Question And Answers: Round 14

Hello BikeAdvice readers,

The much awaited Question & Answer round is back after a halt of a couple of months. We intentionally stopped the regular series as the questions were becoming a little monotonous and we thought our existing 13 articles would help a lot of our avid readers. Now that we are back, we have ensured to make this a bumper long series to include as many diverse questions as possible. And that’s not all, as you must have already noticed, we have initiated a new feature here.

Going forward, we would be intimating all of those whose answers have been included in the recent-most-published round of Question & Answers via email. So we urge you to provide correct and frequently visited email addresses. We try and include as many diversified questions as we can, but the sheer volume of questions doesn’t make it possible for us to include everything, so don’t lose heart if your question is not included in the current round. Without keeping you waiting much, we would like to thank all of you who have sent their questions to us. Finally, do not forget to leave your comments. Happy reading.

1) I’m a 6ft tall guy, new to bikes and have just finished learning the basics. I will be traveling 30kms everyday. I’m looking for a 150cc or greater capacity bike with good pickup and handling in traffic, looks and decent mileage. I’ve shortlisted Honda Dazzler, Yamaha FZ-S and RTR 180. Also, I’ve heard that RTR has vibration issues and it’s not suitable for tall people. And I was also thinking about Pulsar 135LS. Will that be a better buy considering I’m a beginner? And there was some news about Suzuki launching 3 bikes. Should I wait till they are launched or the mentioned bikes are worth? –NINAD

BIKEADVICE: Hello Ninad,

First, you are correct that, with each iteration Apaches have improved a lot on the engine refinement front, but still they suffer from vibration issues and probably for your height you might leave the RTR180. Suzuki has already launched 125cc Slingshot recently but we can’t comment much on what lies ahead from them. Coming to the bikes which are worthy considerations in your case.

a)Honda Unicorn Dazzler: This one is really a nice bike from Honda, has all the qualities which would lure customers to HMSI showrooms and one of the most frugal in the competition (expect 50+ kmpl safely).

b)Yamaha FZ: Well, you cant go wrong if it’s a Yamaha FZ in the list. Barring the low fuel efficiency (expect 42-45kmpl) and a slightly higher price tag, we really can’t find any other reason of discarding this bike. It’s better than Dazzler and Pulsar 135LS in cities owing to its mammoth torque of 14Nm, looks ravishingly beautiful and fresh, turns nerdest of heads and possess ample amount of power to keep pace with existing lot of 150ccs.

c)Pulsar 135LS: Smallest Pulsar is the most nimble bike amongst the ones listed by you. Has the best fuel efficiency figures (expect 55+ kmpl), performs at par even after a deficit in cubic capacity and power owing to segment best power to weight ratio and has been a revealing success for Bajaj.

For your height (and assumingly proportionate weight), Pulsar 135 will leave you torque hungry, small in size and crunching for space, FZ would leave a big hole everytime you set astride on your bike at the cost of glaring looks all around and be ready to get “You bought just another bike even after paying 72k” if you prefer the Honda above these. Our choice would be the Yamaha FZ just because of the fantastic package which comes wrapped in grand looks. And when you are paying a premium price you deserve premium looks at least, don’t you!

2) a) I am planning to buy Apache RTR 180 but when I tried ma friend’s bike, it was shaking at 80kmph. So suggest me a bike with good looks, lighter at 135-140 kg max (am just 55) decent mileage (>50kmpl), price <75k and less maintenance costs. I drive on all kind of terrains –VIGNESH

b) I am going to buy Apache RTR 180. Is this a right decision? –VIKRAM JADHAV

BIKEADVICE: Hello Vignesh/Vikram,

Vignesh, Apache RTR 180 is a fantastic bike and probably the only bike which fits in your criteria to the maximum possible. It weighs 137 kgs, priced less than 75k, has immense potential, lovely power delivery and one of the best city driveablities. It would also serve you fantastically well on all the terrains you plan to drive on.

However, do not expect it to be as frugal; expect something in the range of 40kmpl which is very good for the kind of power/torque it produces. Maintenance costs would depend majorly on how regularly you maintain your bike. Vibrations in the upper power band has been an issue with Apaches but you can make your ride better by using good quality engine oil, changing it under prescribed periods, using good and unadulterated fuel and ensuring your bike is tuned to the best. If you still feel vibrations and mileage is a bigger criterion, than you can consider the Dazzler from Honda.

