Moto GP May Come to India!

Ducati, one of the coolest manufacturers of sports bike, plans to bring Moto GP racing to India. Moto GP is an internationally recognized highest level of closed circuit racing and the Italian company i.e. Ducati wants to bring it to India.

Ducati has constantly involved in negotiations with Dorna in order to bring Moto GP to India. Dorna is a group that controls the organization of Moto GP. Ducati’s CEO Gabriele Del Torchio is currently involved in talks with Dorna’s CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta about brining this international event to India.

Ducati’s CEO is of an opinion that if the racing event can happen in Qatar, China, Malaysia and Australia, it can also happen in India. He further said that India have proved time and again that they have best infrastructural facilities. One thing is assured that if everything goes fine, India shall soon host big tournaments.

As a reaction to this, JP Associates have built a F1 Racing Circuit near greater Noida. The New track is all set for the races. Presently India has got only two racing circuits i.e. the Kari Motor Speedway, near Coimbatore, and the Sriperembudur track near Chennai. So hang on people till you see Moto GP coming to India.