Mahindra To Re-Launch Stallio by November

Mahindra 2 wheelers had come up with the Stallio motorcycle sometime ago to concentrate on the commuter segment. This was the only bike from the company apart from 4 scooter models. But, the Stallio was discontinued from being produced owing to a few faulty components in the bike.

The company has now announced its plans to re-launch the model with all necessary changes having been incorporated. “Stallio is expected to be in the market again by November this year,” an official of Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd said.

According to Business Line, ‘Launched in 2010, the 110-cc Stallio had run into a speed bump after customers complained about inherent problems in the bike. Subsequently, in February this year, the company announced the suspension of production.

The company had admitted that certain parts of the bike required fine-tuning and adjustment was necessary with respect to a small proportion of the entire product.’When Mahindra 2 Wheelers was forced to abort the production of this particular model, it said “It is a short-term phenomenon and will be sorted out at the earliest.”

The company also mentioned that the company is not planning to come up with the launch date of the much anticipated 300 cc bike – Mojo. Everybody is waiting for a long time for this bike as the engine displacement is pretty impressive. At present, the company’s concentration is only on bringing the Stallio again to the market.

The company officials also declared yet another important news. According to it, the company is planning to hike the prices of the scooters all across the range. The hike will be observed in another couple of months.

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