The touring breed is probably the fastest growing community among biking enthusiasts in the country. However, the singlemost pain point what our tourers face is the lack of vision-able light on the road especially during nights on our havocking highways. Apart from the projectors of Pulsar 220, no other (stock) bike in India could well be called as ride-able on Indian roads during night. So if you are the same breed of people (or crave to become one) but stuck with this issue we bring a resolution for you. Read on..

We have received an article from Rajthilak (, an avid biking enthusiast and a regular BikeAdvice follower from Chennai who installs Projector setups on bikes for an enhanced vision. We have attached a few of his artworks along with this article. Look at the pictures; donโ€™t they speak for themselves. Here he has talked about the Yamaha FZ series of bikes and need we say they look gorgeous! Added to the looks, this entire set up can be yours for an all inclusive price of lesser than 3k INR. Impressed? We are..!

However a few things which must be taken note of before proceeding for this kind of a mod. Your stock reflectors cannot be re-used after this mod as they would be masked (or painted black) to fit the projectors. So, if you want to revert back to stocks bulbs, you would need to buy a new reflector all together.

To convert your stock set up, Rajthilak would use H7 bulbs in place of the regular H4s on your bikes. While this would mean a much stronger (and much brighter) throw of light on the road but it would keep you devoid of the high beam on your bike as H7 comes with only a single beam.

In addition Rajthilak doesnโ€™t provide any guarantee for the angel eye rings; however, you always have the option of changing your bulbs in case they fuse out. HIDs can also be used in place. Rajthilak also provides the provision of fancy designs like the flowing waves or sundry designs seen on the super sexy Audiโ€™s and BMWs.

Rajthilak charges Rs 2200 to 2800 depending upon the size and the complexity involved in the whole job on your bike. The best part is that if you want double projectors, even that can be worked out, obviously if your bike provides a provision for it and at extra charges.

After reading the whole article and watching the pics if you have made up your mind for the mod, all you need to do is get Rajthilak your headlight assembly. This can be done either by you couriering it to him at his place (in Chennai) or if you want he can buy the headlamps for you from the service centers and work on them. Once the job is complete, he would courier the whole setup to your place so that you can get it installed by any person near your vicinity and here you have a bike with improved looks and more importantly, enhanced functionality.

Saad Khan

Disclaimer: We are, in no way, endorsing any particular being nor are we promoting or recommending anyone for this job. Whoever wishes to proceed for the mod job must do it at his own risk. BikeAdvice is in no way responsible for any kind of loss to your products or any kind of other losses including the money you would put at stake. We do not personally know the Rajthilak and bear no relation with him.

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  1. The legality behind the use of H7 bulbs on road is a concerned for many states across the country, this has to be taken into consideration prior going for the installation.

  2. Man the mod looks awesome plus it would give a good visibility as well.But wat about the commuters from the opposite side???would the high intensity light blind them out????Chennai, Hyderabad, Banglore guys really do have good folks to modify there bikes really missing good mechanics here in Jaipur

  3. damn…the mod looks S.E.X.Y…luv it…is there a possibility to show the orginal fz healight so its easy to compare….or the moded r15 headlight????

  4. Projectors are also available on H4. Which can be used for both high and low beams. Because they have three wires not two like H7. And H4 is legal i guess.

  5. Hi all,
    Thanks for your comments and replies.
    H7 should be legal AFAIK since its being already used in Pulsar 220. And we do not get H4 projectors in India for the cost that I’ve mentioned, so its easy to go with the projectors available in the market. And if you have any more details please contact me in my personal ID and i shall answer them asap.


    • bro how much will be the total cost for setting white projectors & angel rings for my fazer limited edition if you send it by courier???? plz reply!

  6. Hi,
    Thanks all for your comments. Let me try and answer all the questions as much as possible.
    As far as i know H7 is legal since its being already used in P220. The whole concept of Projector is to give more visibility and it will definitely not blind the opposite side drivers (unless its unfocussed). H4 or bi xenon projectors are costly and not easily available in Indian markets, so its better to use H7 projectors which are available and also there is no need for high beam when H7 projectors are used since they will be powerful enough to cover the road even in highways.

