Since 23 july 2009, thousands of enthusiastic bikers have shifted to performance biking. How? Because that was the day when Bajaj launched India’s most powerful made in/for India motorcycle and priced it a shattering tag making it the cheapest 21 horses in India!

Since it has become more widespread and has found many homes, I thought of clubbing the more rampant issues together along with their probable resolutions to. So, this one is dedicated to all the guys who own a Pulsar 220 DTSi, are probably planning to buy one or for those who are stuck with one or more of the following issues. I have tried to include whatever problems I could come across; small and big. Care has been taken to keep the language as simple as possible.

Issue No 1:. My Bike’s fairing rattles

Now this issue deserves the numero uno spot because of the ease it is found. Many people have started living with it. The bad part is that this was one of the highest reported issues on the DTS-Fi variant as well; however Bajaj was unable to fix that.

1: Open the fairing and check whether all the rubberized joints and mountings have rubber rings present on them. If not, put one on all.
2: Put double sided tapes on all the places where the fairing touches any other part of the bike’s body.
3. Tighten the oil cooler plastic covers which have ‘oil cooled’ written over them. This is generally neglected and is one big culprit in creating that sound.

Issue No 2: My bike doesn’t start on mornings


This is the cold starting problems generally associated with bikes. Pulsar 220 comes with an auto-choke which gets activated when the temperature sensor sends signals of activation when the engine is cold (generally happens in cold mornings when the bike’s engine has become cold due to overnight non-use), so this should not be as frequent on this bike.

1.In case your bike suffers from this issue, get its temperature sensor checked for malfunction. Also check for the auto choke’s functioning and verify if it is working fine.

Issue No. 3: My bike wobbles at high speeds

a) Get your bike’s alignment checked.
b) Also check that your Rims should not be bent and your tires should have adequate treads and pressure.
c) Cone set might also be one culprit, get it checked.

Issue No 4: My bike leaks oil from the block or cylinder head

This has been reported by many owners who have used higher quality synthetic oils like Motul 300V.

Solution: Frankly speaking, you have to live with it as it has been an unresolved issue from Bajaj. Nonetheless, you can report it to them and install a better gaskit along with a sealant to prevent the leakage. This, however, is not recommended as it would unnecessarily require your cylinder’s opening up and chances are ripe that the issue might still not get rectified.

Issue No 5: My bike leaks oil from the gearbox.

I can see oil drops on the frame and on the ground just below the gearbox.

This leakage is not actually from the gearbox but from the Neutral Switch and is caused by an inappropriate sized small round rubber sealing. This issue was more predominant on the first batches of 220s and has been rectified.


a) In case your bike suffers from this leakage, all you need to do is take the stock small rubber ring out from the neutral ring and install a fatter appropriate sized one (available with Bajaj now). In case you are visiting the authorized service center, do not settle for sealants, tapes, coverings which generally are the solutions which they provide.
b) If in case, your neutral switch is running dry and you still see oil drops, there is one more opening for the oil after removing the crankcase.
However, counter check before opening up your machine that it is the engine oil which you see. More often than not it would be the chain lube or chain spray that gets spilled onto it.

Issue No 6: My main stand touches the ground on every bump

Again, this should have been taken care by Bajaj but sadly the height of the main stand makes it a little dangerous especially for those who are corner cravers.

a) Not an approved or authorized solution but you can go to a roadside mechanic and seek his help in this matter. A little raise is possible from the stock hanging position.
b) For people who love cornering, it is highly recommended that you remove the main stand when you go for a stunting session as it is one major issue for many accidents.

Issue No 7: Whenever I start my bike I hear a bad ‘khrr khrr’ sound as if some electricals are misbehaving

Solution: Check if it is coming from the starter motor. If yes, get the starter motor changed.

Issue No 8: Nothing happens if I push the starter button multiple times.

This is a safety feature your bike comes equipped with. After 3 back to back cranks, it disengages to save your starter motor and battery for some time. It is advised you give proper time before each re-crank.

Issue No 9: I cannot see anything through those rear view mirrors

Well, the Rear View Mirrors installed on the new Pulsar 220 DTSi are slightly bigger than the ones on the DTSFi. However, they are as worthless as well.

1) You can install RVMs from Apache RTR which have a bigger rod and wider viewspan of the back
2) You can also unscrew the stock ones tighten them to a slightly higher tread which would give you an extra tread or two of height (viewing space). But remember, they would go loose sooner than at the stock position. You will have to tighten them frequently.
3) You can also weld mirrors from other bikes which have a bigger and wider span like Pulsar 135 or Fazer on the stock rod of 220s.

Issue No. 10: Rear brake doesn’t have good stopping power

Whenever you report this issue to Bajajs people, their patented answer would be “The rear brakes are intentionally kept with lower stopping power to prevent rear tire locking”. This is not absolutely wrong but unfortunately not completely true as well. 220s rear braking is not as good as some other bikes laden with rear disc brakes provide.
Workaround: Change your disc setup to the latest Bybre’s. Remember to change the complete kit and not only the calipers which Bajaj people will advertise!

Issue No 11: Rear brakes produce screeching sound….

Many owners have registered this complaint and sometimes the sound becomes irritating. This was because of a little fault with the stock rear KBX calipers.
Solution: Change your disc setup to Bybre’s and remember to change the complete setup with calipers, disc pads, oil box, pipe and disc.

Issue No 12: My steering feels heavy and unnatural

Solution: It might be an issue with the cone-set. Get it verified and changed in case it has become the culprit.

Issue No 13: Sometimes, my bike’s engine goes off while I am riding and comes to life upon restarting after a little while. In between it doesn’t start. Also, this becomes more frequent while riding upwards (or in any particular motion)

This is one issue which the service center guys fail to detect properly.

