Navigate Your Way Through GPS

In earlier days, when we go to a new city or place there were always some roadside people to whom we can ask directions to go to a certain location in that city. But nowdays, even single people walking down the road are busy with an iPod or a phone’s headset and we feel uncomfortable to ask them. But anyway, thanks to technology, Global Positions System can make our life easier. Now you need not worry about directions when you are touring.

gps navigation

There was a rumour that these devices work only in developed countries, but look here. This device shows you the way for more than 200 cities in India. This gadget is a one time investment and there is no recurring cost for any service because it gets the data from the satellite directly.

The system has 34 categories of different features on the map and upto street level addresses. It can be charged or directly connected to the AC/DC of your bike or car. This device can also be used when you are out of India. You just need to change the settings.

The basic model costs around 5 grand and advanced model costs around 15 grand. The company which manufactures these devices is SPiN Telematics Pvt. Ltd. and is situated in Bangalore. They have 8 different products. For more info about this, click here.