Right now, I mean right now the lauch event of the two new Mahindra bikes is going on in Trident Mumbai. Our guys (Roshan Mathews & Amit Gavande) from Mumbai is sending us the updates. We will keep this thread updates as we get more cool stuff.

4:51 PM – We see Aamir Khan there! WOW! Aamir Khan is the Brand ambassador for Mahindra’s Stallio.

4:55 PM – Mahindra has officially announced the price list of Mahindra Mojo. Mahindra Mojo is priced Rs.1,75,000 (ex-showroom pune). Mahindra stallio comes in two variants. Mahindra Stallio with alloy wheels,  electric start and digital console will cost Rs.44,699. Stallio 110cc spoke wheel and kick start is priced Rs.41,199. (Ex-showroom Pune.)

4:58 PM – The bikes will come with 4 years and a 40,000 kms warranty with amazing eight free services.

5:00 PM – Bikes will be available only by the end of this year 🙁

5:15 PM – Pitampur Plant is where the bikes are being manufactured. Capable of producing around 6 lakh units (scooter and motorcycles.)

5:20 PM – Aamir Khan having a close look at Mojo…

5:30 PM – Amit has taken a lot of pictures of the bike and the launch. The photos will be updated within a few hours. Live updates closed for now.

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  1. Dear All,

    The product is priced too high compare to its main competitor splendour. It seems like extended warranty cost is included in the cost where other company like Honda offers it separately as extended warranty.



    Mahavir Kotarh

  2. Pricetag of 1.75 lack+taxes is out of rich.but since you get 40k warrenty its got to be a quality product.should have been under 1.5 lacks.lets wait for real world tests & decide if its worth money before it is challanged by compitition.

  3. Aamir is known to have made things with a reason. So hopefully Mojo has something really interesting under its fuel tank which may surprise us. Waiting for the test drive results of this bike.


  4. Stallio looks costlier to its specs…TVS sport has similar specs and quite cheaper than this….Mojo looks good, test ride will tell the reality about performance

  5. great site,

    india is definitely getting hotter with these launches..

    thanks bike makers…but i already chosen discover 100 last year..

    if my pocket n my dad permits i will sell it for a new modern bike but still i say discover100 is better bike than hero honda n others …

  6. Dear Ruchin,

    You are correct but the circle ends at Engines engineering acquired by Mahindra.



    Mahavir Kothari

  7. Mojo Rocks…!!! Hats to Mahindra by making such a product and launched in premium segment of 300cc at the 1st entry itself..!!
    it seems to be 1st 300 cc bile that an Indian company have ever produced by making entry move in the market of bike segment.. BAJAJ where r u..????
    The looks are massive and amazing ….that can be noticed easily by looking at the overall design:delighting tank shape with the angle made at front forks and at back seating level..,attractive n unique headlights…the two long pipes mounted towards engine part Not the least priovided with 2 exhustec-silencer which have been well shaped on 1st time of any indian bike….which is the most appealing part we have to say…!!!
    FULL marks to MAHINDRA R & D team on designing such a wonderful bike that everyone would be in love to see..on indian roads..!! no doubt with the latest technology withhuge amount of power…

    See They are leading here :Mahindra:unpredicted n silnt launch that has surprised everyone…[Amir Khan Brand ambass…r..the right choice]

    infact MUST have done counter attack to current existing leading riavals of bike manufactures in india …
    MAINly the BAJAJ…They might feel sleepless knights defintely for next few days..although they have KTM launches in heir plate..!!

    The lesson from this MOJO launch of Mahindra, that BAJAJ shoud learn is …Let’s think about people 1st,their demand of generation which is perfectly studied and implemented by MAHINDRA…!!!!

