As we all know that the line-up of Scooterettes when compared to the bikes are a little low, and the user’s who like to commute by the means of a Scooterette has to go only between specific established brands which when narrowed down can be either TVS that produces scooty line-up, Hero Honda that produces the Pleasure and Honda that has the refreshed Activa and the Dio line-up, as the other brands are not that well established let’s not take a call on them. If we can recollect to the past some time, there was in fact an old brand that was quite well established and did have a good line-up of Scooterette but unfortunately was left out in the competition and that is Kinetic who left their operations unattended and finally has got a new life with a new brand name when the “Scorpio” guys decided to buy them, yes Mahindra has bought Kinetic and now they are known under the name of Mahindra two wheelers. Ok, now I can sense the amount of questions raising about the flyte and the old well known model nova, they are renamed as Mahindra Flyte and Mahindra Duro respectively.

Mahindra Rodeo Photos (5)

Don’t know exactly what Mahindra’s strategy is in this, seeing the Rodeo’s ad doing stunts and trying to do knee scrapping at Kari memorial speedway in Coimbatore, I’m all game to review this on first hand and lets plunge into Rodeo in detail. The heart of the Rodeo is a four stroke gearless 124.6 C.C belt driven eco friendly unit that churns out 8.0 bhp at 7000 rpm with a torque value of 9.0 nm at 5500 rpm is pretty impressive for the daily city commuter. The maximum speed that the company claims is 80 kmph which is a little low when compared to the Honda’s as they have a bit more top end than the Rodeo. Now coming to the factors that set back all the other brands…

Mahindra Rodeo Photos

Digital Display: The Rodeo is the first vehicle in its segment that features a complete digital console display with the attractive Blue backlit display that makes u seriously feel like flying an aircraft with so much of data that one will get addicted instantly. What’s more stunning is that, the console back lit color can be changed according to the user’s mood that can shift nine different colors. Isn’t that amazing?? What’s more amazing is the amount of data it holds, it has a display of tachometer, trip meter, acceleration indicator, speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge and a clock if in case u forget to strap on to your watch.

Mahindra Rodeo Photos (2)

Ergonomics: Rodeo has the best ergonomically designed seats in it’s segment that offers the best riding position with a saddle height of 760mm that puts minimal stress on both the rider as well as the pillion where he or she gets to have a wider and more comfy seat. Rodeo also has stream lined bodywork that makes it wind proof and with the chiseled body it’s the rider’s advantage at such windy situations. Additionally Rodeo also offers a whooping 22 liters of luggage space with which one can carry his entire world with him and for the daily city commuter a full face helmet would fit in perfectly.

Mahindra Rodeo Photos (3)

Technology: Rodeo is equipped with its own state of the art Pro-Sus enhanced braking system that brings speed to a full stop in a matter of seconds with the advantage of 130mm dia drum brakes at both the front and rear. The most amazing feature of Rodeo is that it’s equipped with the unique feature of 4 in 1 anti theft key that works like a central console similar to the “Scorpio” that’s again what Mahindra uses in it’s cars has been bought back in Rodeo. The Rodeo is equipped with hassle free front fuelling system in which the rider can enjoy the fuelling by just relaxing down in his seat. Mahindra also claims that Rodeo comes with maintenance free supercharged battery that can give clear horn tones in all weather conditions coupled with brighter head lights and an instant start-up. The ride quality is amazing as Rodeo is equipped with Telescopic front and hydraulic rear that makes driving a pleasure and I really enjoyed it for the few kms that I rode.

Although the brand name and visibility is not as high as the Honda’s or the TVS, and an Ex. showroom price of Rs.41299 in Delhi I’m sure one will not regret in buying this if Mahindra does not do the same mistake as Kinetic did, the after sales back-up for their loyal customers.

– Ram

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  1. So what!! taking over Kinetic doesn’t mean a newly entered 4 wheeler manufacturer into 2 wheeler arena should be considered as old as its much established 4 wheeler counterpart.

  2. I personally feel that the Duro (aka Nova) looks better built. It looks sturdy and should help Mahindra’s “tough” image in two wheelers too. But Rodeo is like cross over between Strong and Girlish scooters. Doesnt fit my bill as Duro does. Duro/Activa/Access would be good for guys. Had they given a bold headlight like the Duro then it would have given the bike more character. Now its neither Bold (for guys) nor girlish (for girls). One great thing is the front fuel system. A great relief.

    • totally agree with u on the girl-guy matter…but id still go for it…it may resemble a pleasure somewhat but the features totally shadow it 🙂

  3. i request mahindra to use telescopic suspension in DUro or Increase the fuel capacity in rodeo.These two simple change will may increase the sales of these scooters

  4. hey guys think its a cool machine n tht digi speedo really impress a lot wit extra 125cc engine……get a ride n thn take a decision…n reviews goin positive..

  5. sir,
    i have purchased mahindra rodeo but the chassis strikes rodeo often when passing on road humps. this is the main defect it discourages riding itself. i have given complaint to mahindra in this regard. please dont buy this anybody at any cost

  6. HI GUYS,


  7. Rodeo looking very beautiful but only one problem in rodeo,
    the rodeo body hitting in the spead breakers(Road Breakers) so don’t buy rodeo, don’t waste your money. Think well before buying a rodeo the ground clearance of Rodeo is only 115mm

  8. i am a SAD owner of RODEO. i made this BLUNDER in november.i hav a FREE advice for all those who think of booking it.BUY A MAHINDRA RODEO ONLY, IF UR FATHER(or mother)IS A PETROL PUMP OWNER OR U WISH TO RIDE IT NEVER EVER EVER.

  9. Hi guys..I finally took a test drive of Rodeo yesterday in Force Motors(Trans Tempo)-Chennai..

    The place where I took my ride(exactly behind the showroom a long street) had lots of speed breakers and humps which was an ideal place for me to check the ground clearance issue of Rodeo..I must say that I was really satisfied by the Rodeo.It never striked the ground on any of the speed breakers..I tested it at high speed and at low speed and never did the Rodeo touch the road.The issue has been solved now I guess.

    The braking was good and acceleration was much better than other scoots in the range.It has great stability and control which makes a better option to ride in city traffic.It is a really great competitor to the Honda’s and Suzuki’s with great features and stylish looks.Mahindra must increase the the number of dealers to increase the customers.

    I booked the Rodeo(Cappuccino Brown) and will be taking the delivery within few days..Thank you guys..

