Noteworthy: Yamaha SZ TV Commercial

Yamaha SZ series is another successful product from Yamaha after R15 and FZ series. The SZ series has got good response across the country and it helped Yamaha to gain market share in Sports commuter segment. This is also another reason for having 30-40% growth in sales by Yamaha compared to last year. To strengthen its position in sports commuter segment Yamaha has now came up with new SZ TV commercial.

The New SZ TV commercial is mostly based on similar concept of Onida‚Äôs iconic tagline ‘Neighbour’s envy, owner’s pride’. This is concept of having things which others desire. The new TV commercial shows a guy speaking to her girlfriend that, people are always interested in others thing and take her on ride to show the same. There are a number of examples where he shows her while riding and when they stop on traffic signal every other motorcycle owner is looking at Yamaha SZ. The guy feels pride of owning Yamaha SZ in the end. Have a look to new commercial posted above.