatives include a harsh engine which makes itself evident especially at higher RPMs with vibrations creeping in from every nook and corner of the bike.

d) Karizma R – The old horse from Hero Honda still is one of the most loved bikes in the country. With a fantastic torqy engine, this bike is regarded as one of the most reliable in India. Captioned as “the best tourer”, it does mile munching with ease and style. Negatives include heavenly priced spare parts and that “old” feeling attached to it. And with the introduction of new ZMR this bike has lost some of the limelight as well.

So, we hope, now you understand how it depends upon ones own priorities and preferences and how one bike differs from the other. Anyway, Fazer for those who want style and more style (compromising on the performance figures) and Pulsar 220 for those who want to own the best of both the worlds (have to live with very bad Bajaj service).

Shashidhar, whatever that sales guy had in mind was baseless and crap. Ignore his comment and go ahead and buy the beast.

13) a) Hi, I am planning to buy a bike in 150 CC segment. I am looking for a bike which has good style, Comfort Maintenance Free. I used to drive 30 KM in the city on weekdays and about 100 KM on average during weekend mostly highway. I have Yamaha Fazer on my mind but the high price tag is holding me back. Is it value of money to go for Fazer or can you suggest me a bike of your choice— Bharath

b) I want to buy a newly launched yamaha fazer 150cc. But my problem is its mileage. Can you please tell me its mileage in busy cities. Also which is better among Pulsar and CBZ Extreme? — Sankar

BikeAdvice: Hi Sankar and Bharat, as you already must have read, at above 80k (OTR Pune) Fazer would be India’s least Value for Money (only after Stunner PGM-FI) probably! If you are keen on going for a Yamaha than go for FZ 16, it is the same engine as Fazer and performs a little better and with its distinct naked looks and a huge radial rear tyre, hold a different command on the road. Among other 150ccs you can consider

1) Suzuki GS150R – One of the finest Indian motorcycles with 6 gears and a fantastic digital console. Looks a bit staid and plain but is one of the most frugal engines when it comes to fuel efficiency. Pretty smooth as well.

2) Pulsar 150/ 180 – The king of the segment still holds the same old craze. With a very efficient engine, fiery looks and added gizmos, it is India’s best mix of looks, power and mileage.

3) CBZ Extreme/ Hunk – Upgraded to more power, these are the same engines which Unicorn sports and remain one of the best in the business currently. Very good looks and fuel efficiency figures make them a hot favorite amongst the masses.

Our choice would be the FZ, if you can spend the extra money on outright purchase and on lesser Fuel Efficiency figures (than 150cc competition); Suzuki GS150R, if you can compromise slightly in the looks department; CBZ Extreme/Hunk if you want to own flawless and reliable performing machines; Pulsar 150/ Pulsar 180 if you want a complete package with every little thing packed into it.

– Answers by Saad Khan