    Now BAJAJ should learn what happens if u make waited people of so long i.e.after pulsar premium segment….and providing DELAYED upgrades on EVERY bikes to sustain own position only in the market …and thus made the people to put extra money unnecessarily in each upgrades..
    This i guess they did only to give tough fight that Yamaha planned 1st similary entered in the market with laucnhes of FZ and R15..after every launch made by BAJAJ..

    and for last few months dominated by HONDA by launching attractive people’s bike after making study over BAJAJ and YAMAHA…[BOTH were so BUSY in playing themselve that could not predict the THREAT of MAHINDRA’s MOJO]

    Similar theory is followed by MAHINDRA here that they got succeeded by making their MARKET Study and proper homework DONE into replicated into MOJO…DECENT MACHINE..offcourse youths machine..!!!

    Being BAJAJ’s die hard fan..I would suggest BAJAJ.get move away from and to keep eye on YAMAHA n HONDA..their launches..market theory..and should concentrate on THEIR OWN belif and read PEOPLE’s mind so could translate DECENT launches on TIME to TIME with massive looks and features…..similar to MAHINDRA.
    otherwise BAJAJ gone lose market shares soon …as we seeing for last year captured by Yamaha 1st, then HOnda and now gone be Mahindra.
    Suzuki unfortunatley taken logn time to come up with such a massive launches to indian market and coun’t produce that much space to themselves that Mahindra gone soon capture/make..This might be the right example to BAJAJ..!!!

    Now I see KTM 125 duke,2010 auto expo pune based youth designed SOO bike… launces ASAP to compete with MOJO…to FIGHT back…

    otherwise Raaii^ BAJAJ has to say “Mojo hi MOJO” BOLO …song in coming future…!!! 🙂

  8. should have played safe wid mojo….good specs looks kinda shitty….rear looks gr8 headlights and fuel tank terrible….fz looks way hotter any time….

  9. trough my guess mojo did not affect other indian bike’s market because of it high cost.If Mahindra starts with 150cc to 300 cc varient,it make big hit in indian 2 wheeler market other wise no hope.most people like intermediate power bike(125,150,180)with mileage and style.with nominal price .Because of indian road condition and traffic,.Pulsar is the First Bike Follow this formula and till now withstand in indian market with Star value.

  10. @Nilesh

    I dont think Moojo is a competition to Bajaj…It has its own market and segment…A normal person wont buy a Mojo speding 1, 75,000…This is a big money and lot of people would like to but car in place of a bike in this money. I dnt pulsar will get hurt by this bike those are very affordable bikes…This is not, very costly for a normal man…..This bike is not for the masses….they will be happy to buy a pulsar in 65,000-70,000, rather than a 1,75,000 bike….

  11. And I have my doubts if this bike will be a success in India…looks are odd and not very astonishing…this is a kind of a design we used to see in our 1970s movies….Like R15 and ZMR rocks firstly coz of its looks rather than anything

  12. @Ruchin..
    what I had to say was…this is just like a startup of Mahindra..by making such a descent lauch in silent mode..!!
    so this could be the threat to other established leaders in the market …we never know tomorrow Mahindra might come up with some massive launches(similar to Mojo) in 150-200cc segment in offcourse affordable price…!!!
    And agian Bajaj will have to put fingurs in their mouth..if they keep going up with current theory of launches..as i described earlier..!!!

  13. Actully….Not what i expected..coz it’s different,very different from rhe picture that was posted on Automobiles in India. It’s not the racing/cornering type and to me..it’s not so much different from The Rajdoot,and I don’t like The Cruisers or Harley/Bullet/Rajdoot and some Ducati designs,this bike also look somewhat like one of the few ugly ducaties so it’s a no for me.Anyway it’s a stepup for Mahindra and progress in bike manufacturing in india (i hope the indian motorcycle companies will try to better each other and make better looking/performing bikes in future) and in the end I still think that R15 will remain with love in the heart of race lovers like me…and,INDIA….keep making better looking and better performance motorcycles….

  14. excellent work done by mahindra gr8 job now lets see how they perform on indian roads. no dought about looks but for indians milage matters if this works i think they will be no.1

  15. Nice work by mahindra by presenting some thing like this (with regard to tech spec only).They dare to think beyond 100 to 150cc.But in the looks section this thing disappoints…..and bad look comes at a high price…..What the manufacturers on India are trying is to make great looking bikes and they end up miserably..For eg R15…while the overall bike looks good on its own, it is relatively small and the headlamps look large relative to is size keeping face of YZF R1 in mind.. and the tires are slim.Hope Mahindra release the sports bike(which was showcased at the auto show)with the same engine,tires and suspension as mojo at a reasonable price tag around Rs 110,000..

