The name ‘Pulsar’ has always been a sensational brand in India, Right? The initial tagline of this brand ‘Definitely Male’ was the phrase that could best explain this best seller from Bajaj. The Pulsar brand along with the Discover has been the prime reason for the consistently outperforming sales figures.

The initial Pulsar without the Headlamp fairing was a breath stopper in terms of looks. Then came the same bike to the market with an addition of a macho looking fairing. Following it was the one with a Fox Eyed Headlamp and a more sharp rear end and brake lamps. The story is still not over. The ones on the road now boast of a small aerodynamic scoop along the fuel tank on both the sides. In that way the present Pulsars are to be named as ‘Forth Generation Pulsars’. After the dismissal of Pulsar 200 by Bajaj Auto, the Pulsar brand presently boasts of 4 models ranging from 135 cc to 220 cc.

All the upgrades that this bike has received so far have only added up to the gorgeousness of its looks. Now, as many of us know (or atleast as BikeAdvice readers know), Mr. Rajiv Bajaj had said earlier that the Pulsar brand of motorbikes are due to get an upgrade by the month of September this year. Every single biker in the country is eagerly awaiting to know what will the next generation Pulsar look like.

At this point of time, I would say it’s too early to get into the visual concept of the bike. My question is why shouldn’t this upgrade from Bajaj be a technical one unlike a mere facelift (as most of the case with Indian bikes). 250 cc bikes in India is the new category that has opened up really well. It is also a logical shift to people who wants to experience what Power Biking means on the lowest end. Right now, there are only 2 offerings in this category – Kawasaki Ninja 250R and the Honda CBR 250R. I don’t have to remind you the fact that the price difference between these 2 bikes in the same displacement range is very vast.

Understanding the depth of this segment in India, many new offerings are on the way. Honda might launch its naked bike – The VTR 250 in some time soon. Yamaha lovers are eagerly awaiting for the R25. Hyosung is more likely to launch its GT 250R sooner next year. Rumours suggest that Suzuki might also get into this arena to box against its competitors.

Now, don’t you think this is the time from Bajaj Auto to come up with a perfect 250 cc bike for the Indian market which could flip the market towards the manufacturer as it happened with the launch of Pulsar. Why shouldn’t the yet to be launched upgraded Pulsar house a 250 cc engine in the engine compartment?

Also, one has to note the point that Bajaj is capable of developing a new engine now. Adding to its flagship DTS-i and DTSS-i technology, it has the KTM platform with it based on which new engines can be developed. In order to give a tough fight to the 250 cc bikes in India, the Pulsar 250 is the potential bike from the company.  There has been a common issue with the brand that these Pulsars are not capable of performing to its greatest in race tracks. Let’s hope at this juncture that Bajaj comes up with a high performing sport bike in the disguise of Pulsar 250.

The earlier speculations about this bike suggests that the designing cues are inspires from Pulsar 135 LS. It is likely to sport a 250cc single cylinder, oil cooled 4 stroke engine with 4 valves. It is also expected that this bike would boast of a mono-shock suspension which would increase the suspension of the bike to a greater extent as in the case of Yamaha and Honda bikes. The engine should be capable of producing 24 to 26 Ps of power. Tyres should be fatter that the present ones so as to offer an excellent road grip for the machine. Expect the price of this bike to be in the price band of 1.2 – 1.3 lakhs.

Will the Faster than the Fastest Indian arrives in India this September? What is the chance that the next Pulsar from Bajaj’s stable will house a 250 cc engine. Will you prefer such a product from Bajaj. Leave your comments on the topic below.

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  • sameer

    i m desperately waiting for pulsar 250cc

  • sameer

    love to pulsar 250 cc

  • Gautam

    No ,doubt pulsar is in this segment is the best of all in performance as well as price ,but i wish the designer could add some more ornament with variety of colour-fabrics ,like green Ninja and fuel tank-lock should be modified like Avenger(the steel part on top of fuel tank).


  • fas

    It will have a 200cc engine from the Duke, well mostly.

  • Abhishek

    dont go by the rendered pic. Its a very amateurish attempt of fusing the front and tail of aN r1 WITH THAT OF A pULSAR.

  • ankush

    ofcourse it will rock. After 150cc segment it will be a leader in 250cc segment bikes no doubt it will rock with affordable price range.