Vikram, have you selected Apache after a careful consideration and test drive of a few shortlisted bikes or this decision is a result of a gut feel/ friend’s views? If it’s the latter than prioritize your needs, shortlist a few motorcycles, test drive them thoroughly and then come to a decision. Every bike has its pros and cons and based on them you need to choose a bike to suit your requirements.

3) I am considering Yamaha FZ-S. My daily run is about 50 kms. What is the actual mileage of bike and is it suitable for me? If no then suggest me the second option. — BHAV SIWAS


FZ is a fantastic bike from Yamaha for almost all kind of usages. It’s adequately powerful and has loads and loads of torque along with blistering looks. Although, the bike is known to be a little less frugal (expect anything around 42-45kmpl), the above mentioned points tend to overshadow this deficiency.

Consider this bike if you can live with this mileage but if you want a bike with better mileage than you can consider any other 150cc bike which return fuel efficiency figures in the range of 45-55kmpl. Test drive all and revert back with the bike/bikes you zero in on. However, our thumbs up for FZ.

4) a)I’m a college going girl and need to buy a scooter for daily usage for an approx run of 40 km/day. I need to drive in extreme traffic conditions and continuously on long routes. Looks will surely pay a weightage. What scooter do u suggest me among Activa, Rodeo, Duro, Access & Aviator…?? — PURVI MUNOT

b)Hi, I am thinking of buying a gearless 2 wheeler. My choice is between Honda Activa, TVS Wego & Mahindra Rodeo. Mileage & ergonomics are my preferences. Kindly suggest. Thanks in advance. — CHAITHANYA

c) Dear Sir, I am aged 60. I want to purchase a self starting scooter like Honda Activa, Suzuki Access125, Mahindra Rodeo, TVS Scooty Pep or any more and like this in other companies. Suggest which one will best suit me. Price is not a constraint. Your Advice is highly valuable. Currently I own a Hero Puch; supply stopped now so want to exchange. – JAYABALAN R

BIKEADVICE: Hello Jayabalan/ Chaitanya/Purvi,

Coming to your query, we would list pros and cons of all your mentioned scooters:

a)Honda Activa: Activa has been the mainstay product for the company for almost a decade. You can see satisfied owners praising their many year old Activas. Recently, after an upgrade to 110cc engine, the already good scooter has become even more frugal and powerful. Cons include its price; it’s not as value for money as some of the current generation scooters are plus it doesn’t come with telescopic shock absorbers.

b)Suzuki Access: Access is a fantastic scooter from Suzuki. It is the most powerful scooter in the country currently, producing 8.71PS and a fantastic torque output of 8.8Nm makes it one of the best in typical city congested traffics. Cons include a little higher saddle height (780mm) and an expectedly higher price tag.

c)Mahindra Rodeo: If you have read our roadtest of Rodeo, we particularly liked the machine because of its immaculate agility and eagerness to move forward. Priced very competitively and lesser weight, light body and least saddle height ensures it is the most flickable and easy to ride in cities. Cons include a slightly higher cost of ownership comparatively, lack of widespread company service stations.

d)Scoty Pep: It’s a very good scooter but with a smaller heart, lesser power output and feminine touch associated its best to be owned by girls. You can definitely consider Wego from TVS which looks handsome and has all the ingredients of a fantastically practical scooter.

Jayabalan Sir, it gives us immense pleasure when we see aficionados of your experience sending questions to us ?.our choice for you would have been Activa, but without telescopic shockups, which matter a lot to the merciless spine breaking broken roads, its best avoided. Aviator comes equipped with them but a price tag of 50k makes it a little less VFM. Consider Rodeo if you have a good service backup of Mahindra around your area else Suzuki Access is what we would recommend which suits your criteria.

Chaitanya, Activa seems to be the best bet for you as it is the most frugal of the lot.

Purvi, all your constraints point towards the Suzuki Access. Though scooters are not meant for longways, but Access would suffice to your needs the best among scooters. Due to its class leading torque it is phenomenal in congested traffics and its comfortable too because of a wide and adequately cushioned seat. Looks are a matter of personal choice!

5) Hi, I own a Suzuki GS150R for almost 4 months (clocked 7200km), almost every aspect in this bike is fantastic but the only doubt that’s haunting my mind is its 6th gear usage. I am really confused when to use the 6th gear, I use it only after reaching 60kmph now. My question is: Will the engine produce too much heat when I use 6th gear above 50kmph or else will it be normal if I use it at 40kmph? –ARUN


Suzuki has very well spaced all the gears in GS150R, with the 6th gear acting as an overdrive. There is no hard and fast rule about speeds on which you should switch to which gear. It depends upon your style of riding. Change each gear when you feel that the bike has ample amount of pulling power, so that it will continue to run effortlessly in the ‘about to be engaged’ lower gear.