  7. are there any xenon or HID projectors in india? i wanted to do like the way the it was done in the link provided by wasif for his fz6. i wanted to do this for my r15. plzz tell me if HID projectors are available n their price

  8. Hi Manju.. It is difficult to setup on an Enfield but there was another friend who asked for RE thunderbird so we are meeting this weekend and if we get to finalize on something we shall implement on yours as well.

    Hi Varun… We can try on your stunner, that shouldnt be a problem, but if we can try some twin setup as in P220 it would be really good, please mail me on my personal ID ( for us to work with the design.

  9. Hi Sai,
    Im not sure of the xenon projectors which has inbuilt angel rings and HID but you can make them seperately and assemble as i do. Again difficult to get bi xenon projectors as well.IF you need those kind of projectors i guess you can buy online and get them shipped to India, which will be costly… if you get them imported i can get them installed for you.

  10. thank u raj, in which colour does ur light glow? n how much will it cost for u to send me the set? i will get them fit here in vijayawada

  11. hey raj, i want u to send me some more pics of the set n also angel eye rings to, also send me the pics of those u r talkin bt designs like audi n bmw, wats the bulb used in the first picture?(both the large one n small one) wat r those bulbs used? thanx in advance

  12. it possible to fit twin setup(as 220) on pulsar 200? how much will be the charge for twin setup and HID? and will it affect the battery? pls give me your contact no. if u dont mind..

  13. Hi Pravin,
    We can do a projector setup for Pulsar no issues. Please call me for details, my number is available in the previous comment. Also mail me for the pictures of the projector output.

  14. Hi,
    I dont think its possible to fit the ring in P220 because there isnt much space to accomodate the ring. I mean the distance between the front glass/lens and the projector is very close. Since this gap is very less I cannot even think of some other design ๐Ÿ™

  15. Hi Nazeer,
    As ive mentioned in my earlier comments, there is no warranty on the angel eye rings as they are purely dependent on the usage. As far as the projector setup goes, the setup will be strong and can withstand normal riding conditions, there are no complex things to get tampered as its just a hard metal object. Also there will no complaints of even HID buring it off because its metal so the reflection and performance will be steady always. Since the setup is fit in a safe place there will be no use for even maintenance just cleaning the outer surface of the headlight should be more than enough. Also as mentioned earlier the projector will not get damaged and the bulbs can be replaced with ease if they fuse out. Anymore question, please feel free to mail me ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Rajtilak,
      I own a hero honda super splendor. Kindly let me know whether I can istall projection head lamps and also let me know the cost.

      Earlier I tried to increase the light by putting OSRAM white bulb but the mechanic advised me that Hero honda bikes have less lighting. Is that true?

  16. Hi rajthilak
    i want to know can you make setup for r15?and what will be the cost?and ya you are using h7 that is normally used as fog spreads more but no longer in distance correct me if m wrong.

  17. Are you able to get only projectors.if yes then i can give h4 type xenons bulbs which can be used as bi-xenons only by adding solenoid.if we can adjust thin metal sheet than it would be just become like what premium cars have.thanx plz do reply.

  18. Hi Madhur,
    H7 bulbs are used for low beam in many hi end cars and AFAIK H1 and 9006 type bulbs are usually used in fogs. H7 can cover a long distance i can share pics of the output of H7. I just recently did one R15 and can share the pics as well. The cost would be a little more because i will not be able to use the normal projectors for R15 simply because of its size, its very small compared to others so smaller the size costlier the porjectors would be. So this will cost around 5K.

    You are right that a solenoid would make the single beam projector into dual beam but how do we go about fitting the solenoid??? I have also browsed and got this info but not really sure how can we go about this, this isnt that simple as it sounds. Can you please share your mobile number so that we can discuss on this? Or pls gimme a call to my mob number shared already in this topic.
    Rajthilak. K

  19. And the point as ive seen most r15 with AE and HID use two different per my knowledge they throw more glares on others coming from front.and is cost including hids?

  20. Hi,
    I am having Yamaha Fazer. But still just able to have both lights working (Low and High). But I am not satisfied with them at all as I want some real nice projectors for both lamps to glow and that too as LOW-HIGH combi.
    All the HID tech know-how I came to learn from other sites still not favoring my queries that would that be possible that both the HID projector works at same time and that too with LOW and HIGH beam??If so, what would be the inst. charges for HID and projectors? Which all projectors would be used in case of providing LOW HIGH combo.
    Your reply is eagerly awaited.
    Thanx in advance.

