Questions & Answers – Round 7 (General)

1) Hi, I came to know that New Suzuki Access 125 is coming during this diwali. Is it True Shall I wait for that or I can go for Honda Activa. But I feel Access has better technology than Activa. Please comment. – ARUN

BikeAdvice: Hi Arun, we do not have any confirmed news of a revamped Access anytime near. The current Access is a fantastic scooter and does its job pretty well. Compared head on with the new Activa, it is definitely zippier, can pull more loads with ease and is a lovely driver with a better ride quality and handling. Fuel efficiency is a tad lesser than the Activa though. Access is not seen very much on the roads despite being one of the best scooters in India because of one major reason- lack of availability. It has got a long waiting period which makes prospect buyers go and knock the Honda showrooms. We would recommend the Suzuki over the Honda.

2) I want to buy a 125cc bike for long distance driving, so should i go for Yamaha Gladiator or Honda stunner…? -ANURAG

BikeAdvice: Hi Anurag, If your major driving would be concentrated on long open highways than prefer the Yamaha Gladiator because of a better top end and good mid range torque. However, we would also like to urge you to consider as big a bike as you can for highway commuting (at least a 150cc). 125ccs are simply not apt / made for highways.

3) I have recently purchased a P220 dtsi. Now I want to know how to drive the bike in starting stage so that I can get optimum performance in future. How many kilometers should I drive my bike under a controlled speed. In how many kilometers should I change engine oil, normally I drive fast. Which is the fastest & quickest among Karizma, R15, Apache 180 & P220.

BikeAdvice: Hi Karan, Congrats for your Fastest Indian. Drive as sedately as you can for the initial 2000 kms. Keep your wrist limited to 5k rpm during this running-in period. Your first service would be due in 500 kms and the service center guys would change the oil. Second service / oil change would be due in 2000 kms and then you need to change oil every subsequent 2500 kms. Read the owner’s manual carefully, it contains a lot of information about your bike. Pulsar 220 DTSi is the fastest and quickest bike among all the others mentioned by you by a considerable difference.

4) I am confused about buying Karizma ZMR. In Jaipur it will cost me about 1.03 lahks . Is it worth this much cost?

# Hi Saad, I currently have an Apache FI and want to upgrade to Karizma ZMR. Please let me know how does it perform in terms of mileage, power, comfort and reliability. This is the second time I am writing to you. Please let me know is it better than the existing model. – KRISHNA

# Hi Saad, I am planning to get new ZMR (92657/- ex showroom) in the coming month. I stay in Pune and all the dealers say they will get the bike only next month or so which is very strange considering the volume of two wheelers in Pune! My query is…Is this ZMR in any way superior than ZMA after taking into account the 25K price hike? I love technology and styling of the bike. I am so committed to this machine that I followed up for a whole year for this launch and now a bit confused as to buy this one or not. The bike will cost me my five months salary and the reason should be convincing enough as I have my domestic responsibilities as well to look after! Or shall I settle with the ‘R’. I understand it’s all upto me but what’s your take? – SANDEEP

# Out of the old Karizma R and the new Karizma ZMR, which one should I prefer? -ANSHUL PURI

# When will Hero Honda launch its 300+ cc bike? Is the new Karizma ZMR underpowered? -PRASHANT

BikeAdvice: Hi all, the recently launched Karizma ZMR is definitely a fantastic bike. If you love the older Karizma than we don’t think any other bike would suffice to your needs and habits as aptly as this one, which now comes Fuel Injected and a plethora of other goodies. In terms of outright comparison between the two Karizmas, than there is not much of a performance gain on the new bike. A second here or there and that’s all ZMR is against the older Karizma. But the significant difference is the crispier throttle response and fantastic fuel efficiency figures the bike boasts of because of the addition of the famed Hondas Fuel Injection (PGMFI). There is a fuel efficiency gain of at least 3-5 kmpl in the new bike. The meter assembly also is now all digital and looks cool. However, with the on road prices crossing a lakh rupees this bike is a tad on the expensive side but then when do Hondas come cheap!

Sandeep, the extra 20-25k you would spend on the bike would be compensated by a fantastic throttle response, (slight) performance advantage, “new” feel and the money you would save per kilometer of run! Prashant, we do not have any idea about a 300 cc machine from Hero Honda. ZMR is not underpowered but yes 2-3 more horses would have only added to the fun factor and ease while riding it! We would come up with a review of the new ZMR shortly.

