Questions And Answers – Round 4 (General)

1) What is the cost of Hero Honda Passion series of bikes and how good are they? -Gopal

Hi Gopal, Passion Plus costs close to Rs. 49,000 whereas the Passion Pro costs a very expensive Rs. 52,000 plus on road. They have been using the same good old engine from the splendors and CD100s. No doubt they look good but are not as frugal as their other 97cc siblings. We would recommend you to consider other bikes like Splendor, Splendor NXG, Bajaj XCD, Discover 100, Yamaha Libero G5 etc in this segment; Passion is a costly bike and you can get better bikes at similar or even a lesser price tag.

2) Hi, I want to buy a new non geared scooter because I am very new to driving and that too in the Bangalore city traffic. So please help me to purchase a new scooter bike. Money – no problems. -Pranesh Bhushan Mishra

Hi Pranesh, You can go for the new Suzuki Access 125. It is probably the best scooter in the country; good pickup, better pulling power and better driving pleasure (than the competition). You can also consider the new revamped Honda Activa. Both are hassle free scooters. While Access 125 is a more powerful (and costlier) scooter, Activa is nimbler. Among these go for the Access if spares and service of Suzuki is not an issue in your town else the tried and tested Activa is a lovely bet.

3) I wanted to buy a new bike but I am confused between Apache 160, Apache 180, and the FZ 16. I also wanted to know that does Apache 160 gives a lot of vibrations after reaching a certain speed. Considering the fact that FZ 16 and Apache 180 are both of same price which one should I buy? Good mileage and performance are my expectations. -Vijay

Hi Vijay, You are right! Apache does have vibration issues over 4-5k rpms and they are not limited to RTR 160, but also present in RTR 180, though a bit lessened. But there are other bigger and more important factors which tilt in the favor of the Apache and overshadow the vibrations issue. If you have the money to go for RTR 180, than you can safely discard RTR 160 from your list as RTR 180 is a better machine overall. Between RTR 180 and FZ 16, RTR scores heavily on the performance front along with similar mileage figures and yet it is a tad lower priced than the FZ 16 in Pune. Our recommendation would be the RTR because of the sheer fun to ride the bike is. For more info on the compare between FZ and the Apache RTR 160, read

4) Which bike is nowadays best in demand? Which is the most sought after bike from all the manufacturers around the cost range of Rs. 65000-75000? Which bike sold the maximum in July in India in the range of Rs. 70000? – Ashish

Hi Ashish, A sincere advice would be not to follow what everybody else is following. Everybody has different priorities and tastes and every bike has a different character to suit them. But just as a matter of fact Pulsar 150 has been the best seller for the past 7-8 years in this segment BUT that doesn’t mean it will suit you also for sure! List your priorities and shortlist bikes considering them as deciding criteria.

5) I am confused in what bike to buy……my parents will not go for more than 150cc and I want looks with high speed plus mileage…What would be the best option for me….???? – Srijan Dhawan

Hi Srijan, As we understand from your query is that, you are a youngster and want a bike with the best balance between power, mileage and money in the 150 cc segment. Considering this in mind, let me recommend you the following bikes

1. PULSAR 150 DTSi – One of the finest motorcycles in India, recently revamped and has been a hot favorite among many. The bike has a lovely grunty engine which is fast and at the same time frugal as well. Expect mileage figures to be 50 kmpl plus in cities. Negatives – Is pretty common

2. Suzuki GS150R – A very good product recently launched by Suzuki to cater to the power commuter crowd. Performs pretty well and has lovely mileage figures to boost of (Expect 50 kmpl plus in cities) along with one of the best looking digital meters around. Negatives – The bike is not as fun to drive as a Pulsar is and the looks are also on the conservative side.

3. HUNK/ CBZ Extreme – Both the bikes are just as fun to ride with a lovely refined engine and some fantastic performance figures. Expect mileage to be a tad lesser than Pulsar, but just! Negatives – They do not come loaded with digital gizmos like the Pulsar and GS150R

Among these our choice would be the Pulsar 150 DTSi because of the lovely engine grunt, powerful engine, loaded gizmos and flawless mean looks which go along with very pocket friendly fuel efficiency figures.

