An Open Letter To Suzuki Motorcycle India From Pradeep Goel

I, Pradeep Goel, from Rohtak have a Suzuki Zeus Bike in Delhi and I found it great in every aspect of driving, that is the other thing I had suffer a lot because of poor services and I think that is the main reason of failure of this Great value for money bike in the market.

Now I wish to purchase Suzuki Access for my wife From Badhwar Automotives Pvt. Ltd. in Rohtak, Haryana. First I went to their Showroom on 15th June and got shocked to know the condition they have putted. They told me that if I take accessories with the scooter then I can get the scooter in 4-5 days otherwise it would take one month for delivery. And it’s necessary to have the insurance from them.

Then I said you please inform me when you have the scooter in stock then I will see what I can have. But they never informed me even they have extra scooters in their showroom.

Finally, I went to there on 2nd of this month and met the owner. It was again very shocking to hear him. He said company force us to have the accessories and we can’t sell it without accessories and if you wish to have so then you have to wait for a month. Then I said that in Delhi it’s easily available without accessories and they don’t force anyone for the same and giving instant delivery. Then he that “we will not provide service to vehicle purchase from other cites as I have my own customers and the quality of services will be the different.

That thing made me afraid that the person who so much greedy in sells what kind of services he will be provide. He will cut the customer in the services. Then I have enquire the other Access owners for the same and got it right that they are really very rigid in service and charging extra money for everything and suggested me to have HONDA ACTIVA as my wife and relative advised me. But as I have experienced the quality and riding comfort of Zeus I insist to have Access and booked an access on 2nd July by giving some reference for quick delivery and he told me if possible I will give it on 10th July but you have to take some accessories. But today when I called them they said that I can’t get it before 20th July.

Sir, I just want to know why you don’t have any control on such a dealers who spoiling the company image. I have experience it with Anand Motors in Gujrawala town, Delhi., who run away in 4 months of opening and I have to go 20km away for services and small parts due to this I miss some service and dealer refused to provide any warranty and my bike became almost Junk. I have wrote to the company nobody heard. Can I know why you force the customer for the expensive accessories?

Please suggest me what I should do now. If I purchase Access from Delhi it will cost me appox. 3000 Rs. extra which I can’t bear. So please help me.


Pradeep Goel
Manager International Affairs
Avion Biotech Pvt. Ltd