Mahindra Rodeo Review

As we all know that the line-up of Scooterettes when compared to the bikes are a little low, and the user’s who like to commute by the means of a Scooterette has to go only between specific established brands which when narrowed down can be either TVS that produces scooty line-up, Hero Honda that produces the Pleasure and Honda that has the refreshed Activa and the Dio line-up, as the other brands are not that well established let’s not take a call on them. If we can recollect to the past some time, there was in fact an old brand that was quite well established and did have a good line-up of Scooterette but unfortunately was left out in the competition and that is Kinetic who left their operations unattended and finally has got a new life with a new brand name when the “Scorpio” guys decided to buy them, yes Mahindra has bought Kinetic and now they are known under the name of Mahindra two wheelers. Ok, now I can sense the amount of questions raising about the flyte and the old well known model nova, they are renamed as Mahindra Flyte and Mahindra Duro respectively.

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Don’t know exactly what Mahindra’s strategy is in this, seeing the Rodeo’s ad doing stunts and trying to do knee scrapping at Kari memorial speedway in Coimbatore, I’m all game to review this on first hand and lets plunge into Rodeo in detail. The heart of the Rodeo is a four stroke gearless 124.6 C.C belt driven eco friendly unit that churns out 8.0 bhp at 7000 rpm with a torque value of 9.0 nm at 5500 rpm is pretty impressive for the daily city commuter. The maximum speed that the company claims is 80 kmph which is a little low when compared to the Honda’s as they have a bit more top end than the Rodeo. Now coming to the factors that set back all the other brands…

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Digital Display: The Rodeo is the first vehicle in its segment that features a complete digital console display with the attractive Blue backlit display that makes u seriously feel like flying an aircraft with so much of data that one will get addicted instantly. What’s more stunning is that, the console back lit color can be changed according to the user’s mood that can shift nine different colors. Isn’t that amazing?? What’s more amazing is the amount of data it holds, it has a display of tachometer, trip meter, acceleration indicator, speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge and a clock if in case u forget to strap on to your watch.

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Ergonomics: Rodeo has the best ergonomically designed seats in it’s segment that offers the best riding position with a saddle height of 760mm that puts minimal stress on both the rider as well as the pillion where he or she gets to have a wider and more comfy seat. Rodeo also has stream lined bodywork that makes it wind proof and with the chiseled body it’s the rider’s advantage at such windy situations. Additionally Rodeo also offers a whooping 22 liters of luggage space with which one can carry his entire world with him and for the daily city commuter a full face helmet would fit in perfectly.

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Technology: Rodeo is equipped with its own state of the art Pro-Sus enhanced braking system that brings speed to a full stop in a matter of seconds with the advantage of 130mm dia drum brakes at both the front and rear. The most amazing feature of Rodeo is that it’s equipped with the unique feature of 4 in 1 anti theft key that works like a central console similar to the “Scorpio” that’s again what Mahindra uses in it’s cars has been bought back in Rodeo. The Rodeo is equipped with hassle free front fuelling system in which the rider can enjoy the fuelling by just relaxing down in his seat. Mahindra also claims that Rodeo comes with maintenance free supercharged battery that can give clear horn tones in all weather conditions coupled with brighter head lights and an instant start-up. The ride quality is amazing as Rodeo is equipped with Telescopic front and hydraulic rear that makes driving a pleasure and I really enjoyed it for the few kms that I rode.

Although the brand name and visibility is not as high as the Honda’s or the TVS, and an Ex. showroom price of Rs.41299 in Delhi I’m sure one will not regret in buying this if Mahindra does not do the same mistake as Kinetic did, the after sales back-up for their loyal customers.

– Ram