Michelin Scorcher Tyres for Harleys to be Available More Widely

Harley Davidson and Michelin have been partners since 2008. In order to strengthen their alliance, they have agreed to co-brand the ‘Scorcher’ tyres with ‘Michelin’ and ‘Harley Davidson’ on the sidewalls (of these tyres).

Scorcher series of tyres come fitted as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) on Harley Davidson motorcycles. Sporster, Dyna, V-Rod and Street motorcycles come with Scorcher 11, Scorcher 31 and Scorcher 32 tyres factory fitted.


Now, when you are done with your tyre, you need to visit respective Harley Davidson dealerships to secure a replacement since they are not available anywhere else in the market.

After this agreement, these tyres will be available in a wider network from both Michelin and Harley outlets. Sale of these Michelin Scorcher tyres from Michelin dealers will start from Autumn of 2015.