What Do You Want Us To Publish? Let Us Know!

Dear readers, in the past week we have made a few changes in BikeAdvice and new writers namely Mahavir Kothari, Harish, Kunal & Ashwin Prabhu have joined the BikeAdvice Team. You may have also noticed that we are publishing more posts and keeping up with the news as much as possible.

We are doing the best we can but always one thing has remained our top priority: we like to publish what you want rather than expecting you to like what we publish.

Please search through BikeAdvice if you can find what you want and if you don’t, just leave a comment below about it. It may be anything like comparisons of specific models, reviews of certain bikes, photos, videos… just type in what ever you feel like and we will try our best to get it to you.

Thank you for being a part of BikeAdvice. Help us make it better. 🙂