Mahindra to Launch 300cc Diablo and 125cc Cevalo on September 29 (Speculative)

As everyone knows that Mahindra is coming up with two major competing bikes; you might want to know the launch date. It is most revealed that Mahindra is going to launch two bikes in India on September 29.

Update: Though we expect this news to be true, it is not yet confirmed. A Mahindra dealer tells us that the launch is probably on October 10th 2010. Lets wait and see what happens. Fingers crossed 🙂

Sources have also revealed that the launch is going to be a huge celebration.  The new bikes ready to launch in India will be known as Mahindra Diablo and Mahindra Cevalo.

The VP of Mahindra & Mahindra said that, the bikes will have a great amount of stability and performance as regards Indian conditions. He also said that the parts used in bikes are of high quality making the ride smoother and comfortable. The sources say that mahindra is going to launch both commercial and the 300cc sport bike version in India.

That’s that, one can find new Diablo and Cevalo in showrooms after September 29th. The Diablo bikes are high as far as features are concerned, some features of the bikes include; 300cc displacement engine, 4 stroke, liquid cooled, higher rpm and engine that can produce an awesome power of 25bhp. The price tag will be around 150,000 ex showroom. Diablo has got six speed transmission (gears) that will help you gain power and performance. Also, the fuel-injected engine makes it smoother and efficient. As far as looks goes, Diablo comes with disc brake, new graphic design, digital console panel and others that make it superbly stylish.

On the contrary, Mahindra Cevalo will be equipped with SOHC, 4 valve, air cooled, and fuel injected engine. Cevalo is loaded with features that can yield an output of 15Bhp. Loaded with kick and electric start options, Cevalo is priced around 60000 ex showroom.

Overall, the bikes would be available in market on the most likely date i.e. September 29th. Let us look forward to what the bike can deliver.