For better results, change each gear at around 4k rpm, maintaining proportionate speeds. Correct & appropriate usage of 6th gear will result in lesser stress on the engine along with better fuel efficiency figures. There is no relation of heat and using 6th gear under any speed!

6) How long can I ride on Hero Honda Hunk at a stretch? How comfortable will it be to go on a bike tour exceeding 500 Kms? – ROBIN KESHRI

BIKEADVICE: Hello Robin,

If you are talking about engine’s response and reliability, than people have done many hundred kilometers in continuation on Hunk. However, if you want to know about a person’s ability, than it’s completely your comfort level with the bike. In general, it is suggested to take a 15-20 mins break after every 100 kms of continuous running to refresh yourself and let relax the bike. Follow a route to your destination which is full of greenery and scenic surrounding to make it more enjoyable.

Also take proper care to service your bike before and after the ride. It is also preferred to use good quality Semi-synthetic or Fully Synthetic oil of recommended grade for such rides and ensure you carry necessary spare parts along with you which might come handy in case of isolated break-downs. Finally, wear proper safety gear and take extra caution while riding on highways, more so, during dark. All the best ?

7) Can u plz tell me when is a new sports bike coming in India as I am eager to buy one similar to ZMR or R15, whether in this month or in coming months. —ABHIMANYU

BIKEADVICE: Hello Abhimanyu,

Whats wrong with either R15 or ZMR? Both are fantastic bikes in their own regards. New models will keep coming with time confusing customers further. Buy whatever exists currently. However, no manufacturer has spilled any such beans to the public. KTM 125 is expected during first half of 2011 at something over 1 lakh INR. Soon Mahindra is also about to showcase a new teaser video featuring a ‘probable’ bigger capacity bike.

8. I am Vishal Anand from Ranchi, Jharkhand, I purchased a YAMAHA FZ16 on 04.02.2010 from Autowings Yamaha which has just clocked 4200 kms and I personally take good care of my bike. Recently a 1 inch diameter balloon popped up in the rear tyre (there was a puncture on the edge of tyre & ballon appeared in the middle of tyre) and I visited the Yamaha Co. and they sent me to the MRF dealer saying your problem is genuine and they will consider your request.

On talking to the dealer he gave me the address of the MRF’s main office. Next morning I went there, the service engineer looked convinced that the problem was genuine & told me to take the tyre out and submit it at the company’s office within a few days promising a report..Now when I called him back after a few days, he says the complaint has been rejected. I feel cheated and it is ridiculous. How can a company of this standard cheat customers? The dealer who changed the tyre of my bike also said that its a manufacturing defect. Now I need your suggestion which Company’s tyre I buy for my bike & how much it will cost. My friends said that MRF Tyre is not good for this bike. – VISHAL ANAND

BIKEADVICE: Hello Vishal,

What happened in your case was unfortunate; however, did you send a mail/call to MRF customer care? Did you try contacting senior MRF officials? We would urge you to pursue your case further. Unluckily, the 140 section rear radial tyre which does duty on FZ is only manufactured by MRF currently in India.

You can try Pirelli Sport Demon which comes in 140/70 in place of FZ’s stock 140/60. It’s definitely not the exact specification and might create issues such as drop in both performance and mileage. On the other hand, grip and stability would be increased manifold. It would cost you close to Rs. 3500.

9) Dear Sir, can u plz suggest me which is best bike in all respect amongst Pulsar 150cc and newly launched Honda Unicorn Dazzler. I am very confused. Send me your reply as fast as u can plz – VISHAL DHATRAK

BIKEADVICE: Hello Vishal,

Both the bikes you mentioned have completely different characteristics. While Pulsar has been a rage among youngsters, Unicorn (and Dazzler) suits more mature people. Both the bikes are supreme products from respective manufacturers. Dazzler is a lot smoother and refined than Pulsar, has decent power delivery, better braking due to the added rear disc brake, very good mileage and better high speed stability along with acute cornering abilities. On the other hand, Pulsar is rawer in nature giving you a more adrenalin rush, looks better, similar mileage figures (expect 50kmpl from both), better performance and power delivery and a ‘youth-ly’ feel attached to it.

