Questions & Answers – Round 15

Hi Avid Readers. Welcome to BikeAdvice again. Here I come back with the 15th round of Question and Answers. I must tell you that the response to this feature has been ominous and my mailbox is flooded with questions from inquisitive readers/buyers.

Hope you have a good time reading through and I wish our comments come handy when you finally zero in on the bike of your choice. I would also like to thank everyone who has written to us. I apologize to everyone whose questions have not been included in this round and urge them to write back to us again. For any further queries and questions you can revert back to me at saad {at} Keep writing and happy reading!

1) Why are the disc brakes of HH Hunk not so effective as Bajaj bike’s disk brakes? I had a pulsar earlier and it had good disc brakes. Compared to it, Hunk seems to have OK kind of disc brakes. Even Karizma has good disc brakes. Is cost the factor? – YOGESH

BikeAdvice: Hi Yogesh, It’s not correct that Hunk doesn’t have good brakes. Try getting your disc set up cleaned and overhauled. Also change your disc pads and disc brake oil. Initially the brakes would not work to your liking but once they settle down braking bite would definitely improve.

2) I’m planning to buy a 125 cc bike. Which one would be best among Glamour, Shine, and Gladiator in terms of performance and reliability? — ASAD

BikeAdvice: Hi Asad, Glamour: A sedate and decent bike from Hero Honda. Scores good in fuel efficiency, reliability. Low on power and desirability factor.
Shine: One of the most agile bikes in this segment. Fun to ride inside traffic because of its inherent zippy nature and lighter weight.
Gladiator: Yamaha has taken the Gladiator off from the market and has launched the SS125 with identical engine and specs. Powerful, good performance and lovely ride quality. Low on fuel efficiency. We would recommend you to consider Shine and SS125 with more interest. Take a thorough test drive on both the bikes and decide upon one which makes you feel more comfortable. Our Choice: Shine

3) Sir, I have an Apache160 RTR and I want to remodel my bike like R1 in low cost. Is it possible? — SANTHOSH

BikeAdvice: Hello Santhosh, We would not recommend you to go for any such cosmetic modifications as they might hamper the bikes overall behavior, characteristics, performance, fuel efficiency and life. Better save all that money and buy a cosmetically more appealing racing like bike like the R15!

4) Hi, Which bike’s performance is better among Ninja 250R & Honda CBR250? This doubt came to my mind when Honda’s cbr250 claims 0-100 in 5.5s whereas ninja reaches 0-60 in 5.3s inspite of having 2 cylinder engine. –PANKIT

BikeAdvice: Hi Pankit, No one has ridden the CBR250 which is still to be launched by Honda in India so conclusive performance figures could not be quoted here. However, considering the specs of both Ninja and CBR, we are sure that Ninja would outdo the CBR by decent margins under almost all kinds of rides! 0-60 timing is not a correct evaluation of a bikes performance. If you look around you would find even smaller bikes claiming/doing 0-60 timings in around 5 seconds. For instance, HMSI claims Shine’s, Unicorn’s etc to clock 0-60kmph in sub 5 seconds. It doesn’t mean Shine/Unicorn are similar in performance to a Ninja/CBR. Isn’t it! You might also note 0-60kmph timings of 6-7 seconds for Royal Enfields despite their huge engines. Its more to do with the way the engine is designed and the overall aesthetics of a product. If an engine is designed to provide initial rush, the bike would clock 0-60 earlier (and most probably will die soon after that). And if an engine is designed to provide more sports like character ie more push at higher/later rpms, the bike will go on for longer speeds. Generally, lighter and smaller engines made for Indian conditions are made agile as they hardly reach 70-90 kmphs in their lifespans.
Whereas owners of Ninja or CBR would more probably be users who would take their bikes to triple digits more frequently. Gear ratios, long/short strokes, weight etc, all play an important role in determining a bikes overall performance. A more correct way of determining the performance difference between bikes like the Ninja and the CBR would be the 0-100 figures and the top speeds they are capable of doing along with time taken to reach them!

