Questions And Answers – Round 2 (General)

We thank everybody who wrote in with their queries and expect a lot many people to come up with theirs. We have consolidated the questions and answers in two sets. Set 1 and Set 2 contain answers till 12th August 2009. We have tried to answer your queries with utmost diligence and hope that you stand benefited by our recommendations. For any sort of queries, you can always revert back and shoot as many questions as you want and we promise that we would try to answer all your queries within the shortest time frame possible.

1. Hi my name is Abhishek. I am planning to buy a new bike within the range of fifty thousand rupees. Considering my requirements I have to travel roughly around 80 kms in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai daily. My primary requirements from the bike are low maintenance, great mileage, self start option and decent looks. I have considered Passion Pro and Splendor NXG from Hero Honda and Platina and XCD from Bajaj. I am totally confused with these options. Please suggest me which will be the best bike to suffice to all my needs; I still feel Splendor NXG has an upper hand amongst these. Please suggest? Thanks in advance!! – Abhishek

Hi Abhishek, Considering your requirements we would suggest you the bike with the best torque output since, it would mean a more hassle free ride without the need of frequent gear shifts. Among the bikes mentioned by you, we would discard Passion Pro because of its impractical price tag and Platina because you can get better bikes at this budget. Consider a bike between Splendor NXG and Bajaj XCD 135. Considering your requirements, our recommendation would be the Bajaj XCD 135. It has a much better drivability and better specs but the area where Splendor NXG scores is durability and service. So consider these parameters and take a pick. We would suggest the XCD 135!

2. Hi, I am going to purchase a bike very soon, but confused between FZ16 and RTR180. I had test driven with FZ and RTR, both were good, but I heard a lot of issues with RTR, there were no vibrations in RTR180 but not sure if they would start in long term use. I personally like the looks of RTR, however heard lot of complaints with RTR with vibes and tyres. Is it possible is maintain the engine durability of RTR with regular servicing. Can we change the tyres of RTR with that of MRF of same size? Please suggest ,I like RTR and I don’t want FZ to be alternative for me. I am 5.7″ with 55 kg, so personally RTR was quite comfortable for me. Is it better than FZ. Can I go for RTR 180 and have no problems with proper maintenance. – Dinesh

Hi Dinesh, Buddy, RTR 180 does have vibrations past 4-5000 rpm but the kind of adrenalin rush and feel the bike offers, they definitely seem to be overshadowed. The bike comes loaded with TVS Srichakra tyres which can anytime be changed to the more grippy MRF Zappers or even better Michelins and IRCs. It is definitely true that your bike would run fantastically well for years if serviced and taken care well. Considering your physique and preference, follow your heart, Apache is the bike for you. All the best and do send your bike pics to

3. I’m planning to buy a bike within a month and I’ve short listed 3 bikes. 1. TVS Apache RTR 180, 2.New Yamaha Fazer, 3.Bajaj Pulsar 200. I would like to know elaborately which of these bikes has the best performance with styling. I personally like the new Apache RTR 180 a lot. Fuel efficiency is not a problem. Please advice. – Sadeque

Hi Sadeque, Buddy let me inform you that Bajaj has taken the Pulsar 200 out of the market so you are only left with Apache RTR 180 and New Yamaha Fazer 150. Between these two bikes, Apache scores over the Fazer in almost all practical aspects; better performance, better handling, better gizmos, similar mileage and much lesser price! Apache RTR 180 from our side J

4. I am a marketing executive and would like to buy a new bike from the 150 cc segment. I have 2 options of two different brands. They are Unicorn and Pulsar 150 cc. I need your suggestion which one is good to go for. Can you let me know the details please? – Arul Jeeva

Hi Arul, Unicorn is one of the most refined bikes in the country with a great mileage and a hassle free engine but it has started to show its age. It feels outdated and desperately needs and upgrade. Among these two our recommendation would be the Pulsar 150 2009 Edition because of the overall package the bike offers. You can also check out the latest Suzuki GS150R, it’s a fine motorcycle.

5. Hello, I have gone through your website and found it to be pretty informative. With the growth in the 150 cc segment & increase in the number of models, I am confused about which one to buy. After making some studies, I have shortlisted amongst the GS 150 (Suzuki), the Pulsar 150 and the Apache RTR. However, I would like to know the details related to value of money, performance & lower maintenance cost. Initial expenditure and a lower fuel economy is not a much issue, but due to longer runs on the highway, I would like to have a bike that is more reliable and hassle free. Kindly guide me to select the best bike that suits my requirements amongst the three mentioned above. – Dhwanit Trivedi