  10. Hi,
    I purchased a Rodeo two days back. One of the main reasons for this purchase is I wanted to have a 2-wheeler that can be used by all in the family and second one the “6 MONTHS” waiting period for Honda activa and almost 2 months for Suzuki access.
    Before the purchase I compared the specs of all the three scooters and they were almost identical in terms of power,dimension,ground clearance,etc.
    I hope my decision is good and so far I liked the ride quality [touchwood :)]

  11. due to the love of activa i tried to get one .but fortunatley its took around 4 months to get one. so i tried other one suzuki access; it also take 3 months.Dio not I planed for taking one Rodeo. its look like scooty pep. But after riding the Rodeo i realy astonished. its super . Finally i brought one Rodeo . Now ia m always seeing activas dio and even suzuki access behind me always some time passion ,splender etc..its handling is very easy like a bike ;you can control it. the engine performance is so super you never feel the power lack ;even it is a 45 degree slope.SYM engine managing the torque very smoothly. even in 80 / KM you never fell the engine knote.All other scoter are junk . after rding the rodeo u can under stand all other scooter are junk.after rding the rodeo u shuld have question why scoter requires this much big covering ????

  12. Hi,

    I have bought rodeo 2 days back it’s performance overtake all other motorscooters like( honda activa, access, pleasure). Only one problem is there while going fast hmbs will touch ceter stand …………I Will suggest to mahindra please find solution for this and u will be no#1 motor scooter in india………..

  13. Hi guys..I am back again to give my view on Rodeo(Cappuccino Brown)…
    I bought my Rodeo after two weeks cause had exams.. 🙂
    Its really great to ride it in city traffic…It simply zooms ahead of all the scooters and 100cc bikes so fast that everyone simply look at you astonished ,what the hell is he riding???…Just press the throttle a little after starting the engine and goes 35kmph and a lil more it goes to 60-75kmph..Wow what an amazing acceleration it has guys…!!! Braking is also good and Handling is smooth as a bike.. I am really proud to own one..!!

    And i beg Mahindra to increase their Showrooms in Chennai and increase the publicity,cause everyone will love to own one after finishing their test drive..
    Rodeo is the the real ~CITY KING~ Thanks to Sym and Mahindra…!!!

    • i like your comment me too like this bike. it is not like the scotter it goes 80 constantly and with in 15-20 seconds but it mileage varies some time it gives 50 kmpl and some time 30 kmpl in the city ride itself
      Really the City King i like it very much
      Thanks to Sym and mahindra

  14. I bought the Rodeo about 3 months back….Sexy bike guys!!!!
    I’ve taken it on the highway about 4 times already…..
    The maximum speed i’ve hit is 105kmph in singles and 102 in doubles on the highway!!!!As others said the only problem is the Ground clearance which can be adjusted by removing the centre stand….Otherwise the bike is fucking awesome!!! U can smoke any other 100 or 110cc scooter… And today i learnt how to do free wheel on my bike!!!!

    • donot go for bthe purchase of rodeo better to go for activa if not purchased yet .pl contact my mobile no 09906063925;
      Reaso for not to purchase is
      1) It touches the speed breaker
      2) Spareparts problem,
      3)average is very less
      choice is yours

  15. The ground clearance issue of the Rodeo is only a problem when you come across the speed breakers(only which are smaller in size with a big huge bent) and that too only when you have a pillion.Just go over the hump @ 10 kmph and I guarantee that it wont strike.

  16. I am getting my new Rodeo delivered this evening. I took a test drive in chennai – Trans tempo pvt ltd showroom (near saidapet). I rode with a pillon rider & on the roads with too many humps. I feel this vehicle is far more better than any other vehicles in the market. Ground clearance will be a problem only if the rider is too fast. I think it is always sensible to ride a little slower in humps & i am sure its a cool vehicle. It has a stylish fibre body & the colors are sexy. In the first sight it just looked like a scooty pep. But on riding, i understood not to estimate its capacity by looks. I am sure this vehicle will rule this competitive market, especially when compared to a 100cc vehicle activa which takes minimum of 2 months to deliver a vehicle also charging for basics like number plate & side stand. Rodeo Rocks!!!

  17. hi all,

    I thought of buying a Rodeo. Can you guys share the mileage details?? i heard that Rodeo is giving only around 25 Kmpl. is it true?? Please share ur thoughts on the milaege also. It would be better for me to finalize the decision of buying Rodeo. TIA.

  18. Hi Vijayan….!!! My Rodeo is giving me a fair enough
    33-36 kmpl mileage. For the amount of acceleration it gives , the mileage is good for city rides..It depends on rider handling..It may give even 38-42kmpl by giving it a constant throttle..Hope I cleared your doubt..

    • Hi Saravana,

      Hope you are doing good. I already own a scooty pep for 2 years and im planning to change my vehicle. I looked for Activa, Pleasure and Rodeo. I felt all the features are same for the 3 vehicles. However i could see the delivery date for the rest 2 except rodeo takes a long time. Kindly provide me details of rodeo. Is the ground clearence a big problem and tell me the details about its milage. Few say that the body of the vehicle is too week if we drop it once it gone almost and the color fades out fast. Kindly help me with the details asap.

  19. I m planning to buy new Rodeo, pl let me know the actual average milege in city area. Also big helmet( fully covered face & chin type) can be accomodated in storage area under seat.

    • rodeo may give 30-38 in a city some time it may give only upto 25
      after the 3rd or 4th service it changes to 30-38
      for a long ride it gives around 40-50

  20. hi to all
    i just plan to buy this for my Daughter
    I compared price and other things and all review about the all bike in the same range and finally I decided to buy it what you think its good for my Daughter
    The ground clearance is doesn’t matter its can be solved by normal used

  21. Hey guys just go 4 it.its an awesome scooter.all those who r complaining abovt low mileage and poor ground clearance just tell them to shut up….trust me guys its a cool bike and d best in its segment.

  22. Honda’s customer service sucks. It is doing nothing to stop dealers exploit customers. Basics of dealer services such as courtesey, test rider, follo-up are not only completely absent, you get a rude treatment at the dealership.

    I booked Active on Jan 9, 2010. The dealer, Pilot Honda from Mumbai clearly mentioned waiting period to be 45-60 days. Today, it’s April 18 and no sign of even taking full payment. Every day, I get reasons for delays and promises with no date of getting the vehicle. If I walk into showroom and willing to spend 10K more, I get the delivery immediately. Doesn’t Honda know about all these?

