MRF Revz C1 & FC1 Launched for Duke & RC 390: 10K Cheaper Than Metzelers

Let us admit that Metzelers are absolutely awesome tyres and provide fantastic grip and are real companions for some spirited riding on the 44PS Duke 390 and RC390! However, there is a flipside to it, a big one that is – their cost!


A pair of Metzelers for the 390 KTMs cost Rs 16,000 which is, to put it lightly, very high! Home-grown MRF has sensed an opportunity here and launched new Revz C1 and FC1 tyres specially for Duke 390 and RC390, which are significantly cheaper than the Metz Sportec!

Revz C1 and FC1 are basically bettered versions of the Revz C and FC which are offered on the Duke 200 and RC200. Since the tyre and wheel dimensions of KTM’s 200 twins are same as the 390 siblings, one can put the C and FC on the 390cc KTMs as well and a lot of the customers have done that.

However, its not advisable to use them for high-speed track-type riding, since these tyres come with a lower speed rating and are not designed for high speeds and performance the 44 horses 390s are capable of attaining.

This is where C1 and FC1 come into the picture as MRF assures that these tyres are made for the 390s and come with a higher speed rating.


MRF C1 & FC1 Price

  • MRF Revz FC1 for front: Rs 2685
  • MRF Revz C1 for rear: Rs 3600
  • Total = Rs 6285

Compare this with the price of Metzelers’ Rs 16,160 (Rs 7425 for front and Rs 8735 for the rear), you end up saving a whooping Rs 10,000. But do NOT expect the same kind of grip as the Metzeler duos!

And if you are inquisitive, these MRF C1 and FC1 come in 150/60 – 17 and 110/70 – 17, the exact specifications of the original-spec tyres.

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