Mahindra Rodeo Ownership Review by Jayant

Hay, I am Jayant Ghosh and I am riding Mahimdra Rodeo for last two years (since it had been launched in India). My Rodeo color is cappuccino brown. I come from Marketing/brand management background and presently a Intellectual property right student (I have worked with car sales about five years) this gives me to write a thrilling review to write on Rodeo.

I hope my review will clear the confusion every bike/scooter lover needs to know about scooter industry marketing philosophy and understand the Brand Rodeo.

To start with I will first introduce with some basic brand personalities and perception of people they think of scooters in India with major brands discussed below,

Now, You Got a Basic Perception of Major Scooters in India.

Model Personality Perception Pros & Cons
Honda Activa Bold Look,Tried & Tested I Want a Vehicle Which Every Body Thinks Best. Specialy the White One Bad Braking Power, Good in Ride and Handling.
Suzuki Access Contemporery Look and, Capable Performer. I Cant Wait For Activa Good in all Respect Except Exhaust Design and bad Battery Life.
Hero Pleasure A Diminished Size of Activa with a Feminity Virtue. I Can not Afford a Activa, also I Want a Lighter Vehicle than Activa Good Value for Money. Uncomfortable in bad Roads.
TVS Wego Bold Look, I Want to Compete with Activa I Want Amuch Bigger Vehicle than Scooty PEP+ Appealing to both the Sex. Best Ride Quality. Grippy Type and smooth engine bad after sales service.


Welcome to the exciting world of Mahindra Rodeo, Indias next generation scooter. Rodeo changes the way scooters are defined. It ia solid, stylish, and high tech scooters crafted for young persons who embody the optimistic, confident and ambitious sprit of the youth of today.

Technological Connection

This international best selling scooter is brought to you by Europe’s fastest growing two wheeler company SYM, now SYM is 1.1 billion dollar company with five factories around the Globe. It sells in more than 100 countries across the world and is recognized for its quality and technologically advanced products having won more than 25 awards on the world stage.


When we give a glance to Rodeo it looks some what a Hero Pleasure or a little big scooty. When I first looked Rodeo I never thought of buying it so every scooty buyer never thinks to buy Rodeo because in our mind there are so much choices as activa, wego, pleasure bla….bla. Hence Rodeo never comes to our consideration set.

Now take courage to give a closer look and touch it, Hold the handle bar and put it in your middle, give a view from top headlight portion to front mudguard will automatically know how Rodeo is light years ahead than any scooter, it’s the most aerodynamic and redefines the meaning of compactness among Indian scooters.

Any modern man/women can not resist to drive it and fall in love with it. That is why Brand ambassador Kareena Kapoor rightly says “ drive ke liye kuch bhi karenga “.


Mahindra has positioned Rodeo as power scooter, but if I compare it with it with power of Activa’s 110 cc, the power in Activa is mostly concentrated on lower revs, that’s why when you open the throttle in Active the acceleration is abrupt at 0-20kmph but when you move further then things gets normal, push it towards above 60kmph, things gets harder and at around 80 kmph the engine loose its smoothness.

And quality. Now you may be thinking when I am writing on Rodeo why I am writing on Activa’s performance. This is because Rodeo’s performance is just the opposite of Activa. As all the power band of Rodeo is towards upper revs that’s why when you open throttle the pick up is normal at 0-20 kmph (which is good for female’s) then move further then it shows its true color.

It easily manages 60-80 kmph. And it never loose its poise at even 80 kmph. It is smooth and soundless at this top end speed which no other scooter can perform. In uphill driving it is superb even at 45 Degree inclination, it shows its massive torque leaving behind all successful 100-110 cc scooters in obsolete product range.

Ride & Handling

The Handling is up to the world class, put it to any corner you will feel secure and confident. Its compact dimension give extra edge in cities congested traffic condition, also move to open toad and hairpin bends its large wheelbase and lower center of gravity along with Aviation tire technology of Dunlop is like blessing handler.

