Five Qualities that Make Your Bike Insurance the Best Shield

Five Qualities that Make Your Bike Insurance the Best Shield

Apart from the fact that a bike insurance policy is mandated by the law and you would have to pay fine in case police caught you without insurance, it is necessary to have a clear idea of the other benefits of a two-wheeler insurance policy as well.

Sadly, even though a bike insurance plays a crucial role, many people avoid buying it considering it as an expense only. Even those who purchase it, go with only a third-party liability cover to avoid fines. However, there are various qualities of a comprehensive bike insurance policy which makes it one of the ‘must-buy’ insurance policy.

Like we always look for ‘some’ qualities in a person, and if we found them, we declare him/her a good individual, here we have also assigned some qualities to a motorcycle insurance policy which makes it one of the best shields.

  1. Caring= Thinking about the welfare of others

If your bike is involved in an accident or injured the other person or vehicle, you can approach your motorcycle insurance provider who will give you a legal shield against third-party liability. Even if the other person dies in an accident, your bike insurance policy will offer compensation to the family of the deceased on your behalf.

  1. Empathetic= Able to comprehend and share the feelings of others

As accidents can happen even with the most careful rider, therefore, the two-wheeler insurer not only covers the third-party liability but it also insures your vehicle against both natural and man-made perils. It means, if the accident causes severe damages to your vehicle, your bike insurer will cover them as well. Some of the perils covered by the policy are:-

Natural Perils Man-Made Perils
Fire Theft
Earthquake Burglary
Flood Riot
Storm Terrorist activity
Cyclone Strike

Further, most of the two-wheeler insurance companies offer cashless facility in their network garages. It means, if you take your vehicle to these repair centres, you will not have to pay anything, except deductible, as the expenses will be settled between the insurer and the repair centre.

  1. Responsible= Better idea of the duties and have an obligation to do something

Accidents have their impact on both your physical and financial health. If god forbid the driver dies in an accident, it would have an adverse impact on the financial condition of his family. If you have a motor insurance cover, it is feasible to curtail the financial losses to some extent. The insurer offers a coverage of Rs 1 lakh to the individual driver while travelling, mounting or dismounting from the vehicle. Some insurers offer optional personal accident cover for co-passengers as well.

  1. Far-sighted= Think about the future

Instead of going with the annual bike insurance policy contracts, you can go with a long-term motorcycle insurance policy which promises to give you coverage for two or three years in one go. A long-term bike insurance is useful as it shields you away from the troubles of yearly policy renewal and moreover, it also helps you in making a huge saving of 15%-25% on the premium as compared to the normal bike insurance policies.

As IRDAI revises third-party insurance premiums every year, you don’t need to worry about these hikes if you have a long-term policy as your premium rates are fixed for the next two or three years.

  1. Generosity= The quality of being kind

Almost all two-wheeler insurance companies in India let you buy or renew your two-wheeler insurance policy online. It means, in a few clicks of your mouse, you can buy a protective cover for yourself and your bike. Moreover, if you need any assistance, you can contact the insurer through its customer care centre and get all your queries cleared. It is the ‘generosity’ of bike insurance companies that they offer you discounts if you use the internet mode to purchase the policy.

Riding on your motorcycle might be your best passion, but it is essential to buy a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance to keep your passion intact. And, when a bike insurance policy comes loaded with so many qualities, there is no point to say no to it.