  23. hey guys m planning to go for rodeo pls share ur valuable experience and suggestions and help me out to get a good bike across



  24. Hi guys,

    Finally i decided to go for Rodeo. Thanks for your valuable suggestions. Hope i am choosing a right one 🙂

    Thanks and Regards,

  25. Hi friends

    i thought of buying rodeo after reading the reviews but one thing is still ? in my mind abt its Ground Clearance can any one come with the comment on this and suggest me which one will be the best rodeo or access

  26. Hi sunil,there is no ground clearance only hits d hump wen u r riding speediy.if u ride it at a speed of 10kmph,then there is no grotnd cjk ground ab clearance issue.

  27. Hi All

    I purchased Black Color Mahindra Rodeo on February 25, 2010. The performance is very good when compared to activa and even aviator. But the centre stand touches the hump with 2 people in scooter, for that we need to slow down the scooter. Mileage wise i am getting close to 40 KM improved after the first service. The power, pickup, and ride quality is very good when compared to activa or other scooters. Using this vehicle overtaking all other 100 or 110 CC vehicle is very easy. Overall performance is very good.

    • Everyone whoever complained about hitting hump should realise that the humps are made for slowing the traffic not for filmy stunts.

  28. HI!!! GUYS


  29. i booked a silver flyte one week ago tommorow evening i am going to get i went for a test drive really bind blocking scooter i thank mahindra for bringing this scooter into market very good performence.
    good value for money,great 125cc engine,great acceleration,i sugest you to buy good mileage.
    it is my world.

  30. i booked a silver flyte one week ago tommorow evening i am going to get i went for a test drive really bind blocking scooter i thank mahindra for bringing this scooter into market very good performence.
    good value for money,great 125cc engine,great acceleration,i sugest you to buy good mileage.
    it is my world.

  31. Hi to all,
    Dudes i am planning to buy rodeo ,do you really think that its a good bike or i should try other bike though i am totally impressed by it. I came across the problem of ground clearance and i think its not a problem, but according to the negetive rewiews MILEAGE is the biggest problem,can anybody saw is it true or they are just bull sitting and one more think can you suggest me what colour to go for though i love the green one Which represents Eco.
    The list of available colours are
    1-Fiery Black
    2-Deep Ocean Blue
    3-Cappuccino Brown
    4-Golden Beige ( i dont like it)
    5-Forest Green ♥♥♥♥♥
    6-Majestic Maroon
    7-Blazing Red

  32. I have purchased the Rodeo 2 months back. First servicing is over. Now the Total reading showing is = 1400 Kms. When I have checked the Mileage it will gave me 53.5 Kmpl in city ride. It is achieved only by if u run 30 Kmph – 50 Kmph within this range. If u r running within 10 Kmph on Humps it will never touches the surface of the Humps. I have reached the Top Speed up to 90 Kmph. Very good Performance, Practicality & Value for Money.

    • good comment, company said the maximum mileage of rodeo is 40km/l at speed greater than 45km/h, then how you get 53.5 kmpl.
      i have rodeo and only achieved 25kmpl to 32km/l,
      i think u r mahindra agent……………….

  33. I own a 500cc Classic Royal Enfield Bullet and I had been using bikes for the Past 12 yrs. Now, I want to buy a scotter for my wife to pick and drop my kid to the School which she will join by next month. I started this hunt for good scotter in chennai. From saidapet to Tambaram I checked all the show rooms of all brands like Honda, Suzuki, TVS and Hero Honda. At last I find this Mahi2wheelers at Trans Tempo Saidapet. I took test drive in all the available model from all brands, I am working for a oil company in abroad. I work one month in and one month out schedule. So, I had lots and lots of time to compare and study. All in my family were upset when I told them I am planning to buy RODEO. At Trans Tempo they gave me the delivery in 24 Hrs. with sexy name plate. Last one week I tested it with all the possible roads available in chennai. With in One week I send my vehicle for First service after hitting 456 kms. The millage is 40+/-5 kms. depends upon how you handle. It’s a best bet scotter for the near future. The center stand is hitting the humps regularly so, I removed it. As of now only four centers are there in chennai. If M2W give good afer sales and service and quite number of sales show room in all major cites it will be a most wanted scotter in india with in a decade. Now I started for my work leaveing the keys to my wife. A Happy Family Man. Enjoy.

  34. plse guys give me ur suggestions which one bike should i buy???
    choice are…..
    1 rodeo
    2 access
    3 scooty pep
    4 activa
    5 pleasure
    plse help me which one is the best plse… i really need ur help….

  35. i want to purchase new scotter next week so please advise me which one i purchase…

  36. I purchased Rodeo on 17-04-2010. Smoothest scooter Thanks to “SYM” engine. Before first service I measured 33 KMPL. After first service the scooter delivers 41 KMPL, which is a decent mileage for 125 CC scooter category. I hope that after 1000 kms my Rodeo would surely render around 45 KMPL, which is appreciable, considering its robust performance.

    Only minor drawback is Ground Clearance, it strikes the speed breaker while travelling in doubles.

    Trip meter & petro meter flickering on reserve, helps for easy determination of mileage.

    Any one intending to purchase can blindly go for it.

    T R U S T W O R T H Y S C O O T E R.


    Those who have complained about mileage, must surely be rash handlers.

    • No buddy some scooters have the mileage problem after the third or fouth service it does it but that scooters has soem problem in the engine i heard to many owners they says some time mileage is the problem it gives 25-30 after the service it gives 30-35
      But when they took it for long ride it give 45-50 kmpl.

    • Hi Aahana

      i just want to know from you about the Rodeo perfomance, i am planning to buy this month.

      Tell me is it worth to buy or can i search for some other scooter

      Milage how much you are getting in city limit ?
      Advance thanks for your suggestion

  37. hey guys,
    i have been so confused regarding the whole bike issue… but i must say after reading every one of your review.. my mind is set… im getting a RODEO!!:) thank you so much guys…
    thanks a tonne… take care all of you!!

  38. After reading the reviews listed above I will like to add few points that are contradicting.

    I own Rodeo since October 2009 the one when it was newly launched. Must say it has been a pathetic experience since the day I bought this vehicle. Be it the build quality or the service mahindra offer.

    1. Even the smallest of part is replaced in my vehicle and it still doesn’t work.

    ex: Light Switch, four switches are been replaced and still doesn’t work

    2. Digital meter oftens gives up and becomes dead. Just FYI 4 digital meters have been replaced and beleive me it’s a hell experience going to Mahindra Service Centre’s.