6) I’m very confused about the selection of the bike. I’ve selected three bikes which are Hero Honda CBZ Extreme and Hunk and TVS Apache RTR 160, but some people say that TVS Apache RTR 160 is better but is high on maintenance along with low fuel efficiency (40km/ltr) etc. They recommend Hero Honda bikes citing their better durability, fuel efficiency and lesser maintenance costs. So what can I do? I like the Apache RTR 160 but am skeptical about its maintenance costs and lesser fuel efficiency. I expect 45 kmpl from my bike. Please direct me to the right choice. – Parthav

Hi Parthav, Apache RTR 160 is an out and out performer and rest assured, you will not get the same adrenalin rush on either the Hunk or CBZ Extreme or any other 150cc for that matter of fact. Expect fuel efficiency figures to be around 45kmpl. Yes it’s true that Apache does have vibration issues past 4-5k rpm coupled with not so good service network as the Hero Hondas. Maintenance depends upon the way you take care of your bike, but yes Hondas are considered to be bullet proof in reliability.

Since mileage is a bigger concern for you, Hunk and CBZ Extreme are fantastic bikes with an optimum mix of power and mileage. Choose any one of these Hondas which you like as they are almost similar machines from inside and if you can do with a tad lesser mileage (around 45 kmpl), taking good care of your bike (probably more than the Hondas) remember Apache is your first love.

7) Can you please tell me the exact mileage of new pulsar 220 DTSi 2009 model when we ride it at a speed of constant 40-60 kmph? – Devesh Bhasin

Hi Devesh, My return question to you – why are you buying a scorcher like the Pulsar 220 DTSi, if you plan to ride it between 40-60 kmph always? It doesn’t make sense buying a bike which produces 21 horses and riding it like 5 ponies, does it!

As a matter of fact, expect fuel efficiency figures to be over 40 kmpl if ridden at constant 40-60 kmph and between 35 – 40 kmpl if ridden like a Pulsar 220!

8. Hello this is Avinaba. Firstly I would like to thank BikeAdvice for giving me firsthand news regarding all things on two wheels. I would like to know when is Yamaha going to launch the R125 and how much will it cost. I am really waiting for this bike. Any related information would be really appreciated. – Avinaba

Hi Avinaba, According to our sources and intelligence, Yamaha will not launch the R125 in India (at least not in the near future). Moreover, if there is any official word from the company regarding this fantastic bike, we would keep you informed. But yes Kawasaki Ninja is expected shortly in India!

9) I am planning to buy a gearless scooter next month. I have shortlisted Honda DIO, New Honda Activa, Mahindra Flyte and Hero Honda Pleasure. Please help me which scooter to buy? My priority will be good mileage, ride quality & power. Budget is not an issue. Please let me ASAP. – Kedar Bendre

Hi Kedar, Among these the two bikes closely fought are the new Honda Activa and the Mahindra Flyte. Though Flyte is a fantastic scooter overall, but marred by the not so widespread service network of Mahindra currently and spares are also an issue. You can safely go ahead and buy India’s most selling scooter for the past many years, the Honda Activa. Recently revamped with a bigger, better and more fuel efficient engine, the scooter has bullet proof reliability along with a superb ride quality. BTW, I still wonder why have you kept Suzuki Access 125 out from your list?

10) I am regular reader of your articles, they are really informative, keep it up! Coming to my question – I am planning for a bike. I am more interested something beyond 200cc, I don’t like Pulsar. Any news of a 250 cc launch in India in near future… I can wait. – Dipankar

Hi Dipankar, Beyond 200 ccs we only have three choices currently in the market (unless you have Enfields in mind); Pulsar 220 DTS-FI, Pulsar 220 DTSi and the Hero Honda Karizma R. Coming to bigger bikes, than we would definitely recommend you to wait as there are bigger bikes expected to hit the Indian market soon. The first one might well be the 250cc Kawasaki Ninja with a price tag of close to 2.5 lakhs which is expected by this year end and the other one is the upgraded Karizma with Fuel Injection, more power and a Liquid Cooled Engine which is expected to be on sale during Diwali. According to not so reliable sources even a Fazer 250cc is expected sometime soon!

