Motorcycle Alloy Wheels – A Deep Down Appraisal!

Alloy Wheels, also otherwise known as rims, are made of alloys of aluminum or magnesium. Sometimes it so happens that a mixture of both aluminum and magnesium is used in making alloy wheels.

The basic advantages of using alloy wheels are that they are lighter, provide better heat conduction and also add to the looks of the Motorcycle.

People using Alloys can enjoy certain advantages but that doesn’t mean that spoke wheel are useless. In fact spoke wheels are still in fashion because of some inherent advantages.  Both types of wheels i.e. Alloy and Spoke have certain characteristics. In this article, we will appraise Alloy wheels in terms of performances, durability and others.

Characteristics of Alloy Wheels

It is a noted fact that everyone is now-days going for Alloy Wheels. So what are its characteristics apart from improving the looks? Let’s find out. The characteristics of alloy Wheels are listed below:

  • Alloy wheels are lighter than steel rims and thus one can have better handling and control over their motorcycle. It reduces handling difficulty by reducing up sprung mass, allowing suspension to work in a conjunction with the wheel thus improving grip.
  • Since these wheels are lighter, they help reduce the overall weight of the vehicle reducing fuel consumption marginally.
  • Alloy wheels are better heat absorbers. They are good at heat conduction which eventually helps deviate heat from brakes. This improves braking system and greatly reduces the chances of brake failure.
  • Unlike Steel spoke wheels; Alloy wheels are hard to be repaired when they are bent. But one can eventually repair them at a considerably higher price. Whereas repairing steel rims is easier and low on pocket too.
  • Alloy wheels are generally more expensive than spoke wheels.

More Points…

  • Alloy wheel gives a wider density to tyre which enhances bikes stability, handling and control.
  • Alloy wheels reduce the up sprung weight of the vehicle. Up sprung weight refers to the weight of everything connected to the wheel including wheel itself, tyres, brakes (fitted within the wheels), spindles, bearings and even a portion of the weight of the half shafts, springs and suspension links. Reduced up sprung weight results in better performances which improves traction between tyres and the roads.

Today, most of the motorcycles come equipped with alloy wheels from the factory. Apart from that we have a lot of aftermarket ones available in case you want to customize your motorcycle’s looks. The popularity of alloy wheels is clearly because of the pointers we have discussed above.