5) I am 6 feet & 85 kg person & I want to purchase a good bike which would gives fuel consumption around 60-70kmpl as well as low on maintenance. Please Advice. -BHARAT

BikeAdvice: Hi Bharat, considering your good built we would recommend a 150 cc bike to you. Two that come close to your criteria are: a) Honda Unicorn: The most refined engine in India with a fantastic mileage. But performancewise the bike is lazy and looks are also plain and staid.(Fuel Efficiency = 55 kmpl in city driving)

b) Suzuki GS150R: A more apt competitor to Unicorn. Has loads of pulling power to pull the bike effortlessly even if you are riding double. Engine is fantastic, comes with digital gizmos and an overdrive 6th gear which helps run your engine lesser stressed and a better fuel efficiency figures (of 55+ kmpl in city driving).

If mileage is a very important criteria and you do not want to compromise, only then consider 125 ccs which give you better mileage but at the cost of adequate power and good pulling power.

6) Hey Saad, I am planning to buy a bike & considering Apache 180 & Pulsar 180, but read the reviews where u said Apache is better than Pulsar (in 180cc). I agree but I have noticed 1 thing about apache which you missed out, the sound (silencer). Apache silencer gives way in 3-4 months and the sweet sound of apache turns as if the silecer has a whole which is not the case for Pulsar. This is major a concern which has forced me to think about Pulsar 180. What do you feel? – ANKIT SHARMA

BikeAdvice: Hi Ankit, thanks for reading our article. Let us clarify; we never said Apache is a better bike than the Pulsar. Just that both are evenly matched and scores over the other on certain parameters. Just for the sake of declaring a winner we gave away extra brownie points to the Apache. We have not heard about the silencer issue too much and it must not be a reason of not buying a bike. We advise you to think on practical aspects and make a judgment based on your personal comfort.

7) I am 6 feet 2 inches tall ,living in kolkata,decided to buy a scooter which one is suitable for me according to riding comfort ,low maintaince as well as ecnomical pl. advice. I want to get the real on road review of new honda activa,mahindra duro&redeo. –DEBOJIT DEY

Hi We are looking to buy a gearless scooter. Main attributes that we are looking for are comfort, boot space and quality. Some of the prospects are the Honda Activa and the Suzuki Access. Please let me know which is the best and if there are any other alternatives we need to look at. – NISHANT

BikeAdvice: Hi Debojit / Nishant, we are yet to test the Rodeo and Duro from Mahindra which seem to be very good scooters. Among the current set, it’s a close fought battle between Activa and Access. We prefer the Suzuki Access over the Activa because of an agile engine, more torque and a better power spread. Activa scores on the fuel efficiency figures though along with better sales and service network. But before considering the Access, make a point to get a good authorized sales and service station near your viscinty.

Debojit, in your case Activa might suit you better because of your height. However, we would recommend a thorough test drive of both the machines (add Rodeo as well, if possible) and make an informed decision based on self comfort as there is very little to differentiate between these two.

8] Hi, I am asking you my query for the third time I don’t know if I will be lucky to get answered this time. My question is: I want to buy a bike in 150 cc segment. Following points are to be considered:
1. my daily commute will be 20 kms on highways.
2. A low maintenance bike at least lower than pulsar.
3. It can cruise on highway upto 80 easily.
4. It should have a good control on highways.
5. My height 5ft11″ so considering the comfort.
6. Which is a better option in your view if we compare CBZ and GS150R.
7. My main priority is comfort and control on highway
I will be highly obliged if u answer my question this time as I want to take my bike in November next month -CHIRAG

BikeAdvice: Hi Chirag, we apologize for a delay in reply. Today’s 150 cc bikes are so close in competition that it’s really hard to pick out a clear winner, so it more or less boils down to one’s own priorities basically. CBZ Extreme scores on the performance front along with a much better sales and service network whereas GS150R is a jack of all trades. Its composed, robust and confidence inspiring and with one gear more and a heavenly torque spread all through the spectrum would mean a fantastic longway and zippy city rider with a lesser stressed engine and better fuel efficiency figures. GS150R also comes loaded with one of the country’s best looking digital meter assembly. But looks are on the conservative side! Take a pick.

