Petrol To Get Cheaper By Rs.11 in Goa

While we have been caught fretting about the sky rocketing Petrol Prices and increased taxes all over the country, Goa government has done something which should lead the way and spread across the country. Actually, Petrol in Goa is set to become cheaper by as much as Rs.11. Reason; the BJP led government has proposed to abolish VAT on petrol.

If this gets implemented, we all are set to witness possibly the first traces of ‘sense’ and lesser greed from political parties towards mining less from this already battered fuel. Also, other states should also follow suit and slash that tax on one of the most important non-renewable resource of energy. In reality, a major chunk of per liter prices we pay for goes to the government as some or the other kind of tax.

We are sure these kind of steps would also be encouraged by automobile manufacturers since this would mean an equal opportunity to an otherwise dying Petrol car segment and a boost to higher capacity bikes in the country.

Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar said that VAT on petrol in Goa would be reduced to a paltry figure of 0.1 percent to keep a track of overall fuel sales. This move is expected to go effective starting April 2012.

Now, it would be interesting to be a witness to the reaction of other states towards this move. Hope sense gets the better of greed and we have other states following suit.

Saad Khan
Team BikeAdvice