Mahindra Flyte Sym 125cc Ownership Review

Hi, My name is Newton Maharana from Chennai. This is my experience riding Mahindra Flyte Sym (125CC). It’s 3 months now since I own this bike. We did lot of research to find an ideal gearless bike as per my requirement such as reasonable price, decent mileage, good engine capacity, good pick up and low maintenance cost. Lot of suggestions were given to me on selecting bikes of different brands and most suggested ones were Suzuki Access or Honda Dio and Activa but the major constraint to go for these brands were either the high onroad price or maximum waiting period for delivery (Honda Activa and Dio).

One day while watching the movie “3 Idiots” we came across this bike “Mahindra Flyte Sym” and we thought of inquiring about it. It was meeting my requirements such as reasonable price (Rs.43,300/- with accessories), decent mileage (35-40 km/ltr) , good engine capacity (125CC), smooth pick up, low maintenance cost and quick delivery.

Comfort extends to the front fueling (4.5 ltr tank) – where the rider need not alight from the vehicle for fuelling the tank which is normally under the seat. It has huge boot storage capacity. Optional mobile charger facility is available which goes well with today’s modern technology of saving time.

Runs smooth when driven at 70kmph. It is stylish, has variety of colors to be chosen from and can be called as a unisex bike. At Mahindra Showroom we were being little tempted to go for Rodeo or Duro but some drawback and similarities made us to choose Flyte. The Draw back what we observed in Duro was the not-so fancy looks and the fueling system was below the seat. The Only difference between Rodeo and Flyte is the digital speedometer available for Rodeo; everything else matches with Flyte. Then why not go for flyte by just sacrificing the show-off of having digital meter with 9 display colours.

Well today after 3 month I am happy with the overall performance of the bike by looks, speed, maintenance and mileage. Believe me you might feel the mileage is bad initially but this may sustain only till the first service and yes not to forget the service system for Mahindra is pretty good as compared to Bajaj motors.

Newton Maharana