Projector Setup for Motorcycles

The touring breed is probably the fastest growing community among biking enthusiasts in the country. However, the singlemost pain point what our tourers face is the lack of vision-able light on the road especially during nights on our havocking highways. Apart from the projectors of Pulsar 220, no other (stock) bike in India could well be called as ride-able on Indian roads during night. So if you are the same breed of people (or crave to become one) but stuck with this issue we bring a resolution for you. Read on..

We have received an article from Rajthilak (, an avid biking enthusiast and a regular BikeAdvice follower from Chennai who installs Projector setups on bikes for an enhanced vision. We have attached a few of his artworks along with this article. Look at the pictures; don’t they speak for themselves. Here he has talked about the Yamaha FZ series of bikes and need we say they look gorgeous! Added to the looks, this entire set up can be yours for an all inclusive price of lesser than 3k INR. Impressed? We are..!

However a few things which must be taken note of before proceeding for this kind of a mod. Your stock reflectors cannot be re-used after this mod as they would be masked (or painted black) to fit the projectors. So, if you want to revert back to stocks bulbs, you would need to buy a new reflector all together.

To convert your stock set up, Rajthilak would use H7 bulbs in place of the regular H4s on your bikes. While this would mean a much stronger (and much brighter) throw of light on the road but it would keep you devoid of the high beam on your bike as H7 comes with only a single beam.

In addition Rajthilak doesn’t provide any guarantee for the angel eye rings; however, you always have the option of changing your bulbs in case they fuse out. HIDs can also be used in place. Rajthilak also provides the provision of fancy designs like the flowing waves or sundry designs seen on the super sexy Audi’s and BMWs.

Rajthilak charges Rs 2200 to 2800 depending upon the size and the complexity involved in the whole job on your bike. The best part is that if you want double projectors, even that can be worked out, obviously if your bike provides a provision for it and at extra charges.

After reading the whole article and watching the pics if you have made up your mind for the mod, all you need to do is get Rajthilak your headlight assembly. This can be done either by you couriering it to him at his place (in Chennai) or if you want he can buy the headlamps for you from the service centers and work on them. Once the job is complete, he would courier the whole setup to your place so that you can get it installed by any person near your vicinity and here you have a bike with improved looks and more importantly, enhanced functionality.

Saad Khan

Disclaimer: We are, in no way, endorsing any particular being nor are we promoting or recommending anyone for this job. Whoever wishes to proceed for the mod job must do it at his own risk. BikeAdvice is in no way responsible for any kind of loss to your products or any kind of other losses including the money you would put at stake. We do not personally know the Rajthilak and bear no relation with him.