Solution: If you are facing a similar issue and are exhausted of all other service center provided means, just get your carburetor float needle free. Better if you overhaul your carburetor.

Issue No 14: My bike returns a fuel efficiency of only 28kmpl under sane driving

A healthy pulsar 220 must return fuel efficiency in the range of 32-38 kmpl at least.
Solution: Check if you are running rich on the air-fuel ratio (AFR). Set your AFR to the optimum position. This could be done by altering the AFR screw on the carburetor. Best is to keep it at its stock position.

Issue No 15: I hear a continuous tik tik sound from the engine and my performance is also not at par with other Pulsars

Solution: Take your bike to the service center and ask him to tighten your bike’s tappets.

Issue No 16: My bike doesn’t go over 120kmph

A healthy 220 should reach over 140 kmph on the speedo easily.

Solution: In case it doesn’t than get your bike tuned properly. Do not set it for performance or mileage. Keep an optimum balance between the two.

Issue No 17: My engine is very harsh and it is hard to change gears

Solution: Switch to good quality semi synthetic or synthetic oils which would reduce vibrations from your bike and would improve the overall characteristics of the bike including the gear change feel.

Finally, just take proper care of your bike, service it regularly at authorised service stations, use good quality engine oil and rest assured it would keep you flying to places. This article is dedicated to Pulsar 220 and we are planning for such articles on other bikes as well. Do not forget to leave comments in case you liked, disliked or benefited from this article so that it would propel us to better our future endeavours.

Disclaimer: These might not be prescribed solutions or workarounds. Whatever you do on your bike, you do it at your own risk. BikeAdvice would not be responsible for any loss or damage to you or your bike. It is recommended that you do the workarounds under supervision or get them performed by authorized trained hands.

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  1. @Saad Khan. thanks for your detailed solutions. I need to know one thing from you. Is it possible to change the KBX rear disc setup to Bybre setup?? Is it covered under warranty?? If not, how much would it cost to change ??

  2. Hey.. can you suggest me the engine oil that I should use with my pulsar 220 DTSI. Currently I’m using Castrol Power 1, but I think the grade of Power 1 does not match with the recommended one. Also can you tell me approx. how much does the Bybre’s rear disc brake cost. I live in Pune.

    • hello dude,

      ur 220 DTSi rear break cost approx rs:2200 to 3000, max, for ur engine use shell semi syntheic oil which is call AX7 20 40w..its really good, i own a 220 for 3yrs now….any issues feel free ..9176469448 .thnks

  3. Lol… So many issues on this bike… For a rider who has all the time in this world than riding the bike may go for this p220… those who want to ride than fixing the problems with your bike, i suggest go for some other bikes… there is an array of bikes in Indian market these days.

    • Hi. I have been the owner of a P220 DTSi and I have found no great problems in it. The headlights are par excellence in their luminosity and beam throw. No major problems with the bike. Excellent machine and very reliable too.

  4. Very well written, first of all i would like to thank you for sharing this information as many people don’t know the actual technical problems. I got my 220 on dec 15 2010, Till date it is performing very well (700kms in 7 days). I have a suggestion for every 220 owner, “Maintain your bike, use single handed and drive safe, then nothing can stop you, anyways we are the fastest Indians”.

  5. Y would someone want to buy this bike after knowing abt so much problems..I m happy wit my fazer which does not have any of the above mentioned.. small seat and in city mileage are the only two worries.. but still i purchased the bike after knowing it..!!!

  6. Gosh! Even the Royal Enfield guys will not come up with so many problems in their bike!

    Looks like Baja certainly needs to fix and refine the bike more.

  7. Good work there.. but how many of these are seen only on P220.. the title is misleading. Wrong grade of engine oil can make any engine rough.. is that only P220? certainly not. Fairing vibrations/ main stand/ rear brake issue are the only issues that are genuinely associated with P220. This article seems to attribute even cold start problem specific to P220.. gosh tell me one bike that doesn’t have cold start problem??
    issue no.8.. is down right silly.. it’s not even a issue.. people using Pulsars are well aware of the self start limitation.

    • If you say, cold start is a common problem in all other bikes,,,,

      remember dude…… WE ALL HAVE KICKERS!!!
      Don’t waste time. Just kick and move on…

    • Pulsarboy, even I am confused with some of the issues mentioned here…… does all of these problem common on every Pulsar 220 are they talking about every stock P220 or is it because they modify their bike for their own wish.
      people change engine oil for their wish and later make it a problem with p220.
      I see only faring vibration/rear view mirrors vibration and main stand problem with My p220. and this is common with brand new P220. rest all I guess starts with aging or improper maintenance.

      Admin should clearly mention if these problems are by default or the approx. age of the bike when these start. After reading all this people look at P220 with a different view.

      By the way I guess the cold start problem can be solved by making the RPM to 1500.
      If the cold start problem is really there with P220 then let me know in what temperatures this problems starts… because I did not use my P220 in less than 15 degrees I am not aware if it really exists with Pulsar220.

  8. I am a Pulsar 220cc owner and i would like to tell you that i haven’t got any complains, i mean i did not got any problem with my bike. It is running near about same. I am happy to say that.

      • Honda is a Global Brand known for its quality. However, the specific product stunner is not up to their mark(Still in many 125 cc comparo, its the second best only after Gladiator). That does not make the whole Brand(Honda) poor. Its only Bajaj which is known to make every bike with problems. The Unicorn/shine users may sometime feel a little lack of power/stunning looks but they don’t have a word to complain about the engine performance/reliability and riding quality/balance. Apart from that they spend less time with Bike problems than riding(ask any unicorn rider even if he has crossed 15000/20000 kms).

