Official: Mahindra to Launch Centuro on July 1-2 in Jaipur: Expect Shock Pricing

As we have revealed a few days back, now Mahindra has officially announced the launch dates of their most important product, Centuro. According to an official invite sent out to the national media, we have been asked to block our dates for the national launch of Centuro on the 01st and 02nd of July. The launch will take place in Jaipur.


Centuro is a more premium version of M&M’s Pantero and is equipped with a lot of bells and whistles to lure a generic buyer. It is powered by a 106.7cc 4-stroke MCI-5 engine which is built indigenously by Mahindra. Centuro’s mill whips up 8.5PS of peak power output at 7500 rpm and 8.5Nm of maximum torque at 5500rpm.

Centuro also boasts of quite a few nifty and innovative features like Engine immobilizer, Find Me Lamps, Guide Lamps, Full-Digital Console, Remote 28-bit encrypted Flip key, Central Locking Anti-Theft System among others. Never really found in this segment, these features are expected to add to the might of the Centuro.

The saddle height of the Centuro is lower than that of the Pantero, and it comes with a higher ground clearance. Our Managing Editor Saad Khan has already taken the Centuro for a quick spin on the sylvan surroundings of Parvanoo in Himachal Pradesh. Apart from its looks, Centuro also comes with a few betterments in the engine. Have these tweaks done any good to the product; we will share our first ride experience shortly.

Mahindra has a strategy of offering Pantero in the mass segment whereas the Centuro is a more aspirational product. Centuro will lock horns with Passion X-Pro, Dream Yuga and Discover 100T. Pricing will be the cornerstone of Centuro’s success and come this July, we will get a glimpse of whether Centuro will make it or break it for the company. However, according to the information Saad has gathered through one of Mahindra’s top official, Centuro will be very aggressively priced in the market to give it a banging kickstart!

Now, at what price point will you buy Centuro which comes with a host of first time features in this segment? Do keep tuned for our First Ride experience of Centuro along with tons of pics!