The more important factor here is that Dazzler is costlier than Pulsar by around Rs 4.5-5k in Pune. If this price gap is not a concerning factor for you and you want a sedate performer which is reliable and can take you to places without any hitch, Dazzler it has to be for you. If you want a fun-filled ride along with similar mileage figures along with cheaper spare parts, head straight to the Bajaj showroom. You can also consider CB Unicorn and GS150R.

10) Hi, Can you please advise on the bike I should buy among Karizma R, Pulsar 220 and Yamaha FZ-16? I need one to commute to office daily, as well as to travel around the city (Hyderabad). My requirements are safety (high speed stability and braking @ 80-90 kph), reliability, smoothness and feel (no vibes, good gearshift, comfy position). Price isn’t really an issue. Which bike suits my requirements best? – SREENATH JUTTU

BIKEADVICE: Hi Sreenath,

All your preferences point directly to the old warhorse from Hero Honda, Karizma R. It has one of the best torque spread; a proven reliability record; is smooth at higher rpms, does have lesser vibrations (compared to Pulsar 220 and FZ); gear shifting is butter smooth; comes with ‘not so rear set’ footpegs and a high rise handlebar to provide a very comfortable riding posture, is immaculately stable at high speeds and has pretty good braking capabilities.

On the cons front, spare parts cost a moon, is lesser in power compared to similar (or some lesser) capacity and similar priced bikes, has an ‘old’ feeling attached to it.

11) I am looking for Honda bike between 45000 & 58000. My priority is Performance with Mileage. Please suggest . — SUDHANSHU

BIKEADVICE: Hi Sudhanshu,

By Honda, we are assuming Hero Honda plus HMSI. Between this range the bikes you have are: CB Twister, Shine and Stunner from HMSI and Glamor and Super Splendor from Hero Honda. Among these, Stunner is the best performer followed by Shine. Mileage of Super Splendor and Glamor are reported to be over 65kmpl, maximum among these. Nonetheless, Shine fulfils the criteria for an optimum mix of agile performance, good fuel efficiency (expect 60kmpl+) and a very luring price tag. Shine, our pick!

12) Which bike is best Pulsar 220 or Karizma r? –SHRUTI


Pulsar 220 does offer a lot more than the Karizma R and takes the crown of the more VFM bike of the two. Whereas, Karizma R boosts of immaculate reliability and is a choice of long touring souls. Pulsar 220 is slightly more frugal with a better fun quotient along with more power to play with but it also comes loaded with typical Bajaj niggling problems.

While, it majorly depends upon one’s personal preferences which make one of these click for them, Pulsar does seem to edge Karizma in terms of sheer ‘product’ offering at 82k.

13) Hi I have owned a Pulsar200, I plan to change my bike but I am confused between P220, ZMR & RTR. I need the fastest bike so plz give me a good solution for this. — GOUTHAM


In terms of sheer outright straight line ability, Pulsar 220 is currently the quickest and fastest bike made in India. But when slick maneuverability is concerned RTR 180 scores over others and ZMR is and has been the tourers choice with fantastic road grip and stability at higher speeds. ZMR and RTR 180 are almost equally frugal (37-42kmpl) followed by Pulsar 220 (34-40kmpl).

Cons of ZMR include a comparatively higher upfront cost, very high priced spare parts and a long waiting period; RTR and Pulsar suffer from typical and frequent niggling problems and comparatively harsher engines. Take your pick!

14) Hi Saad, do you recommend Honda Twister for a guy with a height of 5.5ft? Plz do reply — SHARATH


Though Twister’s saddle height is slightly higher at 800mm, it feel feather light at 108kgs all inclusive! With a fantastic peppy engine, we don’t really feel it will be a very big issue for you. However, a thorough test ride will make it clear for you to decide based upon your comfort.

15) a) Is Thunderbord TwinSpark a good option for a college going student? Will it provide mileage of around 50-53 kmpl? I need advice on the positives & negatives of this bike, plz help. – SOGITH

b) Sir, I already own Pulsar 150 dtsi but since my childhood the Royal Enfield bug bit me. I am planning to buy Thunderbird but there are some skeptic questions coming to my mind. How is the maintenance of Tbird. I’ve heard it has improved but still want to hear from an expert like you and is there any new fuel injected model coming for thunder bird in new future? I would really appreciate if u answer my query. — GAURAV

BIKEADVICE: Hi Sogith/ Gaurav,

Thunderbird Twinspark is a 350cc thumper from Royal Enfield which would cost you 1.1 lakh on road. Apart from the high investment, RE bikes have an uncanny knack of seeking more attention implying higher cost of ownership. Expect the bike to return FE around 28-32kmpl. Though it has its own charm and positives, it might not fulfill your set of preferences.