      • bajaj made all the difference in indian biking scene…pulsar is for the spoorty and stylish,,,,,without thw=e introduction of pulsars indian biking will be still in stone age with all the hero honda and honda ruling with 100cc mopeds,,,

      • Stunner has a few issues. The engine starts vibrating between 5k and 6.5k rpm. And other thing which I miss on a stunner is the engine kill switch and the pilot lamps. And one more thing dude…. the problem of cold start will freak you out at times…. you need to idle your bike in the mornings for at least a couple of mins to have a smooth ride… Overall stunner cbf is an excellent package offered by the honda.

    • Stunners usually dont have as many problems as a pulsar… its a HONDA… therefore they have far more superior build quality.. If u bought a Stunner i congratulate u… 🙂 Happy biking 🙂

  9. I am a proud owner of P220 , absolutely marvelous machine . The feeling you get while twisting the throttle is mind blowing . The bike will complete 1 year on 14 jan 2011 and has logged over 8000 kms . Gave me no trouble at all . And regarding cold start even my sis’s HH pleasure doesnt start easily on cold days , i have to give it some throttle to keep it running , so i guess it’s normal then .

    • Hai Aditya I owned a Baby Pulsar on 17th of September ’10. By 20th of November”10 Has logged 6600kms, after that nothing since I broke my left clavicle, 3 ribs etc on my last ride.So why u think that by one year ur pulsar rode 8000km is superb.

    • Aditya Mohan, Regarding cold starts you can avoid this problem by making the RPM to 1100 or 1200 I clearly noticed when the automatic choke works. auto choke works only if your RPM is more than 1100 when you start.
      Please let me know the temperature in your place. is it less than 15degrees and do you leave your bike under the sky or do you park your bike under the roof during night?

      The stock P220 comes with a default 1500RPM and when the engine gets enough heat (after 2 to 3 km of distance) it raises to 2k or even little higher. if you reduce it in that situation, the next day you start facing the cold start problem. try raising the RPM to 1100 or more then I am sure you don’t face such problem again.

      Please reply and let me know the status after you give it a try.

  10. Have a P220 in my garage along with a peppy R15…

    No problem with either of those…

    P220 nearing 8k mark still runs like a charm.. R15 nearing 12k and that one also runs like a charm.

    Someone above said – Maintain your ride and more than that respect it dont abuse it.. Don’t neglect any issue no matter how small it is. Nip the issue in the starting stage and your bike will run like a charm no matter its P220 or R15 or karizma or zmr or be it any bike…

    • Oh i forgot to mention about cold start problem… Auto choke works absolutely fine. One thumb and it roars… Stretches for a while via auto choke and after that it is active..

      Just one tip. When taking out your bike after a hault for 8-10 hrs keep your bike under 4k rpm for 3-4km and let the oil circulate. Once done ride it fly on it but be safe and remember there are others as well riding/driving/walking(especiall here) on the road!!!

  11. Certainly, quality doesnt come cheap… that low price tag wasnt necessary, bajaj could have charged a bit more for removing all the above issues…

  12. All these problems won’t come at a time on a single p220. They may or may not come. So, don’t worry about them. Honda and Yamaha are considered as quality products and won’t develop any issues. Google the honda and yamaha consumer complaints and many complaints regarding wide variety of issues will come up.

  13. These problems may occur in any of the bikes in different forms, i feel .But i understood the problems of bikes little clearly

    Thanks for the posting

  14. p220 17 problem artical is very good.i have rtr160fi & some problem r same p220 like tik tik sound & oil leak from cylinder.Thanks for ur artical.

    • @Joydeep, Is the tik tik sound you are hearing from the front shock absorber? My friend owned a rtr160 and recently noticed a similar problem. On my suggestion he check with 2 to 3 rtr160’s owners and they reported the same problem so this is with most of the rtr160’s.
      Like to know if you are talking about the same.

  15. I have recently bought a RE Electra Twinspark.
    I too see a problem with starting the bike in the morning. I use the choke, and even then it doesn’t start in the first few attempts.
    Any suggestions???

  16. Hey I owned a P220DTSI on Jan 25th 2010 and I haven’t faced any of these above mentioned problems, except oil leak from the head of the engine which started yesterday. I completed 9500km. seen to speed of 133kmph, highest mileage recorded 50kmpl, max km traveled at a stretch is 400km non-stop, Max km covered in 10 hours is 700km. almost every month I go for a long ride(min 100km).

    My friend working in Bajaj service center willfully spoiled the carb tuning and made my bike record the lowest mileage as 19kmpl and it took 2 months for me to understand what went wrong and fix it. Now its back to normal and mileage in city is 45kmpl.
    This article is killing people’s dream of having P220, which is not fare.

    Please mention some where that each and every bike does not face all these issues or everyone has to run behind the service centers to fix all these problems.

    If you do not maintain properly be a super bike or a super racing bike kinda thing it still dies after some time. As someone rightly said kill a problem in the starting itself when you feel it to be a problem.
    I crashed my bike and faring got scratched and took a big hit but still I don’t hear any rattling sound.
    Problem of Mirrors is well know problem. I don’t use mirrors at all.

    EX: cold start problem and problem with using different engine oil other than recommended.
    I never faced any cold start problem its may be because I never used my bike in temperatures less than 15 degrees. I don’t leave my bike under the sky directly because I have a parking area in the cellar. once when I faced Cold start problem I raised the default RPM to 1100 rpm now once then engine starts auto choke works and its ready to fly. decreasing the RMP cause a hell lot of cold start problems.
    Some people use different engine Oil for some specific reasons (I don’t have detailed idea about the benefits of changing engine oil) I think one of the benefit is to avoid cold start problem. some use different engine oil and results in oil leakage problems which is leading to some other new problem.

    Remember I did not face more than 2 problems of the above.

    • my bikes problem of oil leak is solved today….. the rubber ring is changes and the problem is out.
      Going to solve the problem of main stand also shortly.