9) Hi.I want to purchase a new bike in 125 or 135 segment. However I have a choice of Bajaj XCD 135, HH Glamour, Honda Shine and TVS flame. which u would prefer me to purchase keeping in mind the following requirements: i) Comfort ii) Mileage iii) Maintenance Free iv) Good style v) performance

BikeAdvice: Hi Atul, If we read the priorities in their chronological order than the best bet would be between the Bajajs XCD 135 and Hondas Shine. Shine scores on the performance front, is nimble and can cut across in busy city driving with ease. XCD135 is a complete bike with adequate power, smooth and stressfree engine and better fuel efficiency figures along with a digital console. Take a pick between these two, our choice would be the XCD135!

10) Hi, I am 35 years of age and I owned a pulsar 150. I sold it off as I was not using it. Now I am again looking for a dependable bike more so in 150 CC segment which I wish to keep as a good companion covering following points. My running is more on highways
1. Performance / Power
2. Mileage
3. Style
4. Maintenance on the lower side
5. Good after sales service and less expensive spare parts
6. If initial investment is low then better (not a priority though)
7. Good resale value (if in case i wish to change)
Please advise me. -RAHUL

BikeAdvice: Hi Rahul, Considering your priorities the following bikes come to our mind. 1) Hero Honda Hunk \ CBZ Extreme – Fantastic agile machines, lovely power delivery. Good mileage (45-50 kmpl). Look awesome, especially Hunk. Low on maintenance. Best network of after sales service. Spare parts are also competitively priced. Comes at an on road price of around 65k. Very good resale values.

2) Suzuki GS150R – Very adequate performance, best mileage in the segment (50+ kmpl).Looks conservative. Low on maintenance. Service network is not wide as the company is expanding. Priced at around 66-67k on road. Resale value cannot be commented as the bike and the company both are new.

3) TVS Apache RTR160 – The best performance oriented bike in this segment. Decent mileage for the kind of performance the bike offers (45 kmpl). The sportiest looking bike of the lot. Low on maintenance but more than others. Pretty good after sales service network and spare parts cheaper than other bikes. Priced at 65-66k on road. Decent resale value.

Among all the bikes, we feel Hunk or CBZ would be the bikes that fulfill your criterias. Choose one which looks better to you as internally they are same.

11) My requirements better mileage & Low maintanace. My choices are Discover 100CC dts-si, seplendor+, TVS Flame, bajaj platina. -NAVTEJ

BikeAdvice: Hi Navtej, The recently launched Discover 100 Dts-si from Bajaj would be our choice for your requirements. The bike is modern, looks big and has a fantastic agile engine which returns fantastic fuel efficiency figures. Splendor Plus is India’s largest selling bike and has a very potent 100cc mill but is outdated and has an “old” feeling attached to it, but probably the bike which would require the least amount of maintenance and comes with bulletproof reliability. TVS Flame is a bigger bike so can’t be compared with these machines. Bajaj Platina is a decent bike but not “good enough”.

12)Hi, I am going for my first bike. Earlier I decided Yamaha FZ16 but I rode one of my friends p220, its really a big machine. The power it had can’t be compared with FZ. So I thought of getting the Pulsar. Am I going right and please tell me about its mileage, somewhere it is written 35 n above n somewhere 40 above. So please recommend me the best one.
waitng for ur reply -NITZ

BikeAdvice: Hi Nitz, if your major criterion is mileage than it would be better to consider smaller capacity bikes (probably Pulsar 180). Pulsar 220 is just not made for fuel efficiency. It’s a power laden sheer fun to drive machine. You cannot expect 21 horses to eat a food of 14 horses and still survive! Moreover, fuel efficiency also depends upon the riders habits. Expect the bike to return anything in the range of 36-42 kmpl in city rides.

13) I have a four year old avenger. I am planning to move to a sports bike as most of my driving is in city. I have zeroed in on TVS Apache 160 FI, Apache 180 and Pulsar 220. Budget is not a constraint. I have concerns on TVS service network, TVS Srichakra tyres and vibrations. I drive close to 20 Kms daily during my office commute. Do let me know which would be an ideal choice? – SUBHASH

BikeAdvice: Pulsar 220 DTSi….. Enough said!

14) Hi, I am lean built weighing some 50 kg, 5’6 inch but I am a bike enthusiast. Can u please recommend me a high performance bike which could suit my personality? FE & initial cost doesn’t matter… -VEERESH

BikeAdvice: Hi Veeresh, head to a TVS showroom, a scintillating white Apache RTR 180 is waiting for you!

– by Saad Khan

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