Honda & TVS Come Precariously Close for 2nd Spot – May 2023 Retail Sales

May 2023 2-wheeler sales data reveal how TVS is racing ahead of others in terms of growth. After Bajaj is it Honda’s turn or is it just one-off month…?

While at one end, Honda is gunning for the top spot and is right under the throat of erstwhile partner Hero MotoCorp, at the other there is one maker that is climbing up the sales charts, slowly, without making a lot of noise. And that is the Chennai based TVS Motor Company!

Retail sales for the month of May 2023 have highlighted an interesting trend – the growth of TVS. While Hero went lakhs of units away from Honda, it (Honda) had to defend its second spot from TVS. Here are the numbers..

May 2023 2-Wheeler Sales – Retail – Top 4

ManufacturerSales May 2023
Hero MotoCorp5,30,658

Among the top four biggies of the industry, it was only Honda that registered a degrowth in sales. It was short of its May 2022’s tally by 22,195 units – signifying a drop of almost 8 percent. It was TVS that was the pick of the makers as it gained 66,602 units – a growth of almost 36 percent.

May 2023 2-Wheeler Sales
Bajaj also witnessed impressive growth in the month of May 2023

Hero grew marginally by 18,508 units (3.6 percent) whereas Bajaj bettered its last May’s tally by 41,565 units – again a big increase of roughly 29 percent. As you can see, with that kind of hike in numbers, TVS was just 17,310 units behind Honda and had to settle for that third spot – that it had taken from Bajaj many months back.

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May 2023 Sales – Retail – Next 4

Royal Enfield68,570
Ola Electric28,469

The next four also see a change in rankings with Yamaha dropping from the fifth spot to the seventh. It is the only maker that showed a sales decline as compared to the last May. Both Suzuki and Royal Enfield registered impressive sales growth in the month of May 2023. Do keep a tab on Ola, it has multiplied its sales from 9269 units of May 2022!

May 2023 2-Wheeler Sales
Hunter is adding a lot of sales for Royal Enfield…

TVS and Honda have been trying to strengthen their product line-up and have many new and interesting products line-up for launch this year. What do you think – will there be a change in the top order? Or is it just a one-off month and Honda will bounce back with its quest against Hero…?

Note – These are actual registrations of vehicles in the month of May 2023 and hence present a better picture of the sales trend. It denotes data from 1350 RTOs across India out of 1436.