      • Hai,

        I found your comments worth a look. And above all, ur saying that the oil leakage from the oil head being get resolved. My 220 F faces similar problem, and before reading your comment, it seemed to me that I shouldn’t open up the engine unnecessarily. Second thing ur querying about the RPMs at various gear changes; I haven’t noticed the RPMs; but I may specify at what speeds I do change gears. 2nd between 1-10kmph, 3rd 16-19 kmph, 4th 24-29 kmph and 5th 39-42 kmph. This seems okay to me, but I welcome ur suggestions, if any.



    • hey dude the problems above said about this stupid bike is absolutly right i face all these problems. May be ur a lucky guy with not much problems. I dreamed a lot about this bike but bajaj really disappointed me with this stupid bike. I got piss with this stupid bike moreover the service provided by the pro bike show room in delhi is very poor. Very bad performance.u may not agree me. But i said is true i suffer a lot with this p 220 is not a healthy one its was just waste of hardened money which went to dogs named bajaj.

      • I am sorry to hear that bro. My bike completed 1 year now still going good. How old is your bike?? do you mind sharing some information with me. Like how many years old is u r bike? ODO reading? Top speed till date? mileage least and max? bike vibration unbearable or its ok kind of vibration? what is your average speed? at what RPM you change your gears?
        Thanks in advance for the information. Actually I do a small analyze on everything that i come across. This analyze is for my clear understanding and personal use only.

        Recently one of my friend rode my bike and fell in love with my bike. He recently decided to buy a P220 after riding my bike at 100kmph. He is using Apache160cc. I hope you understand my bike’s condition. Looking at its engine health after 1 year I decided to spend some money for a painting job for a new look.

    • Haii deepak.. i owned P220 recently.. I dint find any prob except every time when i tap self starter the auto choke starts raising, even when engine is in damn heat..! It is Gud in morning but very bad for every time and in traffic.. can u please tell me why this is happening and there is any solution for this..?

      Please reply..!!

  17. Thank You Very much … currently facing fairing noise and click click sound only !!!

    Happy Riding. God Bless Bajaj Quality !!

  18. Really this article is awesome. Actually i am having a Pulsar 150 DTSi and it does not take the speed above 120km/h.
    Is this ok or it should be more speedy.?
    Also tell me the best engine oil that should be used in pulsar 150.
    Currently i use Pulsar DTSi-10000 engine oil recently launched by bajaj.
    Pls help me out..

  19. hi deepak,
    that was a very guidefull advice,i owe a Honda Cb Twister my 1’st service is done a couple of days ago.i had started riding at a speed between 50-60 to see the mileage as previously it use to give me only 40 km\pl now i have to see wats the amount of increase will keep it posted
    Kapil -9920808720

  20. Hi boss its very glad to see these solutions which we are unaware of it even though we are facing in daily routine.I own Honda Shine 125cc i have purchased 2 years back and hardly ride 11000 kms, my bike has a lot of problem, i am getting only 32-35 kms of mileage and i have most of my time with show room people to diagonse the problem and even i have given service for atleast 10 times to upgrade the mileage even till now the problem is not solved by technical person of the showroom, and even bike tire is screwed for 10 thousand km,some of my friends are suggesting to replace withh tubeless tyre and some mechanic’s are nt preferring it, i dont know wat to do,Since the vehicle is got repaired by Showroom techinican people i have meet an mechanic he have told he replace tire and vehicle service(with mileage recovery) it gonna cost around 10k-12k.
    My questions are
    1>Can i replace the tire with tubeless tire or not?
    2>How to overcome the mileage problem?
    3>Shall the replace the old bike and purchase a new bike,i am interested in purchasing Karizma R,(old model 225c),shall i go for it?…………………………..Please suggest me

  21. I am facing same gear locking problem as pulser 220, with my Pulser 135 LS, it only 10 months old and have finished third service ,After constant complaint in the service center,they adjust the clutch,It works fine for few days,and after engine get heated up ,I face same gear locking problem mostly 1st and neutral ,also planning to by Avenger 220 pl.advice.

  22. Hey any one can tel me i m planning to purchase a pulsar 180 cc….then it is good for me or not….if not then which bike is really good…please solve my problem..
    Waiting for your rplyyy

  23. Hi,
    It,s really a good discussion. I have just bought a Discover150CC. Please discuss Discover 150CC known Problems and It’s Resolutions. Also please suggest me some useful tips to improve the performance, life and mileage of this bike.
    Many thanks in advance for valuable suggestions.

    Thanks & Regards
    Ankit Saxena

  24. hi deepak,
    Nice and valuable information. can you work out one for royal enfield thunderbird twin spark?
    would like to know more dtls about this RE thunderbird as in another 6 months time i may have one and will make me mentally prepared for the problem and solutions.
    warm regards / parama

  25. I have purchased a Honda Unicorn Dazzler150 , and the rear disc makes a squeking sound while i press the brakes. do we have to change the calipers or the disc pads only and how ofen.
    It even has a starting trouble for the first time, and as it does not have a kick peddal we have to rely only on starter.

    kindly give us your advise and the what are the other issues / short comming of this bike.

  26. Hi Saad & Deepak
    Nice review…. happy new year.
    can u tell me the problems arise in Pulsar 135 LS???
    It will be worth full for me to maintain it

    Thanks in advance.

  27. Wow! This article inadvertently addresses so many problems with the cousins of the big brother pulsar. Absolutely fantastic read, keep up this innovative section.

  28. Good to know too much information on 220, any similar information on 150cc.My height is 5.2 and hope around 70kg, looking to go for Avenger, pls let me know which model is preferable. Pls let me know.

  29. One major problem has been omitted………..the P220’s rear shock absorbers are way too soft to tackle bad roads. If you are riding with pillion and happen to hit a pothole, the suspension bottoms out with a loud thud. Any solution for this?