Hi Dhwanit, 1. Pulsar 150: Great bike with a lovely engine which has been proven for the last 7-8 years. The bike now comes with a lot many goodies as well. Negatives include a few niggling problems with the electricals and vibrations at very high rpms.
2. Apache RTR: Assuming that you are talking about RTR 160, let me inform you that this bike is the best performing bike in this segment (barring the R15) and the ride feel and the adrenalin rush is unmatched. Negatives include a tad lower fuel efficiency (which is obvious), irritating vibrations which creep in early on the rev band and an uncomfortable pillion seat.
3. Suzuki GS150R: One of the best bikes to have hit the market recently. Targeted as a powerful commuter, it does all the jobs pretty well. It’s the perfect example of ‘Jack of All Trades and master of none’. Good power flow all through the band along with a lovely mileage and digital gizmos. Negatives include staid conservative looks and lack of surge while riding the bike.

All the three bikes are basically different in their character and cater to different tastes. Since you have mentioned performance as one of your prime criteria and you can do with a little less fuel economy, our recommendation would be the power packed Apache RTR 160. It costs around Rs 67,000 all inclusive, performs breathtakingly and gives very respectable figures of 45+ kmpl on city roads.

6. Hi Friends, I am planning to buy a new cruiser bike and have shortlisted the following: 1. Bajaj Avenger, 2. Royal Enfield Thunder Bird I would like to know which one will be good to buy and comments on those. Thanks. – Kathir

Hi Kathir, Avenger is a Rs. 73,000 bike whereas the Thunderbird is a 1,10,000 rupees bike. It’s your priorities that should decide one amongst these. Both have a different segment of followers. Avenger is a more value for money whereas Royal Enfields can never be weighed with money, they are a different creed. Sales and service wise, we would recommend the Avenger 200.

7. Hi, I am planning to buy a bike very soon. I am 5’8″ and 78KGs. I have Hunk, Pulsar 180 or RTR FI in my mind. Please suggest me one good bike within 72,000(includes everything) in Bangalore, other than FZ or unicorn (I already have one). Waiting for your reply! – Chaitu

Hi Chaitu, Since you already own a 150cc bike (Unicorn), it would hardly be an upgrade buying the Hunk or even RTR Fi both being 150ccs. That leaves us with the Pulsar 180 DTSi 2009 model. It’s a lovely bike, recently revamped with goodies from bigger siblings and probably one of the best value for money bikes in the country. In Pune the bike costs a tad lesser than Rs. 70,000 on road so in Bangalore the bike must come around Rs. 72,000. BTW, why don’t you consider the Apache RTR 180 as well? It’s a fun packed lovely little bike.

8. I want to buy my 1st bike …I am confused between Apache RTR 160 and Hero Honda Hunk. I have heard that Apache has many problems after some days. But considering my height of 5.5 feet, I feel its comfortable for me. So is Apache a good choice? I don’t want any problems again and again. I think hunk is big for me, but also have heard that it requires low maintenance. I am very confused please help me with the bike that suits me along with low maintenance?? The bike has to be stylish. – Biky Boy

Hi Bikyboy, Bro for your kind of height the most suitable bike would be the Apache RTR 160, Hunk would be uncomfortable for you. Compared to Hunk, Apache might give more problems but it is more powerful and zippy and the fun factor while riding that bike overshadows every other thing. Maintain your bike well and your bike will run for years.

9. Hi, I have planned to buy TVS Apache RTR 160, and I am confused whether to buy it with a single disc brake or Dual disc brake (Front and Rear Disc. Could you please help in this concern? Also can you list the advantages and disadvantages over both? – Gopal

Hi Gopal, Buddy there is a difference of more than Rs 2,000 between the Apache 160 with front disc and Apache 160 with rear disc as well. Why don’t you invest this amount in buying a better safety gear for you like a good quality helmet or knee guards or a good pair of gloves? Or even better add a few more kays and go for the bigger brother RTR 180!

10. Hi, I am planning to buy a unicorn. Let me know what I should check on the new bike while buying or test driving it? – Vignesh

Hi Vignesh, The first point everyone must keep in mind while test driving a bike is his own comfort level with the bike and we must also advice that go for a thorough ride of the bike to have a better idea. BTW also try to get a test ride of Suzuki GS150R; it’s a very good alternate to Honda Unicorn.

11. I would like to buy a bike in the range of Rs.45000 to Rs.55000. I have decided to buy a bike between Passion Plus and Honda Shine. Which is the best bike among these? My requirements are that bike should be smooth even on bad roads with a good mileage. – Satheesh Kumar

Hi Satheesh, Among these two, considering Honda shine would make more sense. Though the bike has reported vibration issues on higher rpms but its agility is unmatched. With an expected mileage of 65 kmpl on city conditions it’s frugal as well. You can also consider XCD 135 as an option.

– Answers by Saad Khan