  21. Hiii
    Pls Call me for Projector Lamps If u have any query about the projector for any bikes and car
    Or U want to install then
    call me on 9711510017 , 9811690017 (ANIL)

  22. Hi Anil,
    Hope you remember my call in evening.
    I wasn’t able to find your account on orkut. Pls provide me the profile name so that make me search you easily.
    or else, search my profile with name “Bansal Manu” with mail id as

  23. hey dude can we use this h7 bulbs for dio?.. if yes how much it will cost.. which one is better for dio h7 or h4.. i hav a very poor focus?? suggest me

  24. Hi all,
    I have now started doing Bi xenons for Bikes. This will contain a projector, integrated angel eye and HID or any color choice of yours. Also made a design for thunderbird as many wanted. Please contact me for more details.

  25. Hi,
    I am having Yamaha Fazer. But still just able to have both lights working (Low and High). But I am not satisfied with them at all as I want some real nice projectors for both lamps to glow and that too as LOW-HIGH combi.
    All the HID tech know-how I came to learn from other sites still not favoring my queries that would that be possible that both the HID projector works at same time and that too with LOW and HIGH beam??If so, what would be the inst. charges for HID and projectors? Which all projectors would be used in case of providing LOW HIGH combo.
    anticipating your reply at the earliest.

  26. Hi buddy i want projector headlamp for Fazer so hw much it wil cost i hv already install hid for Fazer. And if possible u buy new Fazer headlamp get install with projector thn wat wil b the cost? I wil send u money on ur account no.
    Or mail me on

  27. Hi Raj, I have Star City 110 ES that has 5 Ah battery. Can I install this projector setup and also fit in a Bi Xenon HID? How much would it cost overall? Would the battery be sufficient or need to get a higher capacity one?


  28. Hi buddy i want projector headlamp for Fazer so hw much it wil cost. And if possible u buy new Fazer headlamp get install with projector thn wat wil b the cost? I wil send u money on ur account no.
    Or mail me on

  29. Hi Raj, am Kushal from Karnataka n am very much interested in setting up a projector on my Pulsar 180 UG3…. As i’ve no experience in doing it at all n luckily got hold of your mods n am very happy to contact You…. Even am desperate to have such setup in my bike..can u help me out if i get hold of H4 projectors here in Bangalore…. Also planning to install HID’s after projector mods……
    Regards Kushal

  30. Hi Raj please give me you contact details as I am very much interested in Bi-xenon Projector n HID Setup….Awaiting Your reply as soon as possible…
    Thanks in advance

  31. Can me make any modification on HONDA STUNNER’S headlight portion,or will you please suggest me any other apt headlight due for my honda stunner 125.

    am confused.please help me

  32. I am from Kerala and i want a bixenon(H4) healight for my R15. Is this voids my warrenty of the bike? How much it costs? Can you send me some pictures of H4 installed R15 bikes (my email id is ). I also want an angel eyes for my bike. Is available in kerala?

  33. Hi Raj,
    gr8 job. I am just going to buy a new bike probably Honda CB Dazzler, can u tell me whether it is possible to assemble the complete headlamp setup of Pulsar220 ( i.e. Projector lamps to fairings) on CB dazzler or we have to just do the cosmetics inside the headlight area as you have done in FZ model shown in first pic.

  34. hai rajthilak…..i have a fz with me..i really like that…..
    i also want to have a headlight for my fz….iam in kerala ,i often comes to chennai.but how can i contact you…..pls call me if u can on this number:9539297787….hopes u will call…….bye


  36. hi raj, this is pradeep frm bangalore, i’ve just bought a honda dio 15 days old… i want to install projector lamp.. but how can i make ur payment frm here… n how much wil it cost for a single projector with angel eyes….. plz reply…..

