MV Agusta Getting Ready to Launch Euro 4 Compliant Models

Italian motorcycle firms and money issues have been a tale a bit too familiar. Names like Cagiva, Benelli, MV Agusta, Ducati, have all been through it. Some of these names have been revived by a German car maker! So when Mercedes AMG bought a stake in MV Agusta, one would have thought that to be the end of their worries. Little did the Castiglioni family know that this was just the beginning of their nightmare.

Well, guess what, after keeping production under check, and cutting the loose ends, the management has finally been able to bring things under control. As per an article in MCN, a detailed debt report will be made public by the end of October. However, it is being said that the company is back to making cash and is getting ready to showcase the entire range of motorcycles in a Euro 4 compliant avatar in the next few months.

MV Agusta F3 675

If we go by tradition, next few months might be read as EICMA in November. The update will include the entire range and the report adds that none of the existing models will be axed. Unlike Ducati, MV Agusta will remain as a premium bike maker and will not go below the existing 675 cc mill. The focus area will also see them turn their attention to special edition models.

MV Agusta

So expect more beauties like the F4Z, which they recently unveiled in collaboration with Zagato. Oh wait, did we tell you that Mr Castiglioni has also promised a surprise or two later this year?