Make Your Motorcycle Sparkling Clean at Rs 20 Only!

Cleaning your bike is an integral part of its ownership and many bikers, we have met and seen are so in love with their steeds that they can go to the extent of licking it clean! For all of you DIYers who spend hours with your ride ticking out even the smallest of iota of dirt, Motomax has launched two new products – Insta Shine and Shiner, both of which are do it yourself motorcycle cleaning products.

While we haven’t tried the products yet but the USP of both of them is its affordable pricing. Motomax Insta Shine is in the form of a sponge dipped in polish and can be used on various surfaces including a motorcycle’s petrol tank, dashboard, side lamps, mud guard and side mirrors. At a price tag of Rs 20, we sense it is a must-try!


Motomax Shiner is a spray can which can be used on any surface like plastic, metal, rubber, vinyl, leather or wooden laminates. It carries a price tag of Rs 125 for 100 ml. Motomax says that you just need to spray it up and wipe it off – no scrubbing required! Easy portability and convenient size helps in carrying it around.


Motomax is a Pidilite brand which we have known for their Fevicol brand. Until now they have been offering range of cleaning products for cars and with these two new add-ons they have ventured into the Bike-cleaning segment.

If anyone of you try it up, do let our readers know about your experiences in the comments below…