5) I am a careful rider (most of the time) and use my rear view mirrors extensively. I’m going in for pulsar220 but the RVMs really suck. So I was wondering if it would be better to go with the new pulsar 220S which has the same styling as the pulsar 180. I am unable to decide between the projector headlights of the 220F and the RVMs of the 220S. – VIVEK KAVADIA

BikeAdvice: Hi Vivek, Unfortunately you are very true about Pulsar 220F’s rear view mirrors being extremely non-functional. However, you always have the option of playing around with other RVMs. You can install Apache RTR’s RVM with slight modifications which make them quite functional due to bigger connecting rods and the complete job doesn’t cost must. Another cheaper alternate would be to unscrew the same (p220) mirrors and tighten them at higher treads through which you would gain approx 2-3 important cms. You can also use Pulsar 135LS mirrors which are bigger with a wider viewing span. Definitely Pulsar 220F it should be for you.

6) Does midnight FZ has a kicker. — PRAVEEN

BikeAdvice: Hi Praveen, Yes ironically, midnight limited edition FZ has a kick starter which other regular FZ’s lack here in India.

7) I am a bit confused between Pulsar 180 UG4, Yamaha FZ16 and apache RTR 160. People say that Bajaj bikes have quality problems and they become worst after 2 years , they create engine and chain noise problems, whereas Yamaha FZ is a good bike but I don’t know its true average figures . My friends say that they get an average of 35 kmpl and apache RTR vibrates after 60 kmph and is not safe to drive in wet, muddy and dirt prone conditions. SIR, please help me out as I travel 55 kms a day, and i am 5’11” in height. Which bike would suit me for a good ride and physique.

I am a bit inclined towards pulsar but fear of its outcomes. Sir, being an expert can u help me in proper way to solve out my problem. – CHAITANYA VASHISHTH

BikeAdvice: Hi Chaitanya, Since the 180cc engine used on the Pulsar 180 has been more or less the same for a long time now, majority of the issues have been taken care of by Bajaj. The bike has become very smooth and fun to drive. Your friends are not completely incorrect; FZ does return lesser fuel efficiency figures considering its 150cc engine size and the competition. However, your friends are not very correct/clear when they say Apache is not safe to drive in wet, muddy, dirt conditions. Yes, it is not as vibration free as the others in the market but it is as good or bad as others when it comes to safety on wet, muddy, dirt conditions. You can safely go for Pulsar 180 and if you take good care of your bike, it would not trouble you with problems.

8.) I m planning to get a bike but as usual in the pool of choices I m lost. Actually what I m looking forward is Yamaha FZ and I love that bike. Is it wise to get that one or should I chose another one. If other then which one? I hate pulsar. — BASIL

BikeAdvice: Hi Basil, Yamaha FZ is a fantastic bike with no major issues to talk about. It looks absolutely fresh and masculine with grand road presence. If you can live with a slightly lower fuel efficiency (of around 40 kmpl+), there is no looking further! It provides you with ample amount of power and torque to keep pace with all the latest breed of 150ccs and has one of the best ride qualities.

9) Hi, I am looking for a good bike in the price range of 80,000 to 100,000.i have a bulky body and my height is 6’2″.i have shortlisted the bajaj avenger 220 , yamaha fz16 and pulsar 220….i want to have speed in the bike. And suggest me if some new bikes are going to come in the near future and are they worth waiting? — RAHUL

BikeAdvice: Hi Rahul, Although new bikes would keep coming and getting old, we do not think you would get any major advantage by waiting considering your price bracket. Since you have a heavy physique, avoid the FZ here as it’s a smaller engine with lesser power and torque compared to others. Now coming to Avenger and Pulsar, it has to be your call. If you like the low lying, hap-looking cruiser kind of a bike, Avenger it should be. But since you have mentioned ‘speed’ (which inherently we take as performance), than Pulsar 220 it is, which is currently one of the best performance machines in India (among all made in India bikes).

10) Among Dazzler and hunk which one is better? – BALAJI

BikeAdvice: Hi Balaji, With identical engines and specifications both the bikes would be similar in performance and fuel efficiency and after the introduction of digital speedo, tubeless tires and rear disc brakes (optional) on the Hunk, and at similar price points, equation becomes equal for both. Hence, it boils down to what looks better to you among these two Hondas and which one has better service around your area. On this front, our choice would be the Hunk. It looks heavy and big with a masculine quotient boast.

Round 16 will be published tomorrow. Leave a comment if your question has been answered.

– Answers by Saad Khan