  • Dileesh

    that image.. if it is original then the possible explanation could be ” a speeding pulsar lost control and rammed into a body shop selling cheap R1 body part imitations !”

  • Nayan moni kalita

    I think bajaj gives value for money product.going by the myth of japanese technology l baught a honda unicorn on february last year but the experience was so bad that I had to sold it in november same year.I had to spend a good amount on maintenance as the dealer charge a lot for spares.and also some parts of it get loose easily thus start to create verious sound while riding on a loose gravel.anyway, now I own a bajaj pulser 150 baught on november last year and till date I haven’t face any problem.besides its looks it gives good performance.I think if one follows the manual provided with it and take proper care accordingly bajaj bike will give cent percent I would like to mentioned that the cost of maintenance is not as high as with honda unicorn.selute to bajaj for velue for money products and wish it will continue to do it.

  • Pall guswami

    I don’t know why people make a lot of hullabaloo about Bajaj pulser especially on internet. Those who abuse Bajaj pulser will get the right answer on the road not on the internet. if Pulser hadn’t performed well people wouldn’t have bought it. I can tell from my experience that Pulser is king of king on indian road. eight months back, I sold my Yamaha R15 as I was extremely dissatisfied with it because of its nasty engine vibration and gear box I am an owner of Bajaj pulser 220 and till date I haven’t face a tiny problem.kudos to Bajaj for its revolutionary DTSI technology.

  • aj

    concept looks horrible…Yes,Yamaha

  • Nayanmoni

    This bike is gonna be the king of king on indian road.

  • Mari

    Hi Naren… Yes Bajaj can manufacture a bike with 250cc Engine with Competitive price… But they are managing the Kawasaki Ninja 250’s business in India… So I feel they won’t create a competition for their own product…

  • babudeyan

    rock the roads if its comes yooooo

  • Ashish

    If they are not going to lunch it…… then it is “NOW or NEVER”. Because many of us including me and my friends are waiting since last 5months, to ride it believing on these rumours…. Hope our dreams see the Day Light sooooon….

  • Harman RoOp ROy

    every one iz w8ing 4 new genration of pulsar …….

    bt in 10 guys every 7 guys says that pulsar iz nt soo good in quality……..

    its good 4 them which r going to buy a new bike after every 1 or 2 yrs

  • afzal

    i want pulsar250 to be once again the fastest indian….i.e. not less than 30bhp and 25nm torque coz yamaha, tvs,honda has still not disclosed its specification of 250cc model in order to be at par in the market bajaj has to give at higher boost in its power package and also remove all those small drawbacks which are in p220…as far as price is concerned i am well sure bajaj knows its importance better than i do

  • sreejithrameshnair

    Expected Pulsar 250 cc will be economical in Pricing and will be optional in color, and give better performance in its class, All the best for Bajaj.

  • Srinivas..


    Bajaj offers the products (only Pulsar) which fufills the value for money..

    Those who want to taste the power and cant afford a CBR or Ninja will definitely go for this Monster….

    But the performance may not be compared with that of above ones….

    Anyways Hope for the Best…. 🙂

    Long Live Bike Loverzzzzz… 😉

  • Kaushal Raut

    Frankly I dont like Bikes without Chain Covers as in India there is lot of dust, secondly in monsoon when we ride the bike in flodded water something might get stuck in the chain & wheel and this might just stop the bike at that spot. So even if any bike comes with any version but w/o chain covers it is not a good thing.

  • kaleem

    Eagerly waiting for such a innovation from pulsar stable.

  • shakeel ashraf

    my dream comes true 250cc pulsar bring it on

  • Vinay

    In my view Pulsar is the best bike ever released in India (only after Karizma R). If bajaj stable could upgrade the pulsar with a 250 cc mill, then I’ll be the first one to Jump on it. The fastest Indian needs lil more fastness (170 kmph) to become unbeaten

  • Aj

    i really wannu c an Indian bike with 250cc outperforming oder japanese bikes…

  • Sarath

    Bajaj Bikes are shit bikes

  • chaitanya

    Well i wish this is not a fake thing…….

    But ya i assure the bajaj company that if they launched the pulsar250 ..
    Then they will play the game…….

    And there desire ( that every person ride there bike ) will be true….

    Even the market will be full of pulsar
    Not the ZMR, CBR, NINGA