    3. Mileage is pathetic i.e, 25km/ltr in city whereas 28km/ltr on highway.

    No doubt its a power scooter and deliveres desired performance. But for anyone spending 50k I would not recommend mahindra vehicle as it just brings in frustration and company that just gives assurance but does nothing about it plus you spend lot of time at service centres where people even don’t bother about customers

  39. Hello can see my review above..I was really happy after buying it..Until the last two weeks..I finished the second service @ 2200km..But a week before that i got a bad problem..After one fine day when i started the bike and press the throttle–it jus stammers–i mean, it doesnt accelerate smoothly like before..i go to 20kph it jerks then 30,40,50 it jus cant go smoothly..and it doesnt go beyond 70 kph.. then i was outstation for 10 days..Now each time i start and move–this strange thing happens..and i the engine also produces a little loud strange noise ans its so awkward to ride it..I really dont know whats the problem.. Guys I seriously liked this power scooter..I had the best..I usually accelerate fast..I easily got 0-60 in 7,8 seconds with a mileage of 32-35 kmpl..But now i feel terrible..I am not able to ride it like before-it stucks and jerks and moves..Please help..Anybody have/had this prob? I havent gone to the service guys yet..

  40. Problem solved…!! i was really worried and took it day before yesterday…First the mechanic took a ride and then he said 5 mins..Then he tested it again..then told me to check it..WOW..i got my Rodeo back in full form..!! It was a small problem in throttle cable they said..Now no worries.. 🙂

  41. MAn i bought Rodeo(ocean Blue) on may 13 and i am very happy it promises what ever it told though mileage is a prob but the bike is very trustworthy and i am very happy.

  42. Hi

    I am very thrilled to know about it, I am planning to ride Rodeo very soon on my next visit to india. I will test it one of the hill station of kerala. Hope to have good fun with it.
    Thanks Guys for good feed back.

  43. After reading all the reviews, I am thinking wheather to buy or not? Please suggest.

    has all the problms taken care of its still in testing condition?

    What will be the onroad cost in bangalore?

  44. Hi Ravi,

    I am myself a Rodeo owner.

    Apart from all the problems one major issue with Rodeo is ground Clearance. So my sincere suggestion to you would be go in for some vehicle that has good ground clearance.

    Rodeo costed me around 48300/- on road mumbai.


  45. The Powerscooter Left Other Scooters Powerless..

    1st mahindra Rodeo, Rider – Shamim Khan, Nashik
    2nd Honda Activa, Rider – Rustom Patel – Mumbai
    3rd Kinetic Zoom – Rider -Mansingh – Nashik

    Shamim Khan, riding a Mahindra Rodeo Scooter has won the Gulf Monsoon Scooter Rally held in Navi Mumbai on Sunday.

    With this victory, the Rodeo has proved itself on the tough dirt track, a clear validation of the fact that it is one of the most powerful scooters in its class.”

  46. im in a deep confusion….whether to buy a rodeo or activa…..can smone suggest me wid pakka quality answer??i want to knw abt the GROUND CLEARANCE matter…..plzzzzz help me…..

  47. himani, already being a rodeo owner for 8mnths now my honest suggestion to u would be go in for activa/aviator/suzuki access. Ground clearance matters a lot especially on indian roads plus activa looks far prettier than rodeo.

    only advantage rodeo has is power u can ride it on speed of 90km/hr but anyway how much does it matter?

  48. I am planning to buy Rodeo. TVS has launched Wego scooter. which one is best overall scooter ? Is Rodeo or Wego ???

  49. hmm…..i took a lot of time nd finally decided to take rodeo…..for its extravagant style nd features….infact i fell in love with rodeo and tht im nt able to resist it… im gng fr RODEO….thnks fr all d suggestions!!….nd rodeo luks better than wego in all specifications….if u want u can check it out…..nd the team is already working on the ground clearance matter of rodeo….nd tht will be rectified soon….so all happies…RODEO ROCKS!!!

  50. this one is for sunil… buddy go in for honda activa or aviator or suzuki access they have already proved credentials

  51. I have bought the rodeo 6 months back, ground clearence is very poor, it caused me tank leak as well, I think it Mahindra design flaw to keep petrol tank at the bottom.

    Now its started giving starting problems also the cool looking odeometer is giving false information, sometime on full tank, its crying for less pertrol….

    bad experience

  52. Dont go for Rodeo. i bought this around a month back, but cusring myself for the wrong choice. its petrol tank capacity is very less and prior to first servicing i am getting the mileage as just 30 kms. Though it has power, if you cross 45-50 kms and you are not too hefty, bike starts shaking. Go for any models by honda or Access. And i didnt have a good experience with mahindra dealers too. I bought it at Mansi motors at bangalore.

  53. Hey,
    @ Amit the Ground claence is as for the design by govt.if road dept makes some stupid speed breakers what can rodeo do

  54. Mahindra rodeo ave. 25 to 30 not more thant that.Engine is best. No problem at 80 Speed, Brake Excellent, Look good,
    Bad Point : Ground clearence Less.

  55. Hi All,
    I bought Rodeo somewhere on April 2010 from Suvrna Motors pune.. I was much afraid with waiting period of Activa, and then too attitude of Dealers. I booked rodeo (on road price- 51,589/-) and got delivery within 2 days . I like it because of Light weight, Unisex design,and 125 cc.

    Coming to performance, i never used bike or scooter before.. but when i started using rodeo i realised it consumes petrol more. almost after 50-55km of run i used to fill up tank again.. Me n my husband were very much disappointed at that juncture. After 1st servicing , the Avg. ratio improved a bit but again not dat satisfactory. Though i was not having any problem with its ground clearence. I must suggest you, slow down the speed little .. it will not hit ground.

    For the avg. i was very doubtful will rodeo perform good or i lost my money after it. When i did second servicing on july end.. after that..performance improved drastically. It gives me 40-45 avg , sometimes it reaches to 50 also. now i really feel proud when rodeo overtakes bikes also and yes i recevd few compliments for its pickup and run.
    I will suggest you, go for it . though dont expect much before 2nd servicing. once it get tuned up ..Rodeo Rocks. I am loving it.

    • Hi Vrunda,

      Thanks a lot for very informative review of Rodeo. I’m planning to buy a scooter for my wife and have looked TVS WEGO till now. Activa/Access are good but with long waiting time. Hence looking for better options. Your review helped a lot to take a look at Rodeo too. Have you tried Wego before going for Rodeo? If yes, did you see any differences?
      Also can you help me to know the after sales service from Mahindra and more precisely from Suvarna Motors.

