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ANSIO Air Purifier Ideal for Home Car Office


  • 【FOR PURE AND HEALTHY AIR】ANSIO’s Portable Air Purifier with CADR of 30.43m^3/h helps to reduce Vehicle exhaust, Smoke, Dust, Allergens, Total Volatile Organic Compounds, Formaldehyde, Odors etc thereby providing a pure, safe and healthy breathing space. The portable air purifier is equipped with an USB Charger Output and is quite compact for easy portability.
  • 【STAGE AIR PURIFICATION PROCESS】The contaminated air passes through a (1) Pre-filter, (2) a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, (3) Black Active carbon filter, (4) Filter equipped with Photo Catalytic Titanium dioxide, (5) UV Lamp and finally through (6) an Ionizer which releases a cloud of beneficial negative ions into the air, allowing the removal of dust particles, pollen, cigarette smoke, car exhaust fumes etc. Home adapter is not included with this product, have to buy separate.
  • 【FEATURES AROMA PAD AND SMART MODE OPERATION】After the 6- Stage air purification process, the filtered air comes in contact with the Aroma Pad. The Aroma pad further enhances the quality of air by imparting the fragrance of the essential oil put on it. To suit your preference the air purifier can be operated in a High Speed, Low Speed or Smart Mode. The smart mode operation automatically detects the air quality and adjusts the operating speed of the air purifier in accordance with it.
  • 【PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions】212 x 136 x 66 mm, Voltage: 12 V, Power: 9W, UV Light Lamp Life: 20,000 hours, Negative Ion Density: 3 million per cc, Coverage: 150 square feet. The filter can last approximately for 3 to 6 months depending on the usage and air quality.
  • 【PEACE OF MIND】ANSIO’s Portable Air Purifier comes with 2 years warranty


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