Indian Lad Records Longest Motorcycle Wheelie Without Using Hands [Video]

Longest motorcycle wheelie record without hand assistance has been awarded to India’s Rohitesh. We list details along with record attempt video…

These are terribly challenging times for everyone in the world. Amidst this COVID-19 pandemic there is a lot of negativity that is getting spread. Nonetheless, here is something to cheer all you Motorsports’ fans up…

An Athlete named Rohitesh Upadhyay who is a Sportbike freestyle rider has earned two world records. Commonly known as ‘motorcycle stunting’, it is officially a Motorsports which is called as ‘Sportbike freestyle riding’.

Rohitesh is a 25 year old young Indian talent representing India on the world stage. Hailing from Udaipur, Rohitesh has been in the Motorsports field for almost 10 years and has attended 103+ shows across India and many other other Asian countries.

He has also worked with TVS as its factory rider and is currently associated with an Electric motorcycle company.

Longest motorcycle wheelie

He performed his favorite trick called as “No hands straight line wheelie” for 125.7 Meters in Mehsana, Gujarat on 29th September 2019. His record was recognized and affiliated by International Book of World Records (link) a month ago, along with the Golden book of world records.

Check out his record attempt..

2019 TVS Racing Young Media Racer Programme 3.0

Rohitesh is always keen to perform to his level best and he informs that many more creative projects are pipelined in his calendar.

2019 Gixxer 250 Race Bike Media Endurance Race – Experience

He also shares that Safety is his first priority. A motorsports activity without safety is incomplete, like a motorcycle without an engine. The team works with all safety aspects and the areas where they perform are free from public.