Pulsar 200cc Ownership Review by Amit

Hi Guys, A little bit of my introduction, my name is Amit saxena, I am software professional from Hyderabad and I am truly passionate about biking. My journey of passion starts when I was in school. My love for bikes started from Pulsar that was my first bike, when I was in class 12th First time I ride Pulsar 150 (First Version) which was owned by a very good friend of mine and that day I fell in love with that bike.

At that time I decided to buy Pulsar150 and try to convince my father to bought it for me and at first time after seeing Pulsar my dad decided to buy it for me as my birthday present. Then first bike I bought was Pulsar150 (UV-2) in Silver Color (in Dec 2004). That was one of the very rare (as I belong to small city in Madhya Pradesh) coolest and powerful bike of that time with all the feature like Alloy wheels, 150cc engine and superb performance and looks.

I am type of rider who love to race and stunts Pulsar which is meant for thrill and speed. I love adrenaline to pump up with speed and thrill of biking. So from school to college I enjoyed my life on My Pulsar150.

And after college I got a job in Hyderabad. Then there was a problem to keep my bike here which I registered in Madhya Pradesh. So I decided to buy a new bike.
My Options at that time were…

  • Yamaha Fz-16
  • Bajaj Pulsar 220
  • Bajaj Pulsar 200
  • Yamaha R15

First of all Yamaha Fz -16 and R15 both are newly introduced bikes at that time. I test ride both of them, and they are very Light , sporty but 150cc bikes and I want some thing above it, some thing with more power in it., because I was already experienced 150cc power on my previous Pulsar150 and I want move on high powered bike.

Then I go for test ride of Pulsar 200 and 220. And I again fell in love with the Raw power that Pulsar are offering with the decent value for money price tag. I like the street bikes with Naked Looks and Pulsar200 was best in Power, looks and price tag. So after riding both the bikes without even a single thought I decided to buy Pulsar 200 in red wine color.

And After that when I bring home my baby (Pulsar 200), I saw people staring at my bike at signals and streets which was awesome feeling, because (at that time Bajaj has not started playing with the looks of Pulsar’s, as of now every Pulsar look similar and for this I hated Bajaj because I feel that every bike has a league something unique about it and that makes his owner feels special about it).


As I am sharing my experience with the Pulsar200. I am considering that every body is aware of technical specifications of it, so please pardon me for not mentioning it.

    Pros and Cons

    That I feel in Pulsar 200 over the time.


    • Offers a Raw power of 18ps: The power you can experience ones you go up from 3rd gear, it just behaves like it understand what you want to extract from it
    • Oil-cooled Engine: A very good offering with the bike as Oil-Cooling of the Engine which is much better and useful to keep Engine cool in long rides than a normal air-cooled engines.
    • Great Looks with Stability: Pulsar200 Offers a great street looks with Stability, as it has one of the widest rear tires (i.e. MRF Zapper)
    • Decent Mileage: Pulsar200 provides you a decent mileage in ratio with the power it provides (as in my case it’s around 36-39kmpl) even after two years.


    • Regular Maintenance and Service: If you want to keep your Pulsar200 to be a great machine you have to take care of it a lot, it requires a regular service, with oil-change and maintenance as service provided by Bajaj for Bikes like Pulsar200, 220 and avenger is only at Pro-bike service center, which were very occupied at the weekends and will not service your bikes properly,(which I experienced often) better to go on week days and also make good relation with mechanic (I had even bribe mechanics to take good care of bike).
    • Regular Service at Bajaj with an oil change will cost me around 700Rs.
    • Better to buy engine oil from market and change it outside, because in my opinion I don’t trust Bajaj service center and the quality of Oil they use.
    • In Rainey season you have to be careful as MRF-Zapper are very tends to slip in slightest water.
    • Turning radius of bike is too big, I felt difficulty in cornering.
    • Handle of the bike is un-natural in comparison to other bikes, its feels heavy.
    • Engine sound is weird some times. (Not a decent sound like Honda or Yamaha)
    • Bike feels heavy; Bajaj could have been work on weight balance.
    • Digital console and automatic indicators are not of very good quality and accuracy tends to be problematic in rainy season, as my Speedo meter is not working.
    • As I love to take care of my bike some of the things

    What I do

    • Regular cleaning of chain, you have to do regular cleaning of chain every week, as it’s an open chain.
    • Once in a month Cleaning of Air-Filter with Petrol and change it after 10,000 Kms.
    • Cleaning of carburetor
    • Regular wash of my bike.


    Even after two years of purchase of this bike I don’t regret my decision , because every day going to office and coming back is best part that makes me excited to ride my bike, because it’s even thrills me now with its power and performance.

    I don’t want to conclude that Pulsar200 is best bike, I am bike lover and I respect each bike, because every bike has its uniqueness, pros and cons. I had expressed what I feel about Pulsar 200.

    After an year and half the production of Pulsar200 is stopped and instead of that Pulsar180 started coming in the Market with almost same looks as of 200(Besides that Heavy Silencer and Oil -Cooling).That again makes Pulsar200 a legacy that is owned by a few people.