Moto GP to Follow Formula One Racing in India

Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida is the first Formula One racetrack for India. With lot of hypes and hell lot of expectations, the first race on this track will be commencing on the month of October,this year.

But, what is “expected” to follow the pace is the Moto GP in this track as well. Though the tracks are pretty different for bikes and cars, Moto GP officials are considering using the same track. But, the question, is do we have the desired fan base in India for Moto GP? The only fact that can console us is the entry of Mahindra Racing which can make this track a great success for Moto GP. But, if done, Moto GP will mark a greater presence in India and would also come up with a much bigger fan base than the meager bunch which exists at present .

This is what Moto GP officials had said about this great news: “We definitely want to come to India. We are in the first stage of talks and if India, which is hosting the F1 race in October, manages to fulfill the conditions (for staging a Moto GP), then a Moto GP in Delhi is not far off,” Manuel Arroyo, MD, Dorna Sports (event mangers of Moto GP), said. “The Indian team’s presence will go a big way in getting the knowledge of the sport to India. The objective is to make it a worldwide event,” he added.

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