Though not the exact alternate, but you might consider the recently launched Avenger 220 from Bajaj which would give you the cruiser low slug feel, lesser upfront cost (78k OTR Pune), considerably lower cost of ownership and a more frugal mileage of around 32-36kmpl.

Gaurav, as you said, Enfield engines have become quite reliable and less attention seeking from what they were few years back but a lot remains desired. But it’s the thumping charisma that gives the bike a unique selling point and since you are already bug bitten by its charm, we would definitely give thumbs up for Thunderbird.

The feel of Royal Enfield is unmatched and the torque ‘dhupp dhuppp’ note just takes you to a different world. Currently, Enfield has installed FI in only the 500cc engine of Classic. We do not expect this to be coming soon to the 350cc engines.

16) Hi, My daily travel is upto 30-40 kms in central Mumbai. Pls help me choose among Yamaha SZ-X and Bajaj Pulsar 135 mainly on following points: (a) Mileage, (b) Average Maintenace cost, (c) Service centre availability, (d) customer satisfaction index & (e) issues faced by their preceding models. Appreciate your advice to include more than I ask since you are more professional thinker than average buyers like us. Many Thanks! — NIKHIL

BIKEADVICE: Hi Nikhil, we would answer your query point by point.

  • Mileage: SZ has not been in the market for very long so fuel efficiency of the bike could not be ascertained. We would still consider Pulsar a more frugal engine. Expect anything around 58kmpl from Pulsar 135LS and around 55kmpl from SZ
  • Average Maintenance Costs: We expect SZ to be lower in ownership costs since it’s a Yamaha and more so, it’s loaded with pretty basic stuff.
  • Service Center Availability: Definitely Bajaj! Bajaj has a very widespread service center base and you would definitely find more of them than Yamaha’s
  • Customer Satisfaction Index: This one is a subjective question! For every 1 bike which Yamaha sells, Bajaj sells 10 bikes per month which in turn means a much bigger customer base for Bajaj. But yes if you wanted to know the about the reliability issues, then Bajaj bikes do suffer from typical niggling problems which would ensure more frequent visits to the service stations (than Yamaha in this case).
  • Issues faced: As we said, Bajaj bikes are known to be more notorious and suffer from petty niggling problems which become quite irritating sometimes.

Apart from that, Pulsar is a better performer than SZ, boasts of a technically supreme engine (4 valve against regular 2 valve of SZ) and comes loaded with discs and digital stuff. SZ, on the other hand, seems to be a relaxed bike made more specific to city rides. Due to better torque and a bigger engine, it is effortlessly better in cities and doesn’t need frequent gear changes even when seated two.

To help you zero in on a decision, our pick would be the SZ for your case as we feel you are looking for a companion for a long time, a bike which would run free for many years to come and can definitely compromise slightly on the digital gizmos and slight straight line performance. We would also want to inform you that we expect Yamaha to add a disc brake soon to SZ so a wait for a month or two would yield you a better product (obviously at a little premium).

17) I want to know which one is a better bike between Hunk and Unicorn Dazzler. – GURU PRATAP


There is not very much to differentiate between these bikes on the engine front, just that Dazzler is a smoother bike than Hunk at all rpms. Dazzler also is better at braking with the inclusion of 220mm rear disc brakes. Also, Dazzler boasts of digital console and (fatter) tubeless tires which Hunk currently doesn’t possess. Lookwise, Hunk is more of an attention seeker than Dazzler with big bike feel and fantastic contours. Also a price difference of more than Rs 4000 speaks in favor of Hunk.

Currently, its an even sort of a situation with both the bikes but as we have reported, Hero Honda is slated to launch an upgraded Hunk very soon (expected around Diwali) which would fulfill all the deficiencies, obviously at a premium. So a wait for 2 months would definitely help. But if you are in a hurry, test drive both the bikes and go for the one which you feel makes you excite more also considering the above mentioned points for/against both the bikes.

