Mahindra Plans to Launch Mojo Soon [2012 Motorcycles]

Yes, you read it correctly. Its the Mojo we are talking about. At the launch of Rodeo RZ, Mahindra also revealed a little about their motorcycle portfolio for the future.

According to the company, they have plans to launch 3 new motorcycles which would be placed across various segments. Obviously, the most exciting seems to be the Mojo which made big waves when Mahindra unveiled it. However, it went off the air as soon as something could be made out of it. The last we saw it was at the Auto Expo 2012.

Nonetheless, Mahindra has been working on it and it seems Mojo would see light of the day (we hope that day is near. The best part is that according to Mahindra, Mojo is ‘under test’ and would get to the markets soon.

The other bike is the 100cc Stallio which Mahindra took off from the market following a few technical glitches. Mahindra would be launching the newer version of the bike soon and an announcement regarding the same would be made shortly.

Do you think, Mojo would be able to garner the same public interest now, with the presence of a few 250ccs in the market already?

Source: Financial Express