    • @reeto, I guess this is not a problem at all. I am using P220 too. Recently I came to know that the suspensions are provided with 5 level adjustment. The upper part of the suspension can be twisted to avoid the problem that you are facing. Check with a local mechanic or take it to the service center and ask him to adjust the suspension to make it hard. REMEMBER: before anyone touches the suspension check with him that the tool they use to make it hard is specially for it or he is using some other tool which is not meant for it. If he is not using the right tool then the pain of the suspension at the edge may go off…. so be little cautious.

      For your information: the adjustment should be made at the top end of the spring (suspension) this part is visible clearly. The suspension is fixed to the body with a nut. between the spring(suspension) (the spiral rod or what ever the correct word used for it) and the nut you can see a ring with 2 horns like thing, one of the horn is towards the tire( so can not be seen easily), this ring with 2 horns should be adjusted correctly to make it hard and your problem no more a problem.

      Don’t mind for my english. I don’t know the right terminology, so I used words that can explain it.
      let me know if you still have questions.

  30. can ny1 tell me how much air shud be filed in pulsar 220S tyres as I fill 28 in frnt and 32 in rear……is this the correct pressure?

    • Slayer, that is the right pressure. you can find this in the manual and a sticker is also there on the bike. this sticker is close to the axel of the back wheel.

  31. I am facing gear slip problem with my new Pulsar220, and the gear changing not smooth. some times i have to struggle to change the gear.

    • Rafiq, try to change the oil as i ws facng d sam problm bt aftr changing the oil the gear bcm smooth n also get ur bike chcked in servce centr

    • @Rafiq, I am using one of same kind but never faced such problems… 1 year ago when I first used it I face something similar but later I understood that the 220 has semi automatic gears…. how old is your bike now?? (mine is 1 year old) . Keep changing all the gears at 4k rpm and I guess this problem should be solved to some extent.

      cut off the engine first when you are about to park your vehicle and then make it to neutral, and you can notice the gears are smooth from 2nd to neutral or 1st to neutral. similarly change all at 4k rpm only.

    • Because its is a new one…. wait for the first servicing….. heat will come down to 50 to 60% of what you feel now… first 2000km you have to bear with it. If not 2K at least 700 to 1000km you have to bear with it… no option… Even I am using P220 but its 1 year old now…

  32. My rouser 220 produces a KHRRRRRK sound if it reaches a speed of 65 km/h up,,and its noticeable every time i twist the throttle…its mileage is still the same i only worries about the cracking sound…

    • @Tubeless mamang
      “its mileage is still the same” what do you mean by this?? what is the Mileage of your P220?? My P220’s carb. is adjusted to return atleast40kmpl…. Its engine sound is not abnormal.

      • sorry for my terminologies,,what i mean for mileage of my rouser is that,,it runs the way i expected,,just the KHRRRRRRK sound caught my concern,,,,

        but just this morning i’ve already brought my rouser to the authorized mechanic here in our place,,

        and the problem he found was;
        *if the piston was set to top position,,it visibly overlaps to the level of the bore,,almost 1.0mm..fortunately it doesn’t affects the valves,,

        resolution he made
        *temporarily the mechanic adds a 1mm thick gar lock gaskets on the bottom part of the bore,,,luckily it sounds smooth again but he said that after the verification of the specific length of the bore for the 220 he will contact me and replace it with the exact bore..

  33. HEY DUDES, PULSAR 220 is more stylish when comparing with other bikes..i bght 220 dec 2010 stil nw ter s no problem..flys lik a jet… .so minor problems r not a matter…anywy v r the FASTEST INDIANS

    • Mine too

      i had feb’2011 model purchased in july 16, 2011

      delivers awesome performance.. n milage too of 45+ bet 2-3 x 1000 rpm.. awesome na..

      but ya it deliver slightly lesser top speed that to 143kmph

  34. I purchased a P220 Dtsi(fairing) the carburetor verison 17 days old and have not yet taken it for first servicing. I need some advice. My bike’s engine sound at constant speed of 60 – 70 feels wierd like its struggling to drag (but moves fine). just an anology lets say to a loaded truck uphill when it makes that that non constant acceleration sound. First i assumed it was because of the helmet that i wear that it sounds wierd, but its not. Its not the fairing either. did Anybody feet this on their bike. And i also dont feel its power ( i am riding at less that 70kmph as its new), would it be better after first servicing?..looking for some knowledge to be passed on..Thanx in advance

    • hai pradeep,i have also same problem..i bought it on 1st june also sounds very u said..i want to know,is it natural for p220??????

  35. sourja. i took it for first servicing and explained to him clearly about this, he said he and his supervisor rode the bike 4kms each and did not find any such noise , but they said they did some tuning to carburetor and that should be fixed. While riding back home i found same noise existing, this time i asked him to ride with me and i could not accomplish gaining that constant speed for long enough for him to recognise it, i could realise it as i know what to listen to. So that guy asked me to drop in friday and explain this to his supervisor. I now know how to explain to them more about this, will keep you posted

    • i would like to prefer synthetic oil

      i use mostly Valvoline 20/50

      use synthetic oil only n that too change for regularly 5000 to 6000 km run

  36. above all the points, fuel tank lid is such that everytime we wash the bike or even in good rains water enters the petrol tank very easily. Bajaj people have fixed 7 rivets but no gasket or so this effects starting and runing of engine.

    a very small problem with big effects

  37. i have a problem with my new p220. when the vehicle is run for a while then i put it in neutral there a alot of noise from the engine.. as if the piston are getting hit.. its just run 130km. please tell me what to do and my gear shift is quite hard. i asked the showroom people they told it will be altryte after 1st service tell me what should me done?

    • about bike you must buy…

      but if about the dream… leave all people behind and go for your dream bike…. coz at the last dreams are the only things which are truly true..