  37. hi raj… I am from maharashtra and from where could i get this lamps for my fazer …..i visited u’r orkut profile……contact me please 9403821924

  38. Hi Raj,
    Really impressed with your work. You do exactly what i was looking for. I want to install Two angle eye HID projector Lamps on my TVS APACHE 160 RTR. Do you think this is possible, can we accommodate two Projectors within headlamp assembly of Apache 160? Also i want the white LED strips covered to my Headlight as shown in this link What will be the effect of this mod to my Battery or if i need to upgrade my battery as well? I am from Mumbai then how can i get this done by you if at all possible? What will be the cost? how much time will it take? What is H4 and H7? I need White Lamps and not blueish.. so what should i go for in order to have pure white HID projectors just like BMW or Audi? HID with Projector under 6000 Lumen is Officially approved in Maharashtra. Please reply. I have also sent you an email from

  39. hi rajthilak
    this is subash from Salem.itz really awesome about ur work on angel eye projector lamps.i own an rtr180 which is of 10 months old.i wanna fix angel eye projector on my rtr180,is it possible.I’ve mailed u abt this,check and reply me raj.

  40. hi everybody,

    i am vijay, using bajaj avanger 200 DTS-i (without cick), i wanted to increase the power of my headlamps, though the headlights are powerfull in the night on higheways you hardly can see anything… so can you provide any solution for it…

  41. hi sir ,
    this is prakash from chennai…
    i ‘m having royal enfield thunderbird twinspark…
    i like to have some spl lights for my headlight…
    i like to discuss this in person…
    let me knw ur address…
    i’m in vadapalani

    thank u

  42. Hi,
    @Vijay, yes pls call me n i can suggest whatever possible.
    @Mohamed, possible, please visit my orkut, facebook profile for dio pics.
    @Prakash, pls call n come, im near saidapet AG church.

    Rajthilak K
    Mob: 09940327885
    Orkut/Facebook: Rajthilak Kuppuswamy

  43. hi Rajthilak. is it possible to fit a projection light on honda dazzler. i would be really interested in fitting one on mine. i am from chennai.

  44. I need projector setup for CBZ old model, please let me know about the 3 models you have mentioned in the earlier post and its cost and days to complete the setup.

  45. Hi guys,
    Please contact me in my phone or personal email for a personalized quote. I can courier to Bangalore as well Gaurav no issues, I can assure that they reach you safe.

  46. i do projector and angel eye work contact me on 9022773111 or mail on
    free shipping all over india
    special attraction towards r15 and honda dio
    designs for all bikes and best quality angel eye with different colours

    ————thank you————

  47. hi rajthilak…. can v fix two projectors for r15…is there any problem with battery… and wat abt cost for two projectors… plz give me reply..

  48. hi,
    1 month back i have replaced my 55/65 headlight with philips H4, 95/100, the focus is better but not that good,
    can anyone pls suggest any more powerful bulb for direct replacement
    or what is the diff betwn philips H4 and H7, which one is brighter on highways…

  49. Hey i want to buy projector headlight for my Activa and Pulsar 150. What’s the price and where i can i get in Pune,Maharashtra. And what is the guarantee. Reply pl

  50. @sameer i make projectors i have made for aviator also ill make them for pulsar also call me on 09022773111 and check my facebook profile nKCUSTOMz and even on youtube

  51. Hi Raj,
    Can you pls sugest me a gud HID kit (High/Low beam) for my R15…..nd wat does a projector does nd is it inclusive of the HID kit or do we need to buy it seperatley..??

  52. Hi,
    I want to buy HID (H4) for my FZ16, Can somebody suggest me where I can get it and install them in pune ??


  53. Hi.
    i just want to know weather these projectors work on fazer 150cc?????
    as it needs 2proj’s it might get overload to battery………
    ll it work??????
    pls let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I have a Yamaha Fazer (lava Red) Sep’09 model. I had this projector set-up done by Mr.Rajthilak over the weekend. There ain’t extra impact on the battery, whatsoever, as the bulbs being used are 35/35W (of same power as the stock headlamps).


  54. @Rohit:

    The projector set-up works just fine as the bulb being used is of 35/35 W.

    I had this mod done from Mr. Rajthilak over the weekend. I wish I cud express how glad i am to that dramatic improvement over the vision on road. Stunning looks and attention comes inbuilt with the set-up. Its a total head turner that wud certainly leave u feeling proud of ur bike.
    I’ve seen Mr.Thilak working and found that he proved me wrong at the point, when i used to think, “It only me who takes care of my bike. He’d things on ur bike so carefully, that its just beyond ur imaginations”.

    If u’ve got budget, don’t step back from this modification. A billion thanx to Mr.Thilak.

