LML Vespa Ownership Review by Kuntal

Hey Bikers, I am Kuntal Banerjee.  I know this contest is all about bikes but my story is about my scooter.  Every one is talking about their super bikes, Bajaj Pulsars, Yamaha FZ’S, Honda Unicorns etc but I would like everyone to remember the old legends in two wheeler industry.

Everyone seems to be forgetting about the oldies and through my review here I try to invoke a sense of love towards old automobiles .i.e. machines which ruled the streets for at a long time. We often say “Old Is Gold” and thus I am here to revive those old days and will try to bring back the golden past. I don’t know if I will be considered as a valid entry to the contest or not because the contest is about bikes. But one thing is for sure that through the next couple of minutes I will try and introduce you to my Vespa. I really have many memories and feelings attached to it and I will try to share them all.

June, 1999, I was just 10 years old then. There were conversations going in home that my father was going to buy a new bike or scooter. That time I did not have much knowledge about bikes and scooter. I was just excited about what was coming my way. I was excited and was waiting to see the dawn of new 2 wheeler. Days passed and one fine day when I came back from tuition, I came to know that my parents were not home and no one told me where they were gone.

I just sat on the gate waiting for them curiously. Hours later, suddenly I heard a grunt reaching me slowly. At the blink of my eye, I saw my parents sitting on a giant machine. Slowly stopping it my mother came to me and said in Bengali, “rana, amra kine anlam”. It means “rana, we bought it”. This was it, our first scooter and the date was July 7th 1999. It was the one and the only LML Vespa.

I was too happy and I couldn’t help but smile and smile. The first time when I rode my Vespa, I was felling like I am driving an airplane. My first ride experience was so good that I cannot and will never forget it. As days passed I began to give my feelings to it. My father used to drop me tuition on it. I was so proud of the machine that whenever I sat on it, I looked in the eyes of those passing by and say to myself “ebar amader o ache” in English it means “now we too have one”.

Years passed and now I am 21 all grown up but our LML is same like new to us because of my dad’s care and affection towards the scooter. Even today my dad cares for the machine too much and he is always cautious about the machine. Now it’s my turn to take care of our beloved Vespa. I clean it and wash it every time I feel. Giving my scooter servicing is like a waiting for my child’s check up at doctor’s clinic. When I am out with it, it shows what it means to me. One day a pulsar owner told me, “Bhai, Scooter ho to Aisa” and that was the day I was really proud of my scooter.

It sports a 150cc engine which produces 8.5bhp of power. I know the scooter is not a new one but I would not mind saying that it is too early for my scooter to be tagged as oldie. It has a fuel efficiency of 41kmpl in city and 46kmpl on highway roads but it still makes my pocket happy. Acceleration is so good that it can give tough competition to any modern 125cc bike. I once had a competition with Yamaha Gladiator. I lost nearly by a margin but eventually won in my inner self because my scooter still has the grunt of a roaring tiger.

The spare parts for this machine are rarely available in the market. But whenever a problem occurred, I waited and searched for spare parts as a boy searches for a shelter in heavy rain to keep himself dry. Whatever is the problem I am proud of my Vespa and will forever be.

This is my heartiest story of our family’s first dream machine. We are always with it and will be. Lastly I want to say a few words to all the bike lovers. Here goes; whatever you may own (bike or scooter) but if you care for your machine as parents care for their child then definitely you machine will come in your dreams and say, “thank you for loving me so much, I will never leave your hand even on edge of the road.”

Kuntal Banerjee