  38. Hello sir m frm b’lore i own a 220f nd i really feel gud at tyms to ride But at tyms i face several problems at a tym frm d chain,exhaust,nd som sort of a “grrrrr” sound when i open d mirrors!!though thr wil b full r half tank of petrol it jerks for a while nd den move at a constant speed…nd d auto choke doesn feel lyk workn in a btr condition in d early morning nd i need to self start 4r5 tyms…nd dis is d second tym m rectifying d air filter prob as it keeps blinking nw nd den on d odo nd m facing d same again:-( ….otherwise i luv my pulsar lot nd dis s d 4 th pulsar frm its familyB-)
    please do advise to tackle dese problems…..

  39. hi, biker I came from Indonesia and I just get P220F 1 week riding this motor I get problem on electric stater and then I bring to the service dealer only 10 minute service (adding grease) into electric starter gear and until now it is no problem again….amazing bike….for bajaj pulsar 220F

  40. i have a pulsar 220 and it has run 400km..but sometimes in the morning it doesnt start..i tried self-start many times but it does’t? whats d problem?can anyone tell me

  41. Hi to all..guys i’m having some problem with my bike for a while now..i had an accident in which the front suspension was damaged in a way that both the shock absorbers were bent..i went to the service centre & they advised me to get them changed..but due to some money problem i went to a local shop & got them repaired..the bend in the absorbers was removed by using a hydraulic machine..but after a while a new problem arose..the oil from the absorbers is now leaking & it is also creating problem to the front disc as the service centre people again recommend me to change the absorbers by saying that the absorbers are damaged now..but i think that the problem now is due to the seals..please recommend me what i should do now..whether get the absorbers replaced or should i go out again & get the seal changed..please reply…!!

    • Hi
      here i can suggest you smthng… but still u have your own way to choose.

      1. if u replace the shocks with the new one than well, that sounds good.

      2. if m not wrong than your upper tubes of the shocks were totally bent due to accident na? k. so here u get it rectified on hydraulics. but thy still wont be deliver that much performance…..
      so second option is to change it to new one, n keep in mind …. safe riding can save u from this expenses.

  42. hey ppl…needed some help. i had bought a 220 pulsar on 26th october. its been 2500 kms for now and 1st serivce done after 800kms. im not gettin the aktualy 220 ka pick up and even the bike doesn’t cross 90. twice or thrice I hav got the pick up and marked 120. is there any problem or I have to wait more? do suggest….
    i need to mark 150 kmph….and i need the 220 pick up everytym….no matter about the average.

  43. Hello All,

    Need some urgent advice.
    My bike making a strange and annoying noise when i start the engine and sound remains untill i restart the engine.The sound is like..”puuuuuuuuu..” It happens sometimes and sometimes not.I visited SC before but in front of mechanic,it didn’t produce any noice 🙁 :(..
    I just want to get rid of this noice.Please suggest or advice if anyone else is facing the same problem

    I have Pulsar 220 DTS FI bought in 2010.


  44. hello everybody i have just bought pulsar 220f and i got unique problem n that is my fuel tank get heat after few kilometer (10km)and dis problem making me so bore while riding my this serious problem? if so pls duggest me what i have to do to get rid of this problem?

  45. Hi,

    I’m a owner of Pulsar 220 DTSi. I bought this on 1st June 2011 and it has almost done 18,000 KM, and all the 3 free services as well as the 1st paid service was done at an authorized service center here at my home town at Trivandrum Kerala. I love my bike a lot, and it was one of my dream bikes to buy when Bajaj 1st launched Pulsar.

    The problem is with the service, from 2nd service service onwards, my bike has been producing sounds from the back Tyre area, I took the bike 2-3 times after my 2nd service and at last the service person said I need to replace the Sprocket, and paid almost 1800 Rs for changing both sprockets.

    Even after spending this much the sound was still there when I drive over potholes, and that too when Tyre comes to a position. I found out the reason how the sound was coming. I went to a shop and bought Motul Chain cleaning Spray as well as chain Lubrication, and cleaned the chain as well as the sprocket and removed the mud which accumulated, and then applied the chain lubricant and after that now my bike does not have any metal hitting sound from the rear end when I drive over potholes. An now understood how they even lubricate the bike which is the easiest task involved with servicing a bike.

    Now I have reached to the opinion that even if you give your bike to an authorized service center they don’t even care to look the problem what and how it is occurring, they just see the symptom and suggest the solution of replacing the part which is easy for them and also to make money.

  46. hi,my bajaj pulsar 22o f dt-si model of june 2011 reached 15000km and i thought its start problem of excessive heat even those i frequently changed engine oil…kindly let me the reason and its solution…..

  47. Saad

    i recenly bought a bajaj discover 100cc. I gave it to first service few days back. After first service the bike started having harsh engine sound and vibration at the lower speed of 40 kmph. i feel the stress on the before servicing the engine was really smooth and and at fifth gear there were hardly any sound. I don’t go above 50kmph. And change gear at correct speed.service centre guys don’t seem to know anything. They say this is how engine sounds. But I ride it 40km every day. I can see the difference. Please help me.

  48. Please help me i need your advise on priorty.
    I brought pulsar 220 s four months ago , two services done , complted 6000 KM till today. now i facing an issue that when i start bike RPM gauge on 1 but as bike cover 100 mtr it goes up to 1.5 & thereafter goes to near 2 . bike heatup means sound more.

    Pl suggest what should i do ? i m trouble

  49. Hii all,
    I am also a proud owner of Pulsar 220 since 2012, 13th January and met with an accident 2months back and got the farings changed but still mah bike is running at its optimum best mode rode around 2500kms but there is no problem only 1 issue my mileage is bit low around 30kmpl…other than that p220 rocks….