    +91 959 197 2276

  55. Hi Rajthilak… Im sure after reading so many praises for the work u wud b amazing to have the work done from u..
    i have the Pulsar 220 streetfighter…. the one n only drawback is the headlight as it not at all effective in the night on highways… im a biking freak…n have rode on the 220 from ahmedabad-jamnagar….. jamnagar- mumbai……. mumbai-pune…..pune – kochi(kerala)……..its been a wonderful experience with the bike and you feel the beast power between ur legs… im very concerned about the work on my bike…. all i need is a solution for the headlamps…. the same or better intensity as the other p220 model….and of course the look of the bike matters..
    hope to get a valid n gud solution from u..

  56. Hi Rajthilak,
    i want projector lamp in my yamaha Fz-s, i am from coimbatore,can u please tell me how it can be done .I have already fitted another powerful Horn in my bike which is directly connected without even turning the key.will it affect the battery if i install projector lamp ?? pls reply me soon….

  57. hi bro… is it possible to add two hid’s [one small and other bigger] on each side of my yamaha fazer L.E reflectors? how much will it cost me totally? plz reply!!!

  58. hi i hav herohonda karizma i like 2 fix HID light with angel light am in chennai and i want 2 know about the cost of the light and where can i fix the light in chennai

  59. Hello All,

    Just spoke to Raj (The genius) and confirmed that my headlights are on its way back to me…

    Cant wait to see the fierce eyes ๐Ÿ˜€ We had some extra designs similar to the BMW Eyebrow lights in Amber color ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks Raj !

  60. what type of hid can be installed on zmr. I have heard that these lights will produce a lot of heat and will burn the reflectors and the wires. Will it effect the batteries. Please help of with this

  61. hi raj,
    Can i get projector on my scooty pep+ i like it very much it gives a good look please help me with this.I had also send you a mail asking about this only in ore detail


  62. I am having hero honda karisma r model bike . It is possible to fix double projector lamp and also I want your shop address . Please sent some photos That alread fix in karisma. Thanks

  63. need angel eyes for my 220…………any suggestion could help………n ha also need to knw how will it be fitted……without brking the light!!!! thanxxx:))

  64. Hello Rajthilak,

    I have been reading your comments on various questions, you doing a great job. I recently bought a Yamaha Fazer, I am some how not so comfortable with the lamps. I feel they ain’t powerful enough, it becomes very difficult when the guy on the opposite flashes on me and I left out in darkness.
    I would like more powerful lamps, how about the projection headlamps? How much do they cost and won’t it affect the battery?
    It would be great to hear from you. Thank you.

  65. hii to all….
    i own a mahindra rodeo{moped}… i modified its headlight with retro fit projector and used hid inside it…
    hid is draining the battery like hell… my vehicle is using 12V 7Ah battery type…. plz suggest something to overcome the problem of battery draining///

  66. Hi raj,
    I have a Fazer 150. I need to set up projectors for the same. Can it be done for twin headlight? If so what is the cost and where can i meet you and get it done?

  67. Hi Thilak this is regan… If it is possible to fix projector in apache rtr160,then hw its cost to fix send me details machan,

  68. Hey, I m in maharashtra, in amravati ,near nagpur, pls can any one tell me who can help me to fix projecter to my pulsar 200 ns. Pls contact me if possible. 9860835583.

  69. Hi,
    I looking forward to fix single projector lights in my R15. I already have a H4 bi xenon Philips HIDs with me. So it possible to fix this instead of H7. Please reply to my email. BTW I am in Bangalore.Thanks

  70. Hi Rajthilak …. I recently purchased a Yamaha FZ-S and i am interested in going for angel eyes …. Can i install any other headlights other than the the default ones … Is it legal in India and what are the effects by doing this on the bike as a whole and on the battery ???? Please help …

  71. Read all the posts above and all are asking questions, but no reply to any. I own Fazer 153 cc 2011 model and wish to install twin projectors. Is this possible without getting battery drained or do i need to upgrade battery ? Just want to know ths.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. Hi Raj,
    I Just Bought my Pulsar 180cc in Red wine color.
    I want to install HID projrctors on it..please reply me if it is possible for pulsar 180.

  73. I require the projector and lens alone, without the ballast and lamps.. could you mail me the price… Looking for bulk order

  74. hi im using rtr160 apache
    i woould like to install projector light
    can any one tell me where it is available , im living in vijayawada


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