18) I have a budget of approx Rs. 49000/- for purchasing a new bike. Presently I am using splendor which is about 6 years & 78500 kms old now. I am thinking to go for a new bike with priority to go over and above existing 100 cc simultaneously with a good average? Which bike should I go for? My existing bike would fetch me around 18000? – ASHISH BAHLANI


We list all the worthy bikes under 50k for you:

Bajaj: Platina 100 and 125 and Discover 100

Hero Honda: CD series, Splendor Plus, Splendor NXG and Passion Plus

Honda: CB Shine (base variant with drum and spokes) and CB Twister (base variant with kick start and drum brakes)

Suzuki: Slingshot 125

TVS: Star series and clutchless Jive

Yamaha: Crux and YBR110

Among all the listed bikes, we feel a due consideration should be given to CB Shine and CB Twister from Honda. At the borderline of 50k, our pick would be the Twister. Though Twister is essentially a 100cc (109cc) but the kind of agility this bike possess, it makes some bigger bikes to shame which go along with fantastic fuel efficiency figures of around 65kmpl and we just did not mention that it is the best looking 100cc bike in the market currently.

Resale value depends a lot on the condition of a bike. Nonetheless, resale of Splendor is quite good and if your bike is in pristine condition, it might fetch you something around 15-18k.

19) Hi, I am planning to buy a new bike but confused between Honda Stunner PGM-Fi & Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler. I want very much comfort & mileage. According to you which bike should I go for? Is 125cc bike good for highways like Mumbai- Pune travelling? Please Guide — SUDEEP PURANIK

BIKEADVICE: Hello Sudeep,

Prefer to go for a bike with a more powerful engine for highway rides. Among these Dazzler is slightly more comfortable because of its commuter oriented seating posture, but Stunner PGMFi would save you more money when it comes to frugality of petrol. Expect Dazzler to return FE figures of over 50kmpl and Stunner to go beyond 60 kmpl under similar conditions. But truly speaking, Stunner PGMFi is priced exorbitantly high for all what it offers. You can safely go for Dazzler among these two.

20) My Pulsar 150cc goes on to achieve a higher top whack of 125 kmph on the speedometer; is it the true speed? — NINGRAJ


All the current speedometers designed in India have an error in the speeds displayed. The error percentage depends upon the manufacturer and type of speedo, however, on an average you can consider a 10 percent lesser actual speed. So in your case your true speed would be around 110-113 kmph.

21) a) Please help me in selecting the best bike in terms of low maintenance, performance and durability between Yamaha R15, Fazer and Karizma ZMR – APURVA

b) I am going to buy a bike soon and I am confused between R15 and ZMR. I want sporty look, decent mileage and good power. I will usually ride the bike in cities rather than on highway. — GAURAV

BIKEADVICE: Hi Apurva/ Gaurav,

All of the bikes mentioned by you signify epitome of reliability. Nonetheless, we would enlist the respective characteristics of all the bikes for your help.

1)Yamaha Fazer: It is the same FZ’s 153cc engined bike with brilliant looks but doesn’t have a powerful heart to boost off. Since you have ample amount of budget, this bike could be avoided for the remaining ones.

2)Karizma ZMR: Has been one of the most reliable engines of late and with the addition of fuel injection (PGMFI), improved a lot on fuel efficiency figures. Looks massive and has a grand road presence. Tons of torque to take you to places. But spare parts cost an exorbitant moon and currently the bike is suffering from high waiting periods apart from spare parts crunch.

3)Yamaha YZF R15: India’s only pure track oriented mini sports bike is also the most technically advanced. You sit and ride any bike in India and then you ride this one – The overall feel is the most different any bike can offer. But because of the nature of the bike, low end torque is a worry for Indian kind of traffics.

Apurva, talking about your parameters, if maintained regularly, all of these bikes are not bound to pose any untoward reliability issues. ZMR is better when it comes to low end torque which is grossly lacking in R15, which means that you would not need to change gears as frequently (on ZMR). ZMR is also more comfortable out of the two owing to a more commuter centric seating posture where R15 gives you a sporty feeling from the moment you take its saddle. If overall performance is considered, R15 is almost at the top of the line. Our Choice: R15.

Gaurav, R15 is a lot sportier than ZMR, has better mileage and great power in mid-high revs. Our choice remains R15 for you as well. Initially you would feel a little uncomfortable with its seating posture and characteristics but with time you would start enjoying every little bit about the bike.

22) Hi genius, I am lorenzo fan. I would like to buy YAMAHA R15. But still this bike has not gone through any style change. I heard from media that the bike has a limited edition. What are the features in the YAMAHA R15 limited edition? Shall I buy this bike now itself or later. – GEORGE DEVASAGAYAM

BIKEADVICE: Hi George. Yamaha R15 has not gone through any noticeable technical change since it was launched and as far as we understand, this avatar will continue for as long as there is competition for them. Yes, R15 does have a limited edition in white and red color.