  50. i have a p220 bike nd have completed 11k , i want to know which all parts need to be changed now . and suggest me engine oil , does castrol oil really sucks.

    • The best oil for the P220F is the MAK 4T NXT semi synthetic from Bharat Petroleum. It has a change/drain interval of 6,000 kms. You will feel the difference post using it. Its an universal oil for all motorcycles above 150cc, that’s the way the additives have been added and tested. I have used it on my P220 on numerous occasions, a friend also uses it on his Suzuki GSXR750 superbike with good results.

  51. @ ADMIN: I appreciate your feed back regarding Pulsar 220.Myself ,i am an automotive engineer by profession .There are still lot of problems in bajaj pulsar (all most all series like 150,180,220).The bajaj pulsar has high maintenance for sure for those riders, who like to ride their bike smoothly.Iam a owner of bajaj pulsar 150 DTSI (2010) .The problems which iam facing with the pulsar 150 are as follows

    1) The Rear Drum Brake is totally crap .If certain obstruction arrives at the front and if I apply rear brakes swiftly , then the Rear tyre skids off and the bike will eventually drag to right side . This Rear Drum Brake will be fatal if i use in rainly and slippery conditions of the road.

    2) Steering gets harder and makes bad handling .steering slighty drags to right while moving the bike in a straight path .well I have rectified the problem and replaced with a brand new Cone set .Now the steering feels lighter and handling is good but still iam facing with my steering draging slightly at right side .Due to this problem , when ever i travel for long drive then my hands get little bit pain due to one side draging.

    3)My bike got equipped with Eurogrip tyres, from the factory itself and they are totally crap. Those tyres have low gripping nature and more skidding nature. I have to fill up the air frequently once or twice in a week.Got fed up of the filling air frequently.I recommend the pulsar owners to install their bikes with branded tyres like MRF (preferrable) .

    4) Have a problem with Chain. always need to reset it for better performance .The main problem with it is hanging or loose due to this it makes horrible noise during a ride.

    5) After adjusting the clutch lever ,I had a problem with the Mirror.I cant able to adjust the mirror upwards. So I have removed it totally from the bike as they are of no use.

    6) Whenever i wash the bike , there is big problem with the starting or breathing problem of engine .I have rectified the problem myself .actually the water goes into the carburettor and the simple solution is to clean the coruppted gasoline (gasoline mixed with water), which is present inside the carburettor.

    7) Using inappropriate engine oil will give low service and needs to replace sooner than the need to change .before i never use to care for engine oil .Now i use a branded and a good grade engine oil for good performance.

    8) My bike’s front disk callipers make noise while riding ..its a malfunction unit and has manufacturing defect it seems.

    9) Rear Nitrox shock absorbers use to make screeching noise while riding ..this problem was from the date of purchase and bajaj authorised showroom mechanics failed to cure the problem ..well i have rectified and it is smooth now.

    10) my front alloy wheel got slightly bend when it fell into the large pit hole .this is quite common on indian dirty and worst slight wobbling of steering occurs if i ride the bike faster.

    11) Comparing to other indian vehicles, the front suspension system of the pulsar seems less effective . when the pulsar moves from a bump , then it makes huge noise .

  52. Hi,
    I have pulser 220 2009 dec, now i facing some problem,that my bike create more vibration in 90-100-120 speed, and max speed is 131.which is fastly shown 144 etc,
    recently i install K&N, and i feel engine heated quickly
    and more than previous
    Please tell me what is the problem
    and what is the solution
    to get the performance as like previous,
    (recently I change the chain spoket ,timing chain, valve set ,spark plug, clutch plate)but the problem is still now, my bike is clocked around 24k,

  53. Guys I own a pulsar 220 n a Honda stunner…. Y on earth r u comparing both these bikes…. Pulsar is meant fo performance at higher speeds n higher revs… stunner for lower speeds n higher mileage…. every bike have their own pros and cons. Every bike is special to their owners. Love your bikes keep them well. Enjoy ur ride.

  54. hey hi….good job man….why don’t you put similar information about passion pro and pulsar 150….see if you could do it….hopes

  55. I have a 2008 pulsar 220 DTS-Fi bike. 6 months ago I fitted it with carburettor (at authorised bajaj service center) since fuel pump had failed twice and spare pump getting detalayed ( I don’t need to mention all the fuss related to P220’s fuel pump…its common knowledge now..they just don’t work… those who have owned P220 DTS-Fi for 4 years will agree)…anyway lets get over it. The electri start is giving me problems now…is there a way to fit kick start.

  56. Pulsar220 is on fire but alot care should b enhanced.for middle class people like us can prefer 220.but if race begins in High ways with either cars or bikes maa kasam 220 taq tha nahi dost.FRENDZ try 2 care ur 220’s if u need its power in High ways.Venu.Hublikar.hubli

  57. my problem is that the fuel flows from the open pipe provided jst below the carburetor…….
    2) after running the bike wen parked ,it produces “tik tik” sound for a while ……………….pls help

    • The petrol leakage is due to fuel overflow. Turn off the fuel knob when not in use. The tik tik sound is due to shrinkage of hot metal when getting cooled. This is normal to all bikes.

  58. Hi Saad / Friends,

    I’m facing a peculiar problem. My bike is not starting after travelling a distance of say 20 km. Once stopped it takes too much time to get start. This becomes pathetic if I’m standing at any signal. When I try to start it, it is giving some “Krr-Krr” type of sound. I changed the self motor and also checked my started motor. Even service center guys are unable to identify the issue. Please help me if any has faced similar problem.


  59. never ever buy a pulser 220cc. its made up of alloy & if falls dawn them its sideguards get bend & even gears get bend. this is bull shit bike of this world.