      I think you are driving Rodeo for a year now. How is the mileage now? Are you still getting average of 40-45 KMPL?

      Thanks for your help.

  56. I bought Rodeo in Dec’09 till date has never given me an everage of more than 28km/litre. When serviced & rectified by their technicians, it gives abt 40 for a couple of 1st fill of feul and then again back to abt 25 to 28 km/lit. I really regret buying one under the blind faith in the company’s repute. Its the worst of its kind in terms of average. Everytime I go to the service centre I see all riders having the same complaints of average consumption. Its ridiculous that even a car nowadays gives more than 20 kmpl. Complaints to top officers of the company has gone to deaf ears. The feel once done the prob is solved, never bothered to revert on the check

  57. Finished my 3rd service @ 3745 kms…Now the performance has a improved a little bit..I always ride it with faster acceleration..Hence i am getting now a decent 34-37 kmpl…It jus kicks butt when it comes to inital torque…Even the 100-125 cc bikes lose here…!!! Dont believe me? Try and experience it..I am not at all talkiing about top speed…Ok though i easily goto the 70’s and 80’s with real haste…Love my Rodeo very much in this dept..!! 🙂 FEEL the punch of a power bike and comfort of automatic transmission only in this beauty..!!

    Thanks for reading..A big fan of

  58. Hi Guys, I m really confused by reading all these review.
    I like rodeo very much but not able to decide between Rodeo or honda activa. i am a thin personality,i want a bike that i can easily handle..and with a good mileage….plz tell me what to buy..Activa or rodeo. ??? i want to buy activa but afarid as it will be heavy for me…its a tested bike.. please tell me

  59. I took test ride of Rodeo, the showroom gave me two different sccoters, both has starting problem with self start. When asked why the showroom lady said in the morning you will have to use kick to start scooter then during day you can use self start. I found it a non-sense and decided not to buy Rodeo.

    I bought Honda Aviator then two days ago……….. its much much much better than Rodeo……………. I enjoy my every ride on Aviator.

  60. Priya you can buy Aviator instead of Activa it is light comparatively. Don’t buy Rodeo as i have given my views on the comment above.

    Interesting to note is one of them was made ready for a customer. I feel pity for that customer.

  61. all those reviews are totally confusing!
    i have booked a white rodeo 2 days ago after having a test drive.i found that the ground clearence prob is right, but what abt mileage guys?
    is it true that rodeo has pathetic mileage?
    please comment and solve my confusion……..

  62. Mahindra Rodeo is not a beeter choice.I can challenge that,you have to freequently visit petrol bunk and service centre.
    You have to visit petrol bunk because of mileage and poor battery and electrical performance.As i above information,we have to use kick start not only morning lokks all time,Initially they told me that,they are having problem with the charger so htey have to disconnect the chrger connection then it will work fine,agin the second time problem is repeated and they removed the storage area light connection.After all again its giving problem.Service is very poor.after visiting couple of time for servicing,now my scotter key guard is shaking(loose).I really suggest that,not to buy rodeo.I am not sure other models.I hope it might be having same future.

    • What did you do then? M also having battery problem with Rodeo. i bought it just a month back. Did you apply for replacement? I m thinking of replacing the vehicle! They changed my battery thrice still its not working properly. i have to give kick every time. How can the battery be so weak? Itz just a month!!!

  63. i totally disagree with many of the comments posted in here abt battery and built quality of rodeo. there is only one problem with rodeo and that is its POOR MILEAGE(around 35).except that it is UNBEATABLE in EVERY department.if one has no issues with mileage then it is UNARGUABLY THE BEST.let me tell u why. HONDA ACTIVA— IS FOR SENIOR CITIZENS(30+,i mean). TVS SCOOTY– IS FOR KIDS(<18).HERO H. PLEASURE– IS FOR THOSE KIDS WHO R ACTUALLY 18. BAJAJ KRYSTAL–IS FOR……ACTUALLY it IS A BICYCLE + AN ENGINE(AN ENGINE WITH AN INFERIORITY COMPLEX).AND RODEO. RODEO IS FOR…WELL it is FOR THOSE(>18&<30)WHO KNOW WHAT 2 RIDE AND HOW TO RIDE.PERIOD.

  64. hey, let me tell u all dat mileage of scooters of 125cc depends totally on how u handled it during first 200km.
    if u r taking the scooter to the highway frm the first day itself and having high speeds and uneven accelerations, then u will cry for mileage, how many services u go through….

  65. @ RAHUl fine.If you dont like Rodeo dont force others to not buy it.its been a year since i bought rodeo and its very need not kick everyday only self start.the lady in the showroom is wrong.

  66. I have a Rodeo.After a trial of 4 months I can assure you that
    it is a waste of money as far as millage is concern 25 kmpl only.In service center every one was crying for the same.
    So i request you to conform this personally from a owner before baying.

  67. hey,I m planning to buy a rodeo in a day or 2 for ma mother…
    can anybody tell me is it worth to buy a rodeo???
    & howz flyte (as i liked it in silver & rodeo is not available in silver) ???

  68. Question: Is it that the initial sets of bikes has this mileage issues and the current production bike don’t have. I have been researching for moped’s. Taken test drive, come down to following two options:

    – Mahindra Rodeo (Great shock-absorbers, smooth drive, great feature set)
    – TVS Wego (loved the metal body, sturdy on ground)

    Thing need to keep in mind:
    – I am buying it for my wife, need to think about (is the rodeo extra power really worth when it won’t be used)
    – Is the heavy weight of Wego metal a disadvantage
    – What will be the conditions of these vehicles 5 years from now?

    – Button start
    – Stable on road
    – Good Mileage preferred

    My 13+ years old Suzuki Samurai still starts on a first kick


    • Mr Pramod: I am in the same boat as yours. I am too searching for a two-wheeler for my wife and after some basic research of all major two wheelers, I too came at a shortlist of just two scoterettes.. The Mahindra Rodeo and The TVS Wego.

      I have same confusion on what to choose as a final verdict. After reading all these hundreds of comments on Rodeo, the only two drawbacks that came to the fore are Mileage issues and Poor Ground Clearance… Also I am worried that Mahindra has placed the fuel tank at bottom of footrest. Due to low ground clearance, this can be an issue.

