Nov 2014 Sales Report: All Two-Wheeler Manufacturers: Analysis & Graphs

As you have seen, we have made monthly sales a regular point of interest at BikeAdvice. This month also we keep you informed of how many units each manufacturer has sold in India in the 30 days of November 2014. So, here is the list with comparison figures from Oct 2014 as well.


Quick Analysis

  • The rankings remain the same apart from one single change at the bottom (swap between Kawasaki & Triumph), but the overall sales dropped as compared to October 2014.
  • The biggest looser here appears to be Bajaj which now has given a significant lead to TVS for the third spot. This is because Bajaj’s sales in the 100-110cc and 110-125cc segments have fallen significantly. Their position in the 100-110cc segment has reduced to almost half of what it was in Nov 13. Their share in the 110-125cc has seen an even bigger fall with just 5549 units (against 14,039 units of Nov 2013). Interestingly, for all the other segments greater than 125cc, the company has gained volumes. Exportwise, Bajaj is going great and is posting segment-best figures month after month. Clearly, their focus has shifted to the export markets which offer higher profitability.
  • Hero’s sales in the 100-110cc segment and scooters improved but for all the other segments they are present in, they are ceding volumes to the competition. Their sales in 150cc segment, despite 4 different motorcycles, have withered away and at 3346 units, are abysmally low and are segment lowest.
  • Honda is clearly the pick of the lot here with lowest fall (in percentage terms) as compared to Oct 14. As compared to last Nov, they have gained sales in the 110-125cc and scooters segment and have remained almost flat in the 100-110cc segment. However, like Hero, a big pain point for them is the higher segments. With 9642 units of 150ccs, Honda’s sales in this segment are just over Hero’s and fast-moving Suzuki’s. Latest Unicorn 160 doesn’t seem to be a product which can do them any significant good!


  • TVS, the other manufacturer which is gaining momentum has also been doing pretty good. They increased sales in 100-110cc and 150-200cc motorcycle segments and almost doubled share in the scooters segment. And with reports of new bigger motorcycles in the future (with and without BMW), they are all set to hit Bajaj in the higher segments.
  • Yamaha remained flat in scooters, 100-110cc motorcycles, suffered losses in 110-125cc segment but has gained in the 150cc segment. But, with Gixxer moving up the ladder, they may need to get more aggressive.
  • Suzuki lost some sales in scooters despite the introduction of 110cc Lets, 100-110cc segment but gained significant momentum with their Gixxer, which is doing great. And with a fully-faired Gixxer in pipeline, we may see even better results in the future.
  • Royal Enfield is going great guns and it appears they do not follow any particular trend. In fact, they are the only mainstream manufacturer which saw sales increment as compared to Oct 14 sales.
  • Mahindra doesn’t seem to be getting into the trend of positive sales.┬áTheir Gusto seems to have held on to its scooter sales, but their motorcycle sales just collapsed to half of Nov 13.
  • Rest of the manufacturers are continuing with the flowing trend and interestingly, despite a huge uproar against Triumph last month, they have actually gained sales as compared to Oct 14.

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