Specificationwise it’s exactly the same; just the difference in coloring and stickerwork makes it look different and a little more upmarket. It also comes at a raised price tag. You can definitely go for the bike if you want to seek a different look among the (already special) R15 cadre of buyers and do not mind paying extra for that.

23) I am a college student & travel 30 kms everyday.I want to buy a bike which gives high mileage, is very good looking & comfortable. I have shortlisted Honda Stunner, Bajaj XCD 135 and Pulsar 135 LS. Which one should I go for? Do you have any other recommendations? – HARSHVARDHAN


XCD 135 has been discontinued by Bajaj. We compare Stunner and Pulsar 135 for you.

Stunner: Probably the best looking 125cc in town but looks a little too big for that small a capacity engine. Is pretty comfortable and provides great ride quality. Mileage is around 60kmpl in cities and has a pretty good performance.

Pulsar 135: The 4 valve mini wonder from Bajaj is a real gem of a bike in this segment. Looks fresh and flashy, quite comfortable along with a fantastic performance. Mileage is again around 58-60kmpl.

The major difference between these two bikes is the performance gap between them. So, effectively at 60 odd thousand rupees you would get quite a faster and quicker performance along with much better pulling power and almost equivalent fuel efficiency figures from the Pulsar. Spare parts and availability is also easier and less costly for Bajaj as compared to Stunner.

However, Pulsar does come home with typical Bajaj niggling issues which might become irritating at times. On the maintenance front, Pulsar will need more attention and frequent service center visits as compared to the ‘reliable’ Honda Stunner. Our choice would be the Pulsar mainly because of the more VFM prospect which comes at similar price points.

24) Hi, I am looking forward to purchase a bike. My key requirements are – Good mileage of around 60km; 150cc engine; price range upto 60000. Can you suggest some viable options for this – NISHANT MEHTA


Around your mentioned budget, we have Discover 150 and Yamaha SZ 150 & SZ-X in offer in the market currently in the 150cc segment. While both the bikes are fantastic, Discover 150 is a more powerful of the lot. Fuel efficiency of Discover 150 is also ‘expected’ to be a little higher than SZ but we expect 55-60 kmpl from both the bikes.

Discover also comes at around 4-7k cheaper which also tilts the needle in its favor BUT Discover just doesn’t really look belonging to this segment. Its small and regular design just doesn’t induce that feeling of owning a 150cc bike. On the other hand SZ looks appealing and absolutely fresh which goes along with Yamaha’s reliability quotient. Take your pick!

25) Dear Sir, I am looking for a bike with great mileage and my final selections are Hero Honda Passion Pro and New Super Splendor. Please give me an advice. My daily trips are around 60- 65 km per day — ROY

BIKEADVICE: Hello Roy, Super Splendor outdoes Passion in almost all practically important comparable parameters which include price as well. It has been recently refreshed by Hero Honda and as a result the bike has become slightly ‘fresher’ than before.

Owing to a bigger engine the bike feels more relaxed, has more power & torque which would help you a lot during all kind of rides and also it will provide similar mileage. Super Splendor it has to be among these. On secondary thoughts, you can also consider Twister from HMSI.

26) I am confused b/w Honda twister, Bajaj Discover 100 and Passion pro. I have never driven a bike, so being a learner which bike will be better for me and why ? — RITESH


All the bikes you have listed are fantastic in their own regards but Twister is somewhat special in this case. If budget is not a problem, Twister is the best buy here. It’s the most powerful out of the lot. Lighter weight and fantastic ride quality ensures it feels the easiest. If not Twister, then Discover it has to be.

It provides immaculate fuel efficiency figures (best among these); cheapest in price (amongst these 3) and comes with all the typical Bajaj goodies. Passion is a little overpriced for what it offers, but it does come with a literally indestructible reliability factor. Our choice Twister!

27) Hi Deepak, I just came across your site, really liked it. I have a question to ask; currently I am planning to buy a second hand Suzuki Hayabusa 2006 model. The seller is quoting me 6.90 for the bike. I would like to know what’s the realistic price to buy a 2006 Busa. He claims that the bike is only used for 3000 kms. Please advise me on documents and technical details to check and confirm before I fix a deal on this bike. I have to reply him within few days, your advice will be valuable. — HORMAZ

BIKEADVICE: Hello Hormaz,

First, get a thorough check done on the bike. Check whether the bike has gone through its DRI procedures correctly or not. Check whether the owner has paid all the duties or not. Check where the bike has been bought from? Check all the papers with as much detail as possible. Do this to ensure you do not land up in trouble after owning one. We are iterating this because we have come across a myriad of issues where the bike is illegally imported, duties evaded and sold to an innocent buyer.