      On the other hand, Wego has good Gr. Clearance and nice, large alloy wheels. But its metal body is a disadvantage as it becomes a heavy vehicle and also due to that factor, average will also reduce slightly.

      Do let me know soon, what did you buy finally as I am likely to purchase one of these two in next few days only.. maybe next week.

      • Hi Hardik,
        I finally purchased white TVS Wego a week ago. It’s a great ride and I love the metal body as give a sturdy feel while driving. Don’t worry about the weight factor, it overall lighter than the others and shouldn’t affect mileage much. 12″ Alloy wheels are lovely and no other have this. Its very silent.

        No idea much about mileage, won’t comment untill 2-3months of usage.

        I am happy with purchase. Hope this helps.

      • Hi Pramod & Hardik,

        Now I’m riding the same boat :), in which you were last year. I hope you must have got your vehicles by now and know its quite well to guide me to choose one for my wife. Request you to please provide your valuable inputs on WEGO (from Pramod, as you went for it) and from Hardik (not sure which you got at last).
        Please help me out.


      • Dear Hardik,

        I saw your messages over Wego after posting above comment. Your experience helped me a lot to decide on Wego, I’m going to book it by tomorrow.

        Thanks for your continued help to others.

  69. i live in patna where roads and traffics are worst….
    pls help whether to buy rodeo or not..
    does ground clearance sucks??????????????
    or should go with activa or pleasure????
    my running is 20 kms daily..

    • Hey Rahul i too live in patna and i bought RODEO last year. There is only one thing that is wrong with this bike and that is its mileage.At best it will give u around 35 to 40(AT BEST).My one used to give less than 35.But then i made some adjustment(not recommended without the care of experts) in the carburettor that increased the average by 3-4 kms but reduced the acceleration slightly but still it is enough to beat ANY 125 cc bike. Except from mileage it is simply UNBEATABLE. If u dont like it then go for ACTIVA (dont even think abt others). Its mileage is around 45-50 in city conditions. Rest features r far better than others but nowhere near to RODEO. U can compare them by urself.

  70. dear viewers……..

    plz don’t buy this mahindra vehicle……..those are very expensive..i bought mahindra rodeo in last november 2009….since that month i faced different different types of problems n i also don’t get any satisfied service or solve of problem from service engineer of mahindra company. i call so many times to the company’s toll free complain number 1800 233 8883. but nothing from it…..hope u will take my free advice in ur mind…….


  71. I am a user of Rodeo since six months. Firstly want to say it is a great two wheeler. I also have faced some problems initially but was surprised , when I shoot a mail to their top officials about the problem. I get reply within 15 min. over phone and resolved it within a day. Company is really taking care of their customers. Only the two problems faced by me is mileage is very low (33km/ltr) and ground clearance is not good. Otherwise you can not compare this vehicle to any other vehicle in this segment.
    Thanks to Mahindra for such a nice product and customer service.

  72. Purchased the Mahindra RODEO on three month before, from Mahalingam and co, Coimbatore. indicates as if there is no petrol and some time automatically it indicates as if the petrol is full, and the millage is not at all giving, I had given my vehicle to Mahalingam and co, for 4 to 5 time but still they could not resolve the issue. Presently I am getting 33 to 35 KMPL, which is really irritating me, they (SALES TEAM (BALU) ) recommend 50 to 55km and when I asked the service incharge at Mahalingam and co, so they are not in a position to solve the issue. I had also sent an email to, but there is no responce.

  73. dont buy mahindra RODEO its give poor mileage, ground clearence, speedameter hang i mahindra company think there is no more engineer.

  74. plse guys give me ur suggestions which one bike should i buy???
    choice are…..
    1 rodeo
    2 activa
    3 pleasure

    plse help me which one is the best plse… i really need ur help….

    • Sam,

      I suggest you take a look at TVS Wego also… If you are spending almost 50,000 on Rodeo or Activa, you can get TVS Wego in same amount.

      I had done lot of comparison and research between Rodeo, Activa and Wego and finally bought a WEGO… Activa is also good but the only drawback is looooooong waiting period. If u are okay with it, u can get Activa or else, Wego is as good as activa and even better on some fronts, like large alloy wheels, good body balance and styling, LED tail lights etc. And TVS has already proved its success in Scooty range…

      Even the ride quality is very smooth and stable, engine is silent and even seat is very soft and comfortable.

      We are using Wego since last 20 days and feels good.

  75. hi jose

    its not tht rodeo is ladies scooter……

    mileage max is 35 on highway and has lot of other issues that mahindra says thy have resolved in new models but chk it b4 buying


  76. @balvinder
    the fact that choosing flyte or rodeo is a case of personal interest .both comes with same engine n almost the chassis n body.the things that u will have with rodeo than flyte is 1)digital console 2)side stand buzzer(good option for safety)
    3)front mudguard (giving rodeo a pleasant look than flyte).both are almost same in mileage.keeping these in mind, you can decide which one….

    @ everyone complaining abt mileage
    comparing rodeo’s mileage with activa or any other 110cc scooter is not recommended.
    since rodeo comes with a more powerful engine (125cc) surely has better pick up. Rodeo is giving a good mileage(35-45km per L) of a 125cc auto transmission engine.(it mainly depends the person who rides).
    I personally recommend rodeo than any other scooters in market such as activa .

  77. I strongly believe that Rodeo is a better deal than any other scooters for many reasons,also the ground clearance problem can not be a problem if you take your time when approahing the speed bumps.Mileage is not to bad either.You can tell someone about what you went through as an owner but don’t tell them don’t get the Rodeo.Everyone drives their vehicle differently,so if you are rough what do you expect?And if you drive with care then what do you think.Rodeo is best in everyway.I am not use to scooters or bikes because where i come from in America we don’t see much,since i have moved to India i decided i need a two wheeler.So i did my reasearch as a scientist and Rodeo all the way.Its the future of scooters.

  78. Hi all,
    I am from Bangalore. I am on the look out for a good 2 wheeler other than Activa OR Access (the waiting period is too long). Please suggest me a good scooter which is good in all respects (i.e, looks, pickup, speed, mileage, maintinance, servicing, Resale value etc).

  79. rodeo everything alright i have facing only one problem self start battery is very fastly down i maximum start with kick. and average 35-40 and all company scotterr give same avg.. i have also active its give me same avg..

  80. I am useing Rodeo from last 5 Months. Vehicle performance poor, Wrost vehicle, I never suggest to any one to this vehicle, my suggestionis go for Activa/Access other vehicles.