11) Hi, I would like to know the difference between Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi and 220 DTS-i. I would also like to know the on Road price (Kolkata) for both. Please suggest as to which bike would be the best for city long rides!! Regards, -Darpan K. Chaurasia.

Hi Darpan, Please read our review for the Pulsar 220 DTSi here It covers most of the outright differences between these two siblings. While Pulsar 220 DTSi is more tech laden, the Fuel Injected version is better at throttle response. We would recommend you the latest Pulsar 220 DTSi over the older one because of a very luring price tag this bike sports. On road price for Pulsar 220 DTSi a tad over Rs 80,000 and the fuel injected version costs 91 grands in Kolkata. Soon we would come up with a first ride report of Pulsar 220 DTSi, so stay tuned.

12) When will Hero Honda launch the upgraded Karizma with new specifications? How would this bike be better than the existing Karizma R? – Rahul

Hi Rahul, Karizma has been due for a major upgrade and we hope to see a fresh new Karizma pretty soon. There hasn’t been any official word from Hero Honda about this bike yet but it has been found testing and we do expect the bike to hit the markets by Diwali this year. For more info you can refer to this article

13) Hi, I am planning to buy R15, from the day R15 was launched 1 year back. No other bike seems to excite me. My family is against R15 for the price factor (they don’t know about the tech stuffs in it). My height is 5 feet 8 inch and I weigh around 58 kgs only. My body type is also an average type, does that bike suit a person of my physique. While deciding to go for R15, I had many factors and one of them being looks, mileage is not a concern, am willing to pay the price too. I will be using this bike for 1 year or 18 months only. Is the resale value good, also I have heard that Yamaha will revamp the R15 not just the cosmetic changes and may be R125 is on the cards. What do you think about R15? Give me its pros and cons. Thanks in advance.. Cheerios! P.S: I will be getting my midnight black R15 in 2 weeks time. -Arpit Gupta

Hi Arpit, Yamaha YZF R15 is leaps and bounds ahead than any other bike in competition if we talk about how technically advance the bike is. As for your physique, it’s probably the most apt bike and would suit you big time. Resale value of this bike is also fantastic and current 1 year old R15s are selling at phenomenal prices. Yamaha has recently launched four new sporty colors of this bike. (

R15 is a superb machine and has taken the Indian biking scenario to a different level. With its uber cool and ultra sporty looks along with a scintillating technically loaded engine, this bike has just hit the right cord among the performance enthusiasts in the country. Pros are innumerable whereas cons include a lazy feel (engine response) below 6-7k rpm (because of lesser torque spread at low end) and that might be a little concern in cities. On highways and especially tracks there is not even a second to this bike. Go for this bike without thinking much about it and we assure you that this dazzling beauty would fulfill all your desires with aplomb.

14) How is Discover 135 as compared to Honda Stunner? – Ruturaj

Hi Ruturaj, Bajajs Discover scores pretty high on performance figures and on almost all of the remaining ones, Hondas Stunner (carbureted version) scores over the 135cc power packed bike from Bajaj. So if performance is what you are seeking from the bike you want to own, Discover 135 is the one just for you. And if you are looking out for a perfect all rounder with some superb looks, head towards the Hondas showroom. You can also consider Yamaha’s Gladiator.

15) Hiii, I am going to buy a new bike very soon. At first I thought of buying Hero Honda Karizma R but it is not available in showrooms at present. I searched a lot but I couldn’t find it so I am thinking of buying the latest PULSAR-220 DTS-i. Is it good or shall I wait for the new Karizma. Please help me its urgent. – Rajesh

Hi Rajesh, Pulsar 220 DTSi is the fastest and the most powerful bike in India currently (and need we say, by far). Karizma is a fantastic bike but has started showing signs of ageing and feels too lethargic now. Hero Honda is testing a new upgraded version of the Karizma which is expected to be out by Diwali. So take your pick, if you can wait you might have two options to choose from and if you can’t, than rest assured Pulsar 220 DTSi would fulfill all your performance cravings. BTW, we would recommend you to wait as the new Karizma might just make it to the markets pretty soon.

Answers by Saad Khan

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