The front suspension is jittery when passing over small uneven surfaces translating shocks to hands grip but it does not transmit it other parts likewise. The rear suspension Is like seatng at back seat of a car. It never transmit a hard shocks to backbone.

This is the best scooter if you have any backbone related problem and even can be taken for long rides, push Rodeo hard in bad road you will be surprised to see all other cars and Scooters are in your rear view mirror only. That is why its name is “RODEO”.


The brakes are benchmark here, you can control at any speed you drive. It is on your obedience at any panic condition. The next generation braking is what it termed. This is the only scooter which is really a blessing for females, this is the safest scooter in their hand. Large drums along with pro-sus system makes this happen where the horizontal deceleration force converts into vertical force making it positive impact during controlling the vehicle. (When applying both brakes simultaneously).

Fuel Consumption

Do not expect 40 kmpl beyond milege in congested normal drive. Though other scooters in India exceeds this limit by very marginal value, say more frugal by 5 kmpl in 100-125 cc range or 10 kmpl In 70cc tvs scooty. This scooter is not for people (Indian mentallity), “Gari ka milege kya Hai “. Because you have to understand that all this scooters use auto gear variator system.

Which can’t produce best fuel efficiency. All scooter available in India are all Japanese counterpart where they all set for high milege, but remember Rodeo is by European and Italian technology counterpart whose engineered value are based on driving pleasure, quality and most importantly safety aspect. After all Rodeo is world brand, designed for European and first world countries.


Features? what I will do with it because I will move from point A to point B in city! Generally this the perception that all we have regarding a scooter purchase. But Rodeo has been crafted with different perception with more youthful need. And more personal desires to splendor the art of aestheticism.

The craftsmanship can be seen with its rounded Tachometer (first time in India) spirited with seven color mode to shoot your mood as when you are in romance mood turn it to red, when cool turn it to blue, or set it to your own choice, after all our joys are related to colors, why not reflect.

It in our vehicles dashboard. The other interesting features include high speed warning of 60 kmph in night driving, digital milometer and clock, trip meter, overtaking timer in milliseconds (first time in any Indian scooter), fuel gauge and low fuel indicator, Easy stand, side stand with side stand indicator, 12 volt mobile charging point, body color folding, Rear view mirror, Illuminated luggage space, the biggest luggage space to increase your space.

Utility, ergonomically designed handlebar grips, Antitheft magnetic lock, front fueling (spring loaded) so that you do not have to come down or look back during fueling which is class apart and miles ahead in comparison to other scooter. One more very important aspect is that it comes with supercharged high life battery so that battery does not run down easily and gives instant start at any weather.


Mahindra have to work hard to strengthen their servicing network, lower ground clearance, soft suspension, Along with rear stand makes the lower portion center stand touch in our idiotic hand made bumpers in urban roads, if you are of large physic, heavy weighted person Rodeo. Will not suit with your personality. Expensive to buy than tvs scooty and Hero Pleasure.

Plus Side

Flawless driving pleasure in city traffic condition, can be used for long drives and high ways too, easiest, convenient and safest for female scooter riders, maximum best dickey space. Supercharged battery, most compact and streamlined scooter. Trouble free and maintains free, well distributed body weight. Feels super light. No waiting period, price wise less than Activa.


Rodeo is introduction of SYM to Indian market by Mahindra twowheeler It is indeed a bold step by Mahindra, when we all look to buy scooter which is most wide Famed like Active or economy-brand as pleasure etc.., Rodeo fills the gap of desire of a segment who wants a real world brand with European values in mind.

Rodeo has changed the definition of compact and aerodynamic scooters in India After all it is the time we welcome the next Generation scooters in India and reject all mass market scooters and give our females and ourselves one of the safest scooters in the earth, and move our driving pleasure, aesthetic value to the next level.

Welcome Sym. Welcome Mahindra. Welcome to the Next Genaration Scooters. Welcome Rodeo.

Jayant Ghosh

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