  81. Hi All,

    I would like to purchase two wheeler which has good mileage, body, accessiors. As Activa & Assess is not available in market. I have to wait 3 month each for both of them. So, got for redeo will be a good deal or shall i try wego or hero honda pleasure.

    • Hi Alka.. Go for Wego.. We have bought it since November 2010 and its a very good experience since last 4 months. No problems at all.. very sturdy yet light and manageable due to its body balance technology.

      We too checked out Activa, Access etc. but the long wait is useless… these companies are losing out on business due to this. And Wego has compared with Activa on CNBC bike show and they declared Wego as winner after researching and testing on many aspects. You can check its video also on youtube.

      • Hi,

        I’m planning to buy two wheeler. I saw your comments about wego. Is it really good in driving. Please share your experience with Wego. Because i’m planning to gift to my husband.

        How about the mileage and pick up. Please give real experience with Wego.

      • Hi Indu,

        As far as my experience goes, it is really nice and pleasureable in driving. The seat is very wide and comfortable, also for rear pillion rider. The suspensions etc. is also smooth as it does not vibrate or wobble during bad roads… Wego swallows all minor bumps etc.

        Mileage is also good.. now we haven’t checked it recently, but initially when we used to check, it was about 50 to 54 kmpl. I am sure now its higher as our Wego is about 4 months old.

        Don’t worry about Pickup too.. it is nice and as much as you require… Though, if u compare with Rodeo, it is little less. But going by drawbacks of Rodeo, its pickup is the only plus point.. rest all worse. Wego is 10 times better than Rodeo. I can tell this becoz i’ve researched a lot before buying my Wego. Things like metal body, big alloy wheels etc… set it apart.

  82. Hi,
    Iam an 14 year Old boy.. My father has 4 cars But Mostly rides 2 whellers that is Honda avaitor and My height is 5ft 7inch and my father says that u should ride Honda aviator but i Dont find It good Because it is heavu but runs fast…. So iam planning to buy a new one WHich one should i buy Scotty Pep, Access 125, Mahindra Rodeo, duro,or New activa, wego …. please tell me So ican buy it for my birthday on 17aug….. PLEASE HELP ME,

    • Hi Puneet,

      My opinion would be.. U Go for WeGo…

      We have bought it since November 2010 and its a very good experience since last 4 months. No problems at all.. very sturdy yet light and manageable due to its body balance technology. Many stylish features like LED tail lights (first time in any scooterettes), body balance tech, good styling, good pickup, very nice car like headlight etc.

      As per ur height, Aviator can be bit higher or heavy if u don’t like it. Wego is stable and maneouverable and very comfortable to ride. And Wego has compared with Activa on CNBC bike show and they declared Wego as winner after researching and testing on many aspects. You can check its video also on youtube.

  83. I bought TVS Wego on 15th Feb for my DAD.
    It’s awesome,
    I’ve purchased it after a lot of research,
    Technically it is best
    and most important it is perfectly balanced,
    there is no wobbling,
    very comfortable suspensions.
    Initial pickup is very good
    Leg space is much more than honda activa/aviator,
    Mahindra Rodeo has mileage and ground clearance problems,
    We are fully satisfied with the investment.
    I recommend Wego.

    • hi dinesh

      if you wanna buy new one go for Wego or Access….

      i do have a rodeo and 1.5yr old i plan to sell it pls let me know if u r intrested


  84. Dear friends

    I bought the RODEO Mahindra in the month of 31st Dec 2010, delivered in 1st Jan 2011 , from Rehana Motors, Hyderabad with 53 thousands, the next day onwards started the problems to me, it is very bad, the mileage is 23km to 26 km, lower body is hitting the spead breakers and other small heights in the road, and mainly I am getting severe neck pain, I have given the vehicle to Rehana show room every time they are doing water washing and giving to me, the pain is again coming to me, I have 4 years experience with Scooty Pep+, now also I am using the scooty, but I am not getting any pain, when I will drive the RODEO, I am getting severe pain,

    so, I am suggesting to all my friends, don’t go to buy this vehicle, and suggest to all your friends don’t buy this RODEO mahindra vehicle

    Krishna Murthy

  85. I request all the readers that PLZ DONT BUY A RODEO. AVERAGE 25 TO 30 KMPL. Before you buy plz make a call at 09050069796 or just send a mail at Myself Sajjan Kumar and I am
    using this bike from august 2010. And after three services its average is 28 Km/liter. After that I make an complaint to customer care and after many calls they checked my bike and slightly increase the average to 32 Km/liter. Customer care service is very very Poor.
    Now the choice is yours. I can just tell u the reality.

  86. Perfomrnace is good but mileage is too worst.Some one is commenting on that its giving 30-50 KP/L.Dont update false information.Its not even giving more than 25-30 KM/L.After one year my some times less also.Ground clearance is poor.I own the vehicle and service is also poor.

  87. A sad owner of Radeo
    1) Bad average 25Kmph
    2) Starting problem
    I am surprised that no one discussed this there is a problem with this scooter’s self it eats up the battery and then u r left stranded as a lady I am disgusted by my choice and worst I fell for this trap of sleek looks speed etc insted of going for my trusted Activa I opted for this junk I curse 23th of nov 2010 when I bought this thing in this short span I had to go for a battery replacement they have even changed that fancy speedo meter but to no avail much to my embarrassment this piece of junk refuses to start smoothly I just don’t know how to get rid of this without making a big loss
    this is my heart felt feelings please don’t buy this I u want piece of mind

  88. I m sad owner of this bike mahindra pls stop fooling PEOPLE.
    It takes full 4.5 lits of petrol to complete 100 km.
    Pls dont buy coz petrol rate is 70rs litr…..

    • I am using rodeo for last 4 months and its mileage is good. e.g. if i fill the petrol for Rs. 100 it runs about 50-55 km.

  89. Hi

    Just took a test drive of rodeo.. Had rodeo to hit all possible bumps (small to large, as I could find) at variable speed and I must say there is no issue with the ground clearance of this bike as being reported by some people. The bike never touched any bump and shocks did their job just brilliantly. So DO NOT worry about it at all. Liked the ride quality though found it little light on handle which I think is ok for ladies. the build quality isn’t best but quite good and brakes are good too.. So not a bad bike and I might go for it (going to test drive Wego today :D)..