  16. also..the thing showcased as the 125cc Fuel injected SYM cevalo looked GREAT…hope they released that one instead of stallio..Mahindra will have to sweat a lot to find a comfortable place for stallio in the 100-110cc market where even big sharks like Yamaha couldn’t reach anywhere near the popularity of the evergreen HH splendors and passions and bajajs..

  17. the first thing that came to ma mind when i saw mojo was an owl,s face!!!though illumination would be good the design of the headlights is bad..overall the bike is a copy of italian malaguti mr250,s design..

  18. Congratulations Mahindra for this plunge!!! I hope Mojo survives the test of time.The headlamps and wind shield look pathetic, the front needs to be refined a lot more.The blue light could have changed from blue(low rev) to green(optimum rev) to amber and red(high rev) to indicate the range to the rider.Cant wait to see the 0-100kph timing.I guess Hero Honda will be doing some great launches in the forthcoming years (splendor++++ with all new stickers, exhaust in black,yellow/pink seat cover option etc and Karizma with new stickers and inverted shocks,inverted saree guard etc) and Honda (we will be releasing a 250cc bike during diwali 2010..er sorry we meant 2011…no no that was a total misunderstanding we will be launching it in 2020…what about the CBR400??? …no thats only for thailand..maybe you puny indians can wait for another 20 years!!!)…Bajaj (Pulsar 250cc…sorry the engine is still unrefined..maybe u guys can test it for us and well try our best to cover up the defects…um in the meantime try the ninja 250…costs only 3lakhs+ on road or ahem we have 125cc KTM bikes which no ones buying…outside india of course.) and lets not forget the bullet (yeah we have 350 and 500cc variants and it develops about 18bhp…yes it needs it to pull its own weight…sounds like a buffalo farting…yeah 1920 replica…we never innovate?we will release it in purple and yellow shades!!! and have one of those dumb big boobed gals to be brand ambassadors)

  19. am very very disappointed with its looks, really, after all these days of anticipation…….feels like we will never get a proper bike with gud looks and great performance rolled into one, very disappointing 🙁
    hate u Mahindras 😡

  20. Lets face it, Mahindra took over Malaguti, they saw a fantastic bike : the Malaguti MR250 (http://www.malaguti.com/gp/index.php), and decided to launch it in India (that was a good move and a great idea)…but then businesmen are businessmen, their design acumen is close to zero (subzero mostly).They blended in their fantasies of a motorbike (Yezdi roadking??) which was their dream bike 30 years back and hammered it in to a futuristic Malaguti MR250!!!(notice the mahindra trademarks..reminiscent of the Scorpio..tacky plastics, gross design statement) so anyways by the time our egomaniacs at Mahindra had their turns, we have something resulting from a head on collision between Wall-E, a Yezdi roadking and a Malaguti MR250.(or was the design brief :lets do an all in one bike???…yuck!!!)The result? a disaster!!!The twin exhausts are a complete sham!!! why would anyone mate twin exhausts to a single cylinder bike??? (ignorance..thats the businessman overruling the designer).The lesson?? well…businessmen should know their area of expertise, and leave the designers to design.This highhanded atitude of businessmen and the arse licking habits of designers should dissappear, if indian motor industry intends to step into the global arena (look at the likes of HONDA and TOYOTA for a hint and inspiration).I wouldn’t blame the designers at this juncture: the dynastic attitudes of several Indian businessmen have still not vanished- pampered and wasted, they rot the very society that supports them.They even called the bike a cruiser for starters(DUH-DUH !!! thats a no-brainer).Anyways the whole point of this exercise was how the motorindustry could bring about a radical change for the better in the mediocre standards existing in the Indian motorindustry today (Bajaj/TVS are you listening?).


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