Coming to the bike, if it’s a true 3k done bike, at Rs 7 odd lakh it seems to be a very good bargain. Our advice would be to get it checked by authorized Suzuki personnel to ensure that nothing has been fingered. On second thought, not to confuse you, why don’t you go for the Bandit 1250S at 9 odd lakhs on road or save the money for something new and bigger coming up in the future. We understand that Busa is something different.

But you would be saved of the legal hassles of owning an imported Superbike mentioned above along with getting a complete peace of mind after paying such huge amounts. Nonetheless, if the Busa is a clean piece, we would encourage you to go for it after thorough inspection though!

28) I want to buy a 125cc bike. My budget is 50,000 to 70,000 and my requirements are – 1) Bike must not vibrate above 60kmph to 80kmph. 2) Smooth engine sound. 3) Comfortable with two heavy persons in long drives (overtaking etc). 4) Mileage must be 65 above. 5) Good stability. — GAURAV

BIKEADVICE: Hello Gaurav,

All the bikes in the 125cc segment tend to become harsh when it comes to high speed cruising (around 70-90kmph) simply because of their limited capabilities. The closest bikes which we could map according to your requirements are:

Pulsar 135LS from Bajaj, Stunner from Honda, Slingshot from Suzuki and SS125 from Yamaha. All these bikes come in your budget. All of them are fairly refined at 60-80kmph, but Pulsar owing to more power and larger heart, feels the best and unstressed at and above these speeds. Stunner is the smoothest of the lot. Pulsar again is better at pulling heavy loads on longer drives. All the bikes are fairly fuel efficient returning figures around 58-65kmpl.

Stunner feels the most stable at higher speeds. If you have limited yourself to 125cc than choose between Pulsar and Stunner. If you have kept a little scope for others than why not include bigger 150cc bikes here as well. Apart from the mileage front, majority of them fits in your remaining criterias.

29) Hi, I wanted to buy a bike in the range of 65000 to 90000. Which bike should I buy and my needs are comfort, less maintenance and good resale value. I want suggestions about karizma R and Pulsar 220FI. — MONISH


First Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi is available only on order now and second, your requirements point directly towards the Karizma-R. It’s more comfortable than Pulsar 220 DTSi/DTSFi. It also aspires a better resale value than the Bajaj. Maintenancewise you would not be visiting the service center as frequently as the Pulsar but whenever you would, it would burn a huge hole in your pocket. Karizma’s spares cost a moon and that includes regularly used parts as well. Still, Karizma for you!

30) I want a comparison between Karzma R & Karizma ZMR in terms of mileage & maintenance. Which is best & worth. — RAVI


Both the bikes behave in a similar manner due to the same engine on both. Areas where they both differ are: ZMR is a slightly punchier version with a crisper throttle response. In gear roll ons are quicker than ZMA. Due to the Honda’s PGMFI, fuel efficiency has also improved by 3-4 kilometers for every liter and finally ZMR comes with a ‘new’ feel attached to it.

Karizma-R has been in the market for quite sometime now and has been the tourers choice simply because of its reliability and no-frills behavior. Along with a lesser upfront cost (difference of over 20k), cost of ownership would be relatively lower than ZMR because of the presence of carburetor and lack of plastics used compared to ZMR. It simply depends upon what do you want, we would recommend the ZMR because of the ‘newness’ factor along with the Fuel Injected technology it comes equipped with.

31) I am planning to take a new moped. I am very much confused between Honda activa & Mahindra Rodeo. For both of them reviews are good. Which one is better in pick up, mileage and riding comfort and better life. Please suggest — MURALIDHAR

BIKEADVICE: Hi Muralidhar, as you said, both the scooters are fantastic in their own regards. Rodeo is better in initial pickup and overall performance while fuel efficiency of Activa is better (Rodeo 35-39kmpl, Activa 38-44kmpl). Riding comfort on the Activa is better along with a more reliable and established engine. Both of them are priced similarly despite Rodeo being a bigger engine. Our pick would be Honda Activa for you.

– Saad Khan