  90. Hi. I went for a test-drive of Mahindra Rodeo today and I must say…it was good. But after reading so many comments I am totally confused. Could people who own Rodeo please help me is the performance of the vehicle after few months. Also I would like to have reviews from TVS Wego owners as I did not get a chance to go for a test-drive. Guys..please help me out between these 2 as I don’t wanna wait for months together for a Honda vehicle…

  91. I am using the Rodeo for last 4 months and its mileage is good. e.g. if i fill petrol for Rs.100 it runs about 50-55 km. I always keep accelerator constant and ride between 50-60 kmph.

  92. Hi. I went for a test-drive of Mahindra Rodeo today and I must say…it was good. But after reading so many comments I am totally confused. Could people who own Rodeo please help me is the performance of the vehicle after few months. Also I would like to have reviews from TVS Wego owners as I did not get a chance to go for a test-drive. Guys..please help me out between these 2 as I don’t wanna wait for months together for a Honda vehicle…

    • Hi Smita,

      We’ve owned Mahindra Rodeo for 9 months. It was very good at the beginning, but now its not. I haven’t seen a worst service ever before. One of Mahindra Service Centre in Anna nagar, is very poor. They are not even stabilise the ignition control. The scooter get off when we stop every signal. 3 services done on that service centre and for 4th service onwards we plan to find & choose other Mahindra service centre in chennai. Well, for TVS Wego, obviously it should be better than Rodeo as it is a new invention. Latest bikes are always best in class & technology. Better to ride a test drive before choose a bike to suits your physical condition. Don’t take decision over oral advice like this. Take a test drive and choose the best as you like. Hope you will get a good scooter!

  93. I had purchased rodeo on 30-5-2010 just cos the booking of activa and access was high had to wait months but when i bought this rodeo i found it amazing and perfect, the only problem is the average after 2nd service it was giving 25km thn it improved after 3rd service till 5th service since last 3 months it is giving only 30kmpl this is embarassing. Rest everything is perfect.

    contact more for reviews on 09033000163

  94. Mahindra Rodeo it gives very less mileage and service is very bad i told once to do properly but they are not doing it and spare parts is not getting properly don’t buy waste of buying and mahindra rodeo height is very less looks like scooty pep plus better buy Honda company vehicles is very good mileage and good servicing

  95. Hi Guys, dont buy Rodeo vehicle, i am using this vehicle from past 10 months even after saveral complaints, the dealer or the manufacturer unable to solve the problems.
    a. More that 6-times the vehicle is tuned to give better milage in the mahindra service centre. Its consumption is as it is 25 to 28 km per liter of petrol. Service center people are not attending any complaints nor the show room people. They are not bothered about the complaints.
    b. Now my vehicle is run around 5000 kms. The rear whell break condition is bad.
    The material used for break shoes by the company at least it should come for ten thousand kms for the first time. This can be compared with any two wheeler in India.
    c. The mechanical shock absorber is not designed properly even for a play load of 100 kgs. The customers using Rodeo vehicle are getting backpain because of worst mechanical shock abrorber used by the company. The spring and oil area inside the piston are not properly designed.
    d. When the vehicle is kept at steepest accent or decent , not in running position, by applying side stand, the vehicle will start moving, forcibly one has to apply centre stand. This gives more pressure on hand and back of the person. No one will apply center stand. When side stand is applied, rear wheel break lever should be applied with locking facility like Honda active.
    e. In the morning times the vehicle cannot be start like other vehicles. Saveral times the starter button should be applied.
    f. Any object placed below the seat , it gets heated up. The engine heat is transferred to below the seat which is meant for placing some objects
    g. The clearance from gound and the vehicle is less. Road hump will hit the metal stand and to the bottom surface.

  96. I purchased Rodeo 1 month back and found very less ground clearance while driving in bump area. Rest of thing is excellent……….

  97. Note Every one about rodeo:
    @speed 15km/h to 25 km/h you get 20km/L
    @speed 25km/h to 35 km/h you get 25km/L
    @speed 35km/h to 60 km/h you get 30 km/L

    I measured it on 3 Different rodeo’s

  98. i hav only taken it bcoz of more waiting periods for honda dio.but i like it very much when we go for a long ride and i made drag race with dio,activa,aviator,access.Only the access can go faster than rodeo,but by reaching top speed the rodeo will overtake access.but comparing to dio its not good for stunts.And i hav reached a top speed of 104.

  99. i want to buy one best scooter,pls some one advise which is better (Mahindra Rodeo,Activa or Wego) because I really confused while seeing the above comments…pls advise soon.

  100. I purchased rodeo from krishna motors, jammu .my scooty rodeo is at the workshop because of spare paqrts are not available . I advice to the public at large that if anybody want to purchase ,please contact at the Mobile Number 09419188892. I am requesting the aurhorities to pleaSE DIRECT THE DEALER TO PLEASE GET IT REPAIRED SO THAT I MAY NOT SUFFER ANYMORE AS I HAVE ALREADY SUFFERED A LOT THANKS

  101. hi i am 13 yrs old and my height is 5 ft 2 in and i am planning to buy a scooter suggest me which is the best rodeo or scooty streak . pls consider milage and my height

  102. hi,
    Why honda & mahindra forget to add pilot lamps to their 2 wheelers…!!!!shame on u guys….i dnt think its a hard/xpnsive alternation….

  103. I have purchased a Rodeo in June 2010. After 18 months and 6 services also I am not more than 20 kmpl. This vehicle is WORST in this category. Do not fall as prey by seeing the adds they place. There are many technical flaws in the design. DO NOT GO FOR MAHINDRA RODEO.

  104. This vehicle has somany flaws and the manufacturer or the service centre people are not ready to rectify the flaws. These Mahandra People Don’t have good service centres are good technical people. Why can’t we proceed legally against the manufacturer and get all the rodeo’s recalled.

    call me on 09380635001

  105. I bought a RODEO MHINDRA for my father ( kerala ) ,regarding bike review , i don’t know, it is one week , till now it`s registration not done, because of irresponsibility of DEALERS. they told that their TCL was expired ( i don’t know what it is) , and waiting for their new T C L,

    NOT my , all most 5 customer told me that , dealers interest on you will vanish soon after you paid the amount

    so Be care full all

  106. My Rodeo is completed 16,000kms & it is giving me a mileage of about 38kmpl on average. My Rodeo’s top speed is 90kmph.But at once i have replaced petrol tank( a warranty period) & also the accelerator cable.

  107. Mahindra Rodeo march 2011 me purchase ki, last 18 month me Road par kam aur servicing par zyada rahi aur ab kilo ke bhav se bechna pad raha hai.


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