  60. i dont know there is some weird noise from engine and from the silence. when i put in my 1 and 2 second gear there is no pick up in the bike. Also, my rpm is under 1. Recently i had changed oil from Service center. By my engine get hot after a few kilometers. top speed of my bike recorded was 110 km\hr. Awaiting response.

    • Hi Sam, Please mention this how long did you run this bike means odo in meter.
      As per my experience there might be a problem in gear sifter rotator, second of all use the full synthetic oil of motul 300v it will help you to keep the engine in fine condition rather than svc oil.

  61. Hi i iv bajaj 150 dtsi 2009 model my pro is if i leav my hands while in 40 km/hr speed d handel gets wobbling b4 it ws nt der. My bike milage is v low recently i fully serviced i change all chain sprocket n tyre. If i leav clutch in 1st gear it get jerks. I changed clutch plates also. My bike as run 50000 km.

  62. i have a pulsar 220f,i run my byke 6935km,then silencer problem
    when i start my byke silencer is sound is very high ,its very noise

  63. My bike’s chase is over vibrating but I cleaned and maintained the whole engine but till it is vibrating.. please give me a solution..plss..


  65. The main stand issue in pulsar can be solved, just turn the rubber upside down where main stand rest below silencer. Top part should be down and main rubber should be up ( inverted). It takes two minutes only to do this, now with pillion rider also main stand doesn’t drag in speed beakers or in rough road neither scratches while bending in corners. Don’t worry about thand sound since upper part also contains rubber which will prevent that sound in bumps….cheers guys

  66. hey. am planning to buy p220 or apache rtr 180…..which one will be best ..can u suggest me according to performance,reliability,average and handling…..w8ng fr ur rply frndsssssss

  67. Was reading your article on pulsar 220. Should say quite interesting & informative. Recently 2 months ago I have bought avenger 220 dtsi & would like to know the maintenance tips of this particular bike so that when I run in to any problem I am at least technically sound so that mechanic don’t take me for a ride.
    Thanks & Regards.

  68. Hi. I have pulsar 220 dts-fi 2009 model. I’ve been a fan of it but now problems are bugging up in my bike. The milage has gone down to 8 kmpl and even at higher rpm the power deliverd is poor. Please do you have any suggestions to improve my bike because i want to keep riding… no plans of chnging my bike. Please help

  69. Hi Saad,

    Everything is fine on my currently owned 2009 edition 220f DTS I although I have 1 question.

    Why does the Low fuel oil level keeps flashing all the time on my pulsar 220 DTSI, I am sick of it, I have changed clutch plate, engine oil, sensors and what not. the oil level is full but still after 2-3 kms, the oil level indicator (far right icon on the dash) keeps flashing and wont go off unless bike is restarted..

  70. my pulsar 220 DTSI 2013 model its an 6 months old, my problem is getting vibration from engine and chain sound and no pickup and kirck kirck sound and this is 3d service i have given, plz help me to find solution

    • Lubricate the chain, its an open chain so it requires frequent lubrication. Did u run-in the bike properly for the first 1000 kms? Change your engine oil to MAK 4T NXT semi-synthetic from Bharat Petroleum.

  71. my pulsar 220 DTSI 2013 model its an 6 months old, my problem whe i accelerate full iam getting tik tik sound from engine , what is the problem plz help me..

  72. The Pulsar 220F is an excellent touring machine and can handle commuting duties with ease. The main issue is that buyers of the P220F do not maintain their bikes, they rarely follow the run-in procedure and start ripping their bikes from the word go. The aerodynamics provided by the fairing is fantastic, the MRF Zappers are grippy in both dry and wet conditions. My P220F ran for 58k kms without any major issue, the bike can maintain a 120 kmph at 8k RPM all day. Service Centers are usually responsible for screwing up a good machine, please don’t use their recommended engine oil as its all crap. Get hold of an experienced mechanic at the Service Center and ask him to tune the carb slightly rich for a smoother ride and better performance.

  73. Hi .. I own a 2009 edition 220 DTSI and the dash keep flashing the temperature icon every now and then even when the engine is off and bike is turned on. Moreover the low oil level indicator also flashes once I cross 40-45+ KMPH. This problem has been over 2+ yrs now. I changed the oil pressure switch with no go. Any idea why it is doing this.. Thanks !!

  74. Two of the most common issues with the P220F is the below average built quality and shoddy service center jobs. The product is superb and bang for buck, no doubt but issues start popping up over a period of time due to bad built quality. If the same bike were to be launched by Honda, it would have cost 10k more but would have been a more solid product with quality spares. Bajaj has paid no attention towards mechanically upgrading the model over the years, an optional ABS and better rear shock absorbers would have given this bike a longer lease of life. Manufacturing defects are the order of the day with Bajaj products, panel gaps and unrefined engine to name a few.

  75. Hi…Can you please help me in the High Synthetic Engine Oil to be used to 220s. I come across Motul v300 in the above. Is it worth to use it or do we have the better ones and Best. Please share the names.

    • you can try Shell 20w50, 1 liter costing between Rs.300-400/- depending on the location and dealer, my pulsar performance marginally improved with Shell,,, OR you can try Motul 20w50 same price range as shell, its also great but I prefer shell…

  76. Hi I own pulsar 200 DTSI… recently i have change the engine oil and clutch rubber and as per the person who has repaired the bike he says the clutch plate is fine and there is no issue….but what i have notice the engine sounds much and runs to heavy, and when i leave the accelerator from back it seems that some one is holding and sometime it sound from back i.e. “phar…phar” and i used to turn off thinking better to turn off the bike before something goes wrong. So please help.

  77. Hello, I have 220F 2012 model, and the sound, mileage, performance everything i am happy with it, But talking about Engine Oil if i run upto 300-500 kms is shows low engine oil indicator. although there is no any blue, white and black smoke from silencer pipe. and there is no leaks too. what is the best solution ? please suggest me




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