Pulsar 200cc Modified to Yamaha R1… Almost!

Fusion is something that not always generates good results, I am Vidit Karla, a student of Delhi University. I have always loved the sound of great exhausts, Its the Yamaha R1 that got me into this love. The fact was that couldn’t afford an R1 for now. But I never let go of the hope that I would own a unique machine someday and guess what, Here I am. I’ve customized my 2007 Pulsar 200 with an R15 fairing to make it look like no other.

Modified Pulsar 200

The new 150 and 180 Pulsars have, in my opinion, taken away the uniqueness of the looks of the 200. I decided that it was about time that I made some drastic changes. I had a concept in mind that my bike should look unique and different. I did not want it to look like an R15, I simply wanted the new look which combines the best bits of the Pulsar’s with the best bits of the R.

Modified Pulsar 200 (4)

And so I started. I installed a custom front and rear mudguard along with a custom number plate mount. Also installed a clip on handle bar and the obvious front fairing from the R15. I have to admit that it was not an easy job from day one. I had to spent about 8 to 10 hours a day for about 3 weeks at the workshop while the bike was being transformed to get the results just the way I wanted. The final cost of the whole operation came upto 35,000. My machine has run about 20,000 KM till date and I usually travel about 100Km’s a day to and from the college. After the entire modification the mileage has remained the same at about 40Km/L

Modified Pulsar 200 (3)

I have felt a lot of changes when on the saddle, the most significant one being the increase in weight; I have also felt a decrease in pickup. The people at Castrol bike zone felt that it was purely psychological. I also managed to achieve a top speed of 121 after the modifications.

Modified Pulsar 200 (2)

I truly love the new look with the awesome paint combination of black and wild green. It used to be red in the beginning but not anymore. The new colour combination reminds me of a dark forest filled with wild grass, which I think is truly awesome. BikeAdvice asked what my dream bike is, well, I had only one answer, my custom Pulsar….

– Vidit Karla