My Personal Dedication to all our Dear Pulsar Fans

Ever since the day I joined BikeAdvice, I’ve been noticing a fact here. There are many loyal fans to almost every bike brand on earth. But, the two major chunks in BikeAdvice are Yamaha Lovers and Hardcore Pulsar fans. Though, I fall in the first category, I am really stunned by the way people adore Pulsar, not just as a bike but as a God, irrespective of it  being it the 150, 180, 200, 220 or the latest addition to the fleet – Pulsar 135.

But one has to however accept the fact that Bajaj has positioned Pulsar in such a manner that youth worship Pulsars here. One wrong comment on Pulsar would end up in warfare like arguments.  The recent Hunto ad would have made you still more proud. Am I right? The Pulsar-Mania ad by Bajaj made these people go even more crazier.

The bike has been such a massive hit that major revenue for Bajaj Auto comes from Pulsar. The buyers consider booking a Pulsar as an act that needs absolutely no second thought, owing to its power and the price.

There was a friend of mine who bought a Pulsar. Wipe the bike everyday, with a cloth which only he will use and wash the cloth by himself. There are such diehard fans for this brand of bike. I was just astonished when his Mom shared this with me during a tea chat.

So, my dear Pulsar lovers, Pulsar users and Pulsar fans, I dedicate this video which I recently saw in Youtube for all of you. Some of you might have seen it already. But still, see it again for the ‘n’th number of time and enjoy. At the end of this